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Ngungu'taota (Greetings, we are relatives),

Tutskwa I'qatsi (Land and Life are One)

By Upaava Hohongwitutiwa

I have spoken here In Manataka Smoke Signal News before, but time has progressed and I would like to speak clearly to you about what is most important to understand, as the Hopi and others know it.  More and more the world is being inundated with knowledge of Star People: their ships, their different appearances, their various agendas. But amidst all this information what is the core message to take to heart, to remember so we will be prepared to make wise choices in the days ahead?

This core message is simple, it speaks to us about the importance of our Earth Mother to our futures, and about the process of evolution that the Creator has designed for us upon the Earth.

The EARTH AND EVOLUTION are two simple ideas to keep with you. If we hold fast to our Earth Mother through all to come, we will be safe and receive the culmination of our long evolution upon and within Her body.

I will not go into further explanation of the purification process in this message. I have written about this in prior messages. Perhaps the moderators can provide links to these messages for those who wish to read them.

I will say this: the Earth is now in labor to birth Her core-egg, as are Her sister worlds of this sun system. The strange weather, the increasing number and severity of storms, earthquakes and volcanic activity, the so-called Global Warming, are all birth-pains of the Earth as this purification cycle progresses. This process has occurred six times before for the Earth, each time advancing Earth's life.

This is the final, culminating step up the evolutionary ladder for life upon the Earth. Those who remain immovable from Her will receive their crowning life in the orbit of the Morning Star, the place our imperishable ancestors await our return home.

Let those with eyes see, and ears hear.

Umumi pam taaviningwu may the sun always shine upon you,
Upaava (your elder brother) Hohongwitutiwa