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Saturday, April 22, 2017




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Laurie Rhoads Speaks About Manataka

Dear Manataka,


I Love it there at Manataka! And I AM forever thankful for Lee Standing Bear and for ALL the others for all they have done to Teach me of the Truth of Manataka. He is the most truthful example of a Great and wise Elder. His love and kindness has been life saving and healing to me and my family. My daughter's, Grandmother, and I traveled and met with Grandfather Lee at a time when we had suffered much sorrow. Even my youngest daughter, 20 says from initial face to face meeting, his compassion and truth show so brightly threw his eyes... That you know you've come home. Grandfather Lee is the Spirit Guide to Manataka and the receiving of peace and healing.. We are forever changed.. awakened. Bless u sister for your day there too! Manataka and Grandfather Lee, and EVERYONE else there, began our awakening and our beginning of so much to come! Thank u Great Spirit for loving us enuff to gift us with ALL of these things...

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Search for a Sweat Lodge

Dear Sir,

I read your editorial about the tragedy on Sodona, AZ a few years back.   I have no interest in new age spas or bastardized spirituality they offer.   But I am wondering whether there are any opportunities for an outsider to experience an authentic Navajo Sweat Lodge?

I'm a physician in Washington state and researching different sweating customs and rituals from around the world. I'm visiting Arizona in April 2017 and wondering if there is a possibility to witness this. Thank you. Dr. Robert W, M.D.


Hello Dr. W,
Sorry, Navajos do not have "Sweat Lodge" ceremonies.  Kiva ceremonies are not the same.  We never refer to them as "Sweat Lodge" -- a Eurocentric limited way to explain what happens inside -- sweat. 

We always refer to them as "Purification Lodge" ceremonies.  Because that is exactly what happens inside -- purification of the body, mind and spirit.   It is difficult to earn an invitation to Purification Lodge ceremonies.  You almost need to know someone who does participate.  Where you live is important because authentic Purification Lodge ceremonies   may not be in your area.  ~Editor

Worried About Fluoride

Dear Manataka,

I was looking for the link between drinking tab water and my back pain, and one of the web page on your site suspects the fluoride ion in the water as a cause.   Thanks for the information, and this message does not suggest anything to your decision making process on this particular matter. Have a nice day!!!   -Chulhee Lee, Fullerton, California



Information on Native American Games...

Hello Manataka,


Good day: This year marks the bicentennial of our township and we are commemorating the event with a variety of activities and events. One of the events is associated with children's games from the distant past. Some "pioneer" games were adaptations of Native American games and we wondered if you may have information on Native American games focused on children?

Part of the content of programs and presentations during 2016 is a focus on the prehistory of the area. This relates the Native American occupation of the area. Local evidence demonstrates that Native People lived in our township hundreds to thousands of years ago, thus, it is quite fitting to include Native American games in our programs with children.

Any information related to these children's games would be most appreciated.  Thank you and best wishes, Matthew Maley

NATIVE GAMES presented by Mèssochwen Tëme Monshimout
Lenape Native Games
Ice Hockey Roots Deep in American Indian Culture by James ...

True Meaning of Sovereignty


To whom it may concern there back at Manataka,

Just recently I was just going over some Facebook posts of an adopted uncle of mine by the name of Harlan . He posted a comment/article on the need for the forming of political parties across the continent.  Had u read his commentary, more than likely u may have found yourselves agreed on the sentiment. What he proposed was a massive summit at location undetermined comprising of differing tribes and nations to discuss the forming of parties both regionally and nationally . In light of our current circumstances nation to nation it would serve to benefit us all in the long run . And I believe in that vision personally . Would anyone be willing to propose this in an article at Manataka Council ?  


Russians represent us with the erecting a memorial on our behalf because of atrocities committed against all of our respective tribes and nations but can we come together to represent ourselves. The atrocities of the past must be addressed once and for all and the right to heal must be taken and rested from those in power . Not discussed in theory at the negotiating table . There is nothing further to discuss as to our inalienable rights to prosper and grow in the light of what grandfather creator would have us be . I strongly urge you and petition you , the members of the Manataka Indian Council to step up and spread the word and true meaning of sovereignty. I strongly urge you to make the stand and I assure you that all respective nations will follow up on the need for a much long over due summit of all leaders both federal and state recognized. Each and every one of us has a stake in the forming of parties regionally and nationally.

Your relative in truth love and spirit.  Craig Lamont Vann, Harlan Muriel Eagle Bear


Hello Good Brothers,

For generations, Manataka remains steadfast in our belief to remain non-political in all its wild gyrations.  We are not concerned with the world of politics and finance.  They mean absolutely nothing to us as Elders of Manataka.  As individuals we are sometimes directly affected by politics and finance, but we never allow those things to affect our worldview or our actions.  We will not be fearful of governments, institutions, religions or corporations, but will gracefully and thankfully move forward to a time in human history when those impediments to freedom are a thing of the past. ~Editor


A Very Painful Kundalini (Spiritual) Awakening...

