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May 01, 2017



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Jennifer Lynn Icenogle Facebook Post

My treasures from The place of Peace, blessed Manataka healing water; gifted to me by my dear friend, Lee Standing Bear Moore, my lil crystals, a new tattoo....PEACE for all the Rainbow Warriors still fighting for the Light! And Two Tom Petty tickets, one, I tried so hard to give it away, no takers, so and empty seat by me...PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT TO ALL!






Black Indian Proud

Dear Manataka,


My name is Michael Anthony Wilson and me and my family have been fighting for rights for 20 years we are on the Dawes Roll as choctaw by blood but i guess our color gave the


The equity 7071 case is my family.  Is it possible to reopen this case ? my family is the Harrison;s. My great-grand father always said he was Indian and they stuck him on the Freedmen roll anyway any help would be appreciated thank you

Clandestinely Removing Archeological Evidence

Dear Manataka,

Thank you people for your comments and be at ease and understand that I have no plans to excavate or do a DNA or forensic in cooperation with any streamline academia, because I believe they are in agreement with a hidden government establishment mandate to cover up and hide as much of this knowledge as possible, mostly because academia and universities are so co-dependent on the funding from the government that they simply will not “rock the boat” so to speak.

Private property and private professionals (if I can get this done) will be the way I will go to get this info I speak of out. I really want to do this and it has not been easy up to now and it will not be easy to continue I suspect.

This truth exposure is a rather large responsibility and dangerous for me to take on and sometimes I get discouraged with some of the bantering, insults, slander, discredits, pseudo-claims, accusations and innuendos aimed at me from some of the public that formulate so much prima fascia judgments in their fear, jealousy, ignorance and lack of experience, who do not have a clue as to the difficult work and sacrifices made to bring such hidden truth and perspective to light, so that John Q public can also be privileged to it. Of course much of their ignorance is by planning an design (and many bought it) and that is why the truth is usually mainly for the thirsty and not for the wily ignorant. Truth is also strategically discredited by a lot of Si-Fi B.S mixtures so that the public will not believe or be able to recognize or sort it from the mass of overwhelming confusion and they will usually hang onto the belief system of their opinion-leaders that support them socially, religiously, economically, emotionally and politically.

A am not now and have never ever been funded to do my research & discovery and I do not do this research for a monetary living like so many others do, but have paid dearly of my own (in time, expenses and resources) for what knowledge I have gleaned so far.

I think the Native American Repatriation Act was pushed through mostly to fortify against discovery of the truth so when (at likely discovery places) like building roads, highways, mining, building-structures and etc are being constructed so they can inspect (ahead) and in some (needed) cases quietly, but clandestinely remove Archeological evidence in advance to keep it from public knowledge. I know of at least three cases of this here in Utah when roads & a tunnel were being built. What the old timers reported also is really something and nothing short of astounding to say the least and it would drastically change the way people think at large if they knew the truth.

Religionists have some good points that I do appreciate and I am not against people being religious, but I also see that religions are often divided so much on their own peculiar, diverse doctrines and beliefs that they can also be biased and in some cases cover up the truth also instead of being like a scientist that only wants the truth and whatever it reveals and allow the public to have their own take on it.

Sincerely, Robert Shrewsbury

My Dream Retirement

Dear Manataka,


I am sending you this message in hopes that I may get help. I do have native American in me. My maiden name is Francis and supposedly related to The Prophet Josiah Francis whom started the war of 1812.

Hello, my name is Rhonda Stout. I am 61 and a Viet Nam Era Veteran. I did not go to Viet Nam but I went in to the military when Viet Nam was still going on. I was also exposed to the chemicals that was at the Lackland/Kelly Air Force Base superfund clean up that the EPA had directed. The chemicals are so bad that they cause all kinds of health issues and they affect the person's DNA for three generations according to the local newspapers. I went into the Air Force when the benefits for the military were great. I was in the medical field stationed at Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland/Kelly Air Force Base.


When I went into the military I was very healthy however I did not end up so lucky. I had a miscarriage when I was four and one half months pregnant. When I got pregnant again my husband and I elected for me to get out of the military. However I stayed in the same area until my husband got out of the Air Force in 1979. I started having issues with my stomach and with my joints while I was in the Air Force and they only became worse as I aged. I have applied for Social Security Disability and for a service connected disability through the Air Force due to being expose to all the chemicals in the superfund that the EPA had for the base where I was stationed. That would explain some of the issues that I have had with my health as well as the health of my children and my grandchildren.


I have fibromyalgia, chronic pancreatitis, osteoarthritis, Sojgren's disease, Raynaud's disease, gastric paresis, cervical spinal stenosis, effusion of the right first metatarsal, effusion of the left ankle, and urinary incontinence, among other problems. My daughter was born with severe allergies, asthma, an extra vertebrae in her lower spine, unexplainable hypoglycemia, and seizures. My son has severe ADD, he is bipolar, and suffers from anxiety and depression. My grandchildren mainly have issues with ADD, psoriasis, and unexplainable anemia. I have a career that I should have been able to save the monies that I am asking for but with all the health issues with myself as well as my children made it impossible to do. My dream retirement home is a log cabin home with a basement and solar panels on the roof. I want to own my own wind generator and would like to have a freshwater spring that turns a water wheel. I would like to grow my own vegetables and have my own animals for food. I want my children and my grandchildren to spend time with me on my ranch farm and if I get bored I would start my own business, It all depends on my health and how I feel. With the possibility of stem cell therapy I might have a positive outlook on life.  Sincerely,  Rhonda Stout



Blindly Love so much...

