Manataka American Indian Council



WHAT IS Manataka?

Manataka American Indian Council


MAIC is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, cultural, educational and religious organization founded to promote cultural, social, welfare and economic advancement of American Indians and all people.   MAIC is a membership organization with a twelve-member Elder Council,  Women's Council.

The Longhouse at Hot Springs Reservation was our first home constructed by the love of over 100 volunteers. The Longhouse closed in August 2000 and plans are underway to develop Manataka Sacred Grounds that will provide a larger, more beautiful center for our members and guests.
Manataka Sacred Grounds).  


MAIC has many projects and events, but our primary function is to be the 'Keepers of Manataka' - we keep the spirit and traditions of the sacred Manataka alive and growing.


MAIC members claim ancestry from many tribes across the country.  Apache, Blackfoot, Caddo, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Crow, Inuit, Lakota/Dakota, Oneida, Osage, and many other nations comprise our volunteer and database rolls.  Members are full-blood and mixed. Many are White, Black, Asian and Hispanic. All races and cultural backgrounds are welcome.


MAIC strives to develop and promote cultural and spiritual projects and programs. We foster the preservation of American Indian culture, increase employment, training and education opportunities for members and local communities.  We assist our members and others outside the circle in many ways.  Every years MAIC presents programs to thousands of people. over 375,000 people.  Current and future projects include:


Grave Preservation and Repatriation
      Honoring our ancestors teaching respect

Manataka Smoke Signal Newsletter
      Distributed to members and sponsors

Teaching Circles
      Classes on ancient American Indian ways

Manataka Sacred Grounds
      Cultural Center, Ceremonial Grounds, Amphitheater and Museum

American Indian Education Task Force
    Teaching in public schools


2013 - 2018 ELDER COUNCIL

Michael E. Burton, Chairman & Trustee

Monroe Loy, Vice Chairmanr & Trustee

Lee Standing Bear Moore, Secretary & Trustee

Rebecca A. Flaming Owl Moore, Treasurer

Dr. Rev. Fred Wilcoxson, Education Chair

Robert Gray Hawk Coke, Counseling Elder

Rev. Linda Two Hawk Feathers James, Ceremonial Elder

Jimmy Keefaver, Events Elder

John James, Elder



Michael E. Burton, Chair

Monroe Loy, Vice Chair

Lee Standing Bear Moore

Rev. Fred Wilcoxson

Robert Gray Hawk Coke

Becky Flaming Owl Moore

Rev. Linda Two Hawk Feathers James


John James

Jimmy WindSeeker Keefauver








A pilgrimage to Manataka is a journey
through the outer world to the inner world



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