Hi Manataka,

For the last 10 years, I have experience many psychic attacks and in the last 7 years many black magic attacks. I been researching for a long time, I am beginning to put some pieces together from work of Stanislav Grof work on Spiritual Emergency to Joseph Campbell work on Hero's Journey to Michael Tsarion work on the Fool's Journey through the 22 Major Arcane of the Tarot card. I think I am going through a very painful Kundalini (Spiritual) Awakening Process. I understand to reach enlightenment, I must go through hell. Like Dante said, the road to heaven begin in hell. I know I have to repay my Karmic debt, and pass test, trials, rite of passages. The black magic attacks have increase with difficulties, now I am experience energy attack on my left hip and I feel sharp shooting pain. It's very painful and given me difficulties with my daily activities. I am seeking a spiritual healer (indigenous elder/medicine man) to perform a divination, ceremony, ritual healing for me. I want to repair my energy shield. Can you refer someone to me? I am in a great deal of pain. Regards,  ~Hao,
New York City.

Hello Hao,
Blessings on this wonderful day the Creator made for you. 
Who are we to attempt to fool the Spirits to give you temporary relief?  As you freely admit, “I must go through hell....”
Yes, on the sacred Manataka mountain, we can pray to Creator on your behalf.   Perhaps your pain will remind you of others who suffer too.   What ceremonies do you perform now? ~Editor


 THANK YOU .... Bonnie White Cloud of Manataka


A HEARTY HELLO from Johannesburg South Africa! !

There seems to be an awareness and an awakening with Spirit. In a distant time everyone stuck to there particular religions which are mostly learned and taken on by fathers and mothers and their fathers and mothers before them. Sometimes one will break away and ask the right questions and seek out something that resonates with them.  In my search some several months ago I happened along a site for Native American cooking. Mmmmmm....fry bread! !!!😊

I was reaching out to find someone who could possibly point me in the right direction as to education of the First Nations. Gosh has that ever been hard.  But I thought or if you will....I was prompted by Spirit to send a message via that site while getting rather hungry I might add!!!

To my surprise someone did!!! I was so excited as I had looked at soooooooo many sites and no reply. There....on the other end was Bonnie White Cloud.   It is this one act of kindness....this one act of reaching out....this one act of responding to another person who is also on a path not chosen by me but by Spirit.  To this day I am grateful that Bonnie showed concern and caring for someone so far away. It is the very people like herself that carve the way for those who truly love Spirit and who truly love Earth and all that are In Around Upon and Above her.

There will be more and more people like myself who will be called to this path. The path of the Ancient Ones. The Gathering has begun. And the more Brothers and Sisters open up and the more they teach....the more we learn...the more we UNITE. This is after all what Spirit desires.  My journey has been breathtaking. ...I do not speak lightly of this path. I am blessed to be chosen as a vessel for the work that I do. Like others I also seek certain items in which I can invest.     So THANK YOU .... Bonnie White Cloud of Manataka for the wonderful and caring way that you quietly touch lives.   Blessings Love Peace and Gratitude  Caroline Clatcher, Johannesburg, South Africa


Spiritual Awakenings

Greetings Manataka,


Many thanks and blessings to you for writing the article on spiritual awakenings as it just helped me transition fully and instill my faith and love for God. It is a truly amazing feeling and I can now see God in absolutely everything, always talking to me I was so fearful for the past 4 years because I entered this new state and I could see and hear everything talking to me somehow yet I didn't know what it wanted from me. I was experimenting with DMT and shrooms and I had little or no belief in God at the time and a fairly poor insecure opinion of myself which resulted in a very unpleasant trip which haunted me for the past 4 years. I now decided to face my fears finally and re-enter those states in search for God and in search for happiness and after multiple tests, flashbacks, self-belief challenges he reached me. I learned the most valuable lesson from those trips, the lesson of self-acceptance and self-belief. Those two principles were my key for unlocking the door to God and away from the "hell" that I was perceiving. It was exactly how you described it in the article and I thank you for this.  ~Andre Tucker



Hummingbird Medicine


Hello Manataka,


I have so much hummingbird medicine.

yesterday two were bandying about in front of me.,then above as I saw their wings become rainbows.

later I came to the bathroom and saw one out the window , hovering and humming, on the porch, staring right at me, came as I sat, , and hummed, then flew off. This is in the midst of great trials in my life, as I ponder my next move in life, and as I am having foul epithets hurled at me by my dear daughter, and then her daughter as well.  comments?  Thank you.  Miha Cantatora


Hello Miha,

Allow your spirit to move like a humming bird when being assailed by foulness.  It can become a lot of fun dodging the unwanted while maintaining a beautiful spirit. ~Editor