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Tsolagiu M.A. RuizRazo is Wolf Clan of the Cherokee people from Missouri. She is a Native woman with multiple spiritual gifts. As a young child she began to have spiritual experiences that have led her in many different directions -- always searching for answers.  RuizRazo created her own ministry and was  a television talk show host. She is a a grandmother, teacher, mentor, medium, spiritual guide and healer. 

RuizRazo also founded the Traditional Native Survival & Cultural Center in the mountains of East Tennessee.  She has traveled to Canada, Mexico, England, Northern Scotland, Spain, Paris, France, Germany, and other European countries. 

"...We must strengthen our ways of life so that our culture will continue to grow... Our responsibility is to our children and to our future generations..." says RuizRazo.  

As RuizRazos' life led gradually toward a traditional way of life, she began working with Native people first but today she also works with non-native people through speaking engagements and workshops. Her goal is to teach others about Mother Earth from a native perspective in a caring and respectful way so they may understand Mother Earth is a living female planet.  "How we [walk] upon her and how we treat her, determines how life will be for future generations and how our life is as human beings," says Tsolagiu.

The First Book 
In 2000, Tsolagiu RuizRazo wrote her first book of poetry, "The Spirit of the White Wolf Woman."  Since that time her beautiful words have been set to music, translated into foreign languages and    
and performed at concerts in Germany, Spain, France, and Portugal. Some of the poems in her book have been used on signs in the German public transit system.

Tsolagiu transmits the goodness, serenity and deep knowledge of traditional native people. She asks us to think about our daily life and to change things. She asks that readers search beyond the words for understanding.

There are two ways of reading her poems, one is "knowing" and then you will understand the depth of the meaning. Of course, the other way is "not knowing". The feeling you can get every time you read the poems is like the strength of the wind on a hot summer day. They have the caring for the person reading, opening up a dialogue with you and your spirit. This time is a chance for you to enter a vast and fascinating world. Now open yourself and the "inner" understanding of your being!

Tsolagiu, means Woman who walks in the Spirit World. Her hard work to maintain the traditional ways keeps her spirit strong.

The Second Book

In 2004, RuizRazo made an important statement about raising children in her book, "Tomorrow's Children: A Cherokee Elder’s Guide to Parenting." 


According to RuizRazo, children taught to respect the web of life can discover their individual purpose and together restore harmony to human relations and balance to Mother Earth. Drawing on the Cherokee’s earliest teachings, Tomorrow’s Children shows prospective parents of all cultures and traditions how to go about this critical task.


Tomorrow's Children: A Cherokee Elder’s Guide to Parenting has been selected as a finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s 2004 Book of the Year Awards. RuizRazo, an environmental activist who gave the opening blessing for Knoxville’s EarthFest in April, advises parents to learn from nature and connect with spirit through meditation. Tomorrow’s Children has also been awarded Children of the New Earth Magazine’s 2004 Seal of Excellence.

Tomorrow's Children is full of excellent instruction, practical wisdom and sage advise to help parents and grandparents raise children in today's confusing, materialistic society in a good way -- from the cradle to college graduation.  



Today, Tsolagiu RuizRazo is working harder than ever. Her newest book has been well accepted and promises to provide a solid platform for future speaking engagements and seminars.  She travels widely throughout the Western world teaching indigenous wisdom and as an active grandmother, she remains dedicated to helping children develop their relationship with the natural world and each other. Will there be a third book in the future?  Only the Grandmother Spirits know for certain -- but we hope so. 




TOMORROW'S CHILDREN: A Cherokee Elder’s Guide to Parenting 

By Tsolagiu M.A. RuizRazo

In this guide for parents of all cultures and traditions, RuizRazo shows how to help children discover their individual purpose— and ensure they will work toward restoring harmony to human relations and balance to Mother Earth. Every child deserves to have a meaningful and informative connection with the natural world. Drawing on the Cherokee earliest teachings, RuizRazo imparts practical wisdom, interwoven with insights into the forces of nature, to assist parents each step of the way—from the time before conception through the teenage years. Included are ceremonies and techniques for strengthening a child physically, emotionally, and spiritually, to ensure a better future for all.  120 pages, 2004, World Edition, Inc. Price: $14.95   Sold Out


“A wonderful guide for parenting— simple yet full of wisdom. A must-read for anyone who wants to find their

 way and guide their children or grandchildren.” —Jamie Sams Cherokee/Seneca author of Medicine Cards


                          Get both books for only $25.00!    


By Tsolagiu M.A. RuizRazo 

The book is a legacy. The poems were created through being in a spiritual state. T'he truth must be spoken. This book gives answers to matters that have been untaught. You learn to understand how important it is to be in balance with Mother Earth and living the Good Creators ways that were put here to follow for each one of us. It teaches you to be careful and respectful towards the Spirit World. M.A. RuizRazo "Tsolagiu" poems transmit the goodness, serenity and deep knowledge of traditional native people. She is asking us to think about our daily lives and to change things to the good. When listening to Tsolagiu or reading her poems, her voice touches your heart deeply with softness, calmness and strength of the wind.  While reading this book, the Spirit World begins to teach you -- They are caring for the reader, opening up dialog with your spirit. This is a chance for you to enter a vast and fascinating world. $14.95 - SOLD OUT




Manataka is thankful to Tsolagiu M.A. RuizRazo for all that she does for the people.



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