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Colors of Life
By Walks With Hawks Harvey Doyle

Individuality colors your life in many ways. Our spiritual signature radiates within and without your body and resonates many colors which is your Aura of Life. Our moods has color, our clothing, our skin tones, our ideas and even our spiritual thoughts or energies that are promoted by your Aura. We were not created alike, nor where we created to be likened to each other, but we were created to be ourselves within the moral code of Creator.


Everything comes from his radiating love and energy to us as a gift. If we accept this gift, then we are in connectivity with him but if we reject this gift then we lose connectivity with all his Creation. We can in life go so far in negativity that we sometimes are not given the chance to receive the gift again. This is a very bad situation for us to be in as far as our spirituality.


We were not created to fill a place that no other person could fill. Mother Earth would be a dull place if every hill and tree and valley were in a line and nothing could ever be different. If everything had one drab color or gray color or was totally flat, we would follow suit and be just as dull in our life.


No rule exists that we must be like everyone else. We are living in dire times and other in the Cultural Disease Arena are wanting to lead you astray. Do not follow them. You can be polite and listen but be aware of the morals of Creator and the many colors of life that are good that we must follow to walk our path to his Creative Mind.


We could have to follow trends, movements, unmoral areas, and do unwise things because someone else is doing them or challenging your style of moral life. True colors of morality are what we must follow to attain our stepping stones of live to cross the turbulent river of life. Our lives are separate entities, apart from the crowd. It is our personal responsibioi8ty to keep self-respect, without question of Creator’ rules. Life is a challenge and we must walk to the beat of Creator’s drum.