Manataka American Indian Council








Tatanka Hunkesi


(Small Buffalo) Sioux Elder

So much to think about.  I was praying to the spirits about what I should tell you now, and then I knew what I should talk about.

I know that it is a necessary pattern to life to have all this busyness around.  Everyone has to do everything so fast, moving so quickly, doing so many things.  When you have to move quickly and do things fast, when you always have to rush, always have to be somewhere and you have many obligations so you don't have time to take your time to do things with leisure, it's a very big stress on yourself.  It's not just a stress on your physical body.  It is also a stress on your soul.

Your soul likes to take its time and do things with a sense of perfection.  The soul likes to develop things.  You must remember this.  You must remember to feed your soul and rest your soul.

When you get so tired of all the running around and your body is very, very tired you take time out to rest your body.  When you sleep, you dream and rest your mind.  But do you rest your soul?  Take the time to relax and rest your soul.

There are some things you can do to rest your soul.  The first is to find the time to do simple things.  The soul relaxes when we do simple things.  Simple things like gardening, or maybe you sing or make music, you paint pictures, you tell stories.  If you like to walk, if you like to sit and watch birds or watch a squirrel bring nuts up a tree over and over again.  These quiet things help your soul rest.

Your soul doesn't cry out in ways that you notice every day.  If you don't rest your body, your body is going to cry out.  If you don't let your mind rest you're going to start to have headaches and bad thoughts.  If you don't let you soul rest, you don't feel it right away, until one day you wake up and you feel empty.

Don't go that far.  Take time as often as you can to make quiet time and relax and find something that feeds your soul.  Find something that allows your soul to rest.

The soul is the part of you that belongs to the Earth.  It is the part of you that belongs to the mother.  It only rests when it is in the mother's arms.  To be in the mother's arms you must do something that makes you feel connected to the Earth and (your) creative nature.  Something simple.

This is what I thought, "Slow down sometimes.  Ask yourself, have you fed the needs of your soul today?"

The Electric Wigwam (N.H.), 2001