Hello Manataka,

For the ones never read or heard of this story in this great American land of ours. This is why we need to fight so extremely hard to make OUR AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.   History will repeat itself if we do not learn the truth behind the meaning things we blindly LOOOOOVVVVVVE so much. But hey what do I know this is just a thought.   Glenn Gordon aka GG


Ghost Hunting at Thanksgiving


From the Manataka Guest Book,

I really like and enjoy page. I shared it on my Facebook page and on my Ghost Hunting Facebook page. I shared the stories of Thanksgiving on my ghost hunting page. I have also asked friends and family to visit your website. Thank you again. Alina Haro


Song Project

Hi Manataka,
I hope my message finds You well as well as Everyone with Yourself. I'm working on a song/Project which partially uses Native American Indian Drums together with electronic composition of mine and I'd be really Honored to have the ability for the Top Musicians to participate to it as there will be several versions of this song.

Several Typically Unique Instruments are required for the song at very dedicated places. A first version should be completed soon as the first of a series.

There will be each time only nice and gentle Participants including for the commercial versions. The IP property would be equally shared between each version featured Artists as my Goal is not to use Anyone Else in any harming way.
I'll cc You as soon it is finished so that You can discuss whether any interest arises from Anyone. Take Care And KR2EV1 Nicolas

  Tipi Lodge Cover Developing Mildew


My tipi lodge cover is developing mildew on outside. What do you recommend to stop it?    Soma Devo




First, on a dry clear day wash your lodge with a solution of vinegar and baking soda – watch not to allow it to foam too much.

Concentrate on specific areas most affected.


Avoid rubbing off mold spores in your lodge or surrounding area they could spread to other items.

Do no over saturate the lodge with water.  Allow the lodge to dry well – bone dry.


Next, purchase a good quality sail boat canvas sealer.  Roll on with a long-handle or spray on a coating once every six months, depending on the prevalence of mold/mildew in your area.


You may also consider “green smoking” your lodge.  Labor intensive but effective as additional protection. 

Build a small fire in the pit made from green sappy wood (pine, etc.). 

Shut tight the flaps and door way. 

Cut enough green wood to burn continuously for 3-4 days.

The smoke filled with sap will permeate the inside cover providing further protection against mold/mildew.

It also bug proofs and reduces flying insects.


Repeat this process as often as necessary.    Do not allow the mold/mildew to get ahead of you. ~Editor


Rhino Extinction?

Hello Manataka,

The Rhino are being wiped out at an alarming rate not forgetting all the other wildlife.


The happiest people appear to be in all the car commercials and millions of cars and people roam where abundant wildlife once flourished.  The horse remains the best all terrain transport.   Mother nature will have to hit back hard - greed needs to be destroyed.   Little African Buffalo ~Bruce Roselt



Unbroken Circle - Place of Peace

Hello Manataka,

I don't even know where to begin... but trusted in Holy Spirit and the King of the World Jesus Christ   I will follow my inner guidance when writing to all involved in restoring true name of God. where two rules: Truth and only Truth and Only Good can win with evil.

It took me some time and much suffering and pain to get to awake stage. First sickness in which I offered in secret of my heart my pain for help all souls trapped in between hell and heaven...But started with my trouble marriage... My husband through some difficult times turn from soul mate to my oppressor with serving me abuse and tears every single day.. but I never stopped fighting for return of he's true face and love and for 18 years never cheat on him. Never destroy the sacred name of Holy Sacrament of Marriage.. but past year brought very strange situation and I was touched by darkness.  Tested by Evil in many occasions.. one final test when lost again by devil send me a not understood until conclusion : The Circle was not broken!


In between I had some revelation and also got access to old, trange documents and information uncovering my family heritage. More details about my awaking experience I will share in farther contacts, but one main thing : My grandmother had 3 aunt's.. Her mother had 10 children and her 3 sisters where committed to God.  They were nun's.. 2 of them in the same covenant with St.Faustina..and 1 in my birth city Bialystok in secret took personal care of Father Michal Sopocko personal priest who confessed St.Faustina ..until he's last daySt i
One month ago I received document from 1920s titled : In the Light of Live Hosti ..explaining the idea of Secret Congregation protecting Light of Holy Sacrament.. and with the center of its work in my city Bialystok ..with significant sentence :''.. and this picture, with the full of different colors rainbow of the out of earth light song playing as a ideal dying people of faith..''and other poeams and statements in regard of spark of light.. upon request I will be happy to share this document with you..

My awake stage was completed and conclude last week during my vacation in deep forest by the lake in Upper Michigan near Neuganee ..and by guided by the book: "Women that Run With Wolves"  The power of the wind and animal spirits messages.. animal spirits are complete new knowledge but my animal spirit totem : bumble daughter Maya 9 year animal spirit chipmunk and Julia 13 dragonfly... very spiritual children.. May this email will be delivered to those as directed by Holy Spirit.. This is just a small amount of information provided to me.

Sending you Light and Love and may the purpose of the Place of Peace will be fulfilled in the name of Father and Son and Holy Spirit.   Urszula Zabierowski , born in Bialystok Poland October 29,1976..moved to U S in 1993.