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Women's Traditional Dance

By Jennifer Whitefeather Attaway, Manataka Dance Keeper




The Women's Traditional Dance is the very oldest form of dance for ladies. Females of all ages are seen dancing this very regal and proud style. Pride of heritage, culture, and family can be seen in the faces and demeanor of these well-respected dancers. In fact, when performing this style in competitions, judges watch the ladies to see if the required dignity is retained all throughout the dance. 


When moving in the Circle, there are Northern and Southern ways of dancing Women's Traditional. Northern style is danced by remaining in one spot, lightly bouncing in rhythm with the drum. Southern style has the women slowly and gracefully walking around the Circle in time with the drum, gently stepping toe-heel, toe-heel with the feet appearing to "walk on clouds". Both styles carry a fringed shawl folded over their bent left arm, a purse in their left hand, and a feather fan, usually eagle or hawk, in their right hand. 


The women hold themselves tall and proud, their bodies straight. The fringe on the shawl is to sway naturally with the movements of the women's feet, not from upper body bending or swinging. The fan is raised in salute when the women hear the drum giving honor beats. 


Some ladies will also bend at the waist at this time, remaining in one spot or taking a certain number of steps inward toward the middle of the Circle. At all times, the dancers are to stay in time with the drum and stop precisely when the drumming ends. The ladies wear knee-length beaded moccasins, leggings, and either a bucksin or cloth dress that has long, open sleeves. There are two styles of buckskin dress; once again, Northern and Southern. The Northern style is to completely bead the shoulder or cape part of the dress, whereas, the Southern style uses beadwork mainly as an accent. Also in bucksin regalia, the moccasins are either fully beaded (Northern) or accent-beaded (Southern). 


Both cloth and buckskin dancers wear a leather concho belt from which they hang a knife in its case and a tobacco pouch situated at the sides or back of the waist. Each style aslo wears a breastplate made from bone pipe and glass beads that can drape to the waist (Southern) or all the way to the ankles (Northern). However cloth dancers typically wear their breastplates over the front and back, unlike the buckskin dancers who wear just a front-sided style. At the neck, the ladies wear either a scarf or a choker. Other jewelry is optional and usually is in designs and colors that have either personal, tribal, or family significance. The hair can be worn pretty much however the woman desires from loose and flowing to braided. 


Some dancers will weave ribbons in their braids or wear beaded barrettes and pieces of fur attached to their hair as well. Also, although most dancers wear a single feather (usually eagle or hawk) in their hair, some have been seen wearing several feathers. All in all, both the cloth and bucksin regalia along with all the trimmings are equally beautiful. However, this author thinks that the Women's Traditional Dancers themselves are the most lovely of all with their pride and grace on display in their faces and the way they carry themselves.

Adapted by Jennifer Whitefeather Attaway




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