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Osiyo, and Greetings to All,


My name is Renee Lewis and I am an enrolled Cherokee with Manataka.  I was raised on Lonsdale Cut-Off road, near Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I am a Registered Nurse.  My father, Richard Lewis owns Bald Eagle Mountain Ballpark near the sacred Gulpha Gorge where Manataka held Gatherings for a few years, and my sister Crystal Harvey has been a contributing writer to the Smoke Signal for years.


Since I received the honor of a scholarship from the Elders of the Manataka American Indian Council to attend the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine College, I wanted to let folks know how things are going as Iím sure there is an interest.  I know possibly there are others who may be thinking about attending the college.  We are taking a one month break this summer before starting classes again in August.  So I have time to set aside and update everyone on my experiences.  I work a full time job and then attend classes one weekend per month, I stay pretty busy.  On the weekends we are not attending class, we are studying.  The good thing about IBEM is you can attend remotely if you canít make it to classes here in Denver, Colorado.


Just wanted to report my experiences with the college are top notch and I am enjoying learning about truly, amazing healing methods. The first six months modules were devoted to learning Auricular Therapy.   There is so much to say about this healing method, I am amazed at how you can get profound healings with this method.  Here is a link for those interested: Http://   


I attended an Auricular Therapy conference at John Hopkins University in Maryland.  Most of the attendees were MDís from around the world, all of them practicing Auricular Therapy.  I had a good time meeting new people and attending seminars given by respected members in the field. 


Read more about BioEnergetic Medicine College

Founded by Dr. Edward C. Sullivan, the Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine (IBEM) is located Centennial, Colorado outside of Denver. IBEM is the first Doctoral program of Bio-Energetic Medicine (BD) in North America and is an accredited seminary of the Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations.  IBEM provides courses and certificates or degrees in Traditional Naturopathy, Natural Medicine,  Auriculomedicine, Biofeedback, and Bioenergetic Medicine.  


Wow, there is so much to say, and limited space.  If anyone has any questions, I will be glad to answer them for you.   Here is my email address   


Will keep you updated ,

Renee Silver Star Lewis