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Sacred Mountain-Sacred Journey

By John Three Eagles Fly Walden


A soul searches for a place of belonging

A place where love and direction are found 

in the whispers when the great winds sing

I have found such a place where all answers are given

Because the voice you hear comes from the creator in heaven


But my brother & sister look deep and you will see

The sacred journey is a gift, given free

The greatest gift you have is love

This gift is always present; it even falls from the wings of the dove


The colors of man - black - red - yellow - white

Are always seen when the owl - hawk - and the great eagle are in flight

The songs are sung when the drum makes its sound

When the sacred circle is made while we stand on sacred ground


Our prayers lift up - up high in the sky

A journey of the soul is sacred and holy tears flow gently from the eye

The sacredness of the mountain is for all too see

Because of white mans greed the rainbow is chained it is not free


The sacred journey reaches out to the soul in need

Mans chains are taken away and the soul is freed

Look unto the mountain and the creator on high

Open your heart opens your eye


The truth of this journey - will always stand

We are there for all - reach out - take hold of our hand

Three Eagles Fly


I Am Spirit

By John Three Eagles Fly Walden



I am the Spirit that years to feel the pureness of a winter snow

I am the Spirit that howls when then wind is blowing

I am the Spirit that brings forth the sacredness of a Hot Springs bath

I am the Spirit that searches for the sacred path


I am the Spirit that sends our winged brothers up high

I am the Spirit that falls as a tear from a  child's eye

I am the Spirit that holds love in its arm

I am the Spirit that stands to protect the people from harm


I am the Spirit that grows with our brother and sister trees

I am the Spirit of the howl for the wolf that runs free

I am the Spirit that flows from a mountain spring high

I am the Spirit that sparkles in the midnight sky


I am the Spirit that lives in the stones of Mother Earth

I am the Spirit of newness that come in birth

I am the Spirit past, present, and what will be

I am the Spirit that travels from sea to sea


I am the Spirit of fire that warms ones soul

I am the Spirit of darkness in the deep deaths of a hole

I am the Spirit that keeps the songs of the past

I am the Spirit that says 'remember' so the songs will last


I am the Spirit of horse that runs through the land

I am the Spirit of buffalo destroyed by mans hand

I am the Spirit of the tipi standing proud for all to see

I am the Spirit of imprisoned warriors that yearn to be free


I am the Spirit of Creator who hears my prayers on high

I am the Spirit of Mother Earth who now has tears in her eye

I am the Spirit of the drum, the heartbeat of the land

I am the Spirit of dance where sacred feathers are held in ones hand


I am the Spirit of mist that brings forth the rainbow arched high

I am the Spirit of beauty so great all who look will stand in awe and sigh

I am the Spirit of the ancients that guide us in all things

I am the Spirit of humming bird searching for nectar in the spring


I am the Spirit that lives and survives in all things


I am Spirit


Three Eagles Fly


The Mirror That Reflects All

By John Three Eagles Fly Walden



A mirror has many function that it will do

But its most important is it allows you to see through you

We can hide what we have done from all our family and friends

But the reflection of the mirror stands strong it will not bend


Looking into the mirror you see deep into your eyes

Does your eyes show truth , maybe just lies

Looking through the mirror you will see the truth of who you are

Are you ready to face it , or will you run away real far


You cannot hide your self from your soul

Is the soul bright or (Dark like a hole!!)

When we look into the mirror at the end of the day

Is our look positive or do we see shame and turn away


Did we do what was needed to help our brother and sisters in need

Or did we turn and walk fast away showing our ignorance and greed

Maybe what we see makes us throw the mirror against the wall

Then to the floor all the pieces will fall


Now there are hundreds of pieces laying all about

Would you be willing to put the pieces back together or throw them out

Remember the passion and the journey of our call

Remember the mirror is the one thing that will reflect all



The Flight of Freedom

By John Three Eagles Fly Walden


Rising through the clouds higher and higher he soars through the shy

Then he will disappear , and suddenly I begin to cry

For I have touched the soul of a free spirit , one so free man really never sees

That his spirit travels from sea to shinning sea


To man he is a trophy to put on a wall

God I wish , man could hear the pain in his call

He yearns for the challenge to be free

But mans heart is closed and so hard that man canít see


For what they have done to our brother in the sky

Look closely and you will see a tear in his eye

He is the master of the air and land

He reached out to man and man put blood in our brothers hand


They have raped a spirit that wants to be free

God my brother , why can not man open their eyes and see?

They have destroyed a life that will no more be

Manís the watcher passing through the day

One day soon man will have to pay


The ignorance that man has shown throughout the years

has caused my spirit to cry in pain as my eyes shed more tears

Be free my brother fly high in the sky

Donít trust man for man enjoys a ritual when one of you die


Disappear to the wilderness and be free

I will sing a prayer for my spirit and thee



Three Eagles Flys


A Warriors Prayer

Three Eagles Flys



I stand on the mountain up high in the air

A gentle wind blows gently through my hair

Voice and arms raised high in prayer


Grandfather my first father hear the words of your son

Mother Earth my first mother hear the words of your son

I have raised the sacred pipe filled with tobacco and care

I have been sleeping in the dream lodge of our brother the bear


Give me strength as I pass through this day

Give me love to go with the words I must now say

Help me to help the brother and sisters of our land

Help me Great Spirit -for I hold the sacred pipe in my hand

Sacred fire is built -I will stand strong and true

Brother and sisters of the sky how will my words get thru?


The crow flies beside me for crow is law

I hear the message every word of his caw

Hawk flies by his message true and strong

Join the dance - Stand up - Sing your song

The eagle circles up high -his spirit comes inside

Mother - Father -help me are the words I cried


Many times on this walk I feel so lone and apart

There are so many emotions - Great Spirit where do I start

I am only a man standing here on sacred ground

My voice is small - It barely makes a sound


Brother wolf shows me to be one with all

Sometimes my soul feels like a long hollow hall

Mountain lion - Elk - and horse are here I see

Butterfly- Humming bird even brother and sister tree

All ar3e speaking - I hear their words - Feel their pain

Sometimes I feel like I am going insane


But the message is true it has to be strong

The Rainbow is gone -Brother and Sister _ This is wrong

Mans greed has taken Rainbow woman away

Stand up strong - Fight for our rights -is what I have to say


Join the dance -hear the drum in you heart

For the time is coming - We must stand together not apart

We must gather at the mountain where our spirits run free

We must dance and sing the song of (Great Peace) for all to see


Go to the people give all you can

For our fight is against the greed of man

Open you hearts - Hold our brothers and sisters as close as you can


Reach out drink these words like you would drink ale

Remember things start small like a raindrop that falls - 

but as they gather we have a water filled pail