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Give Our Last Chance a Chance!

Dear Manataka,


To all friends of Planet Earth—We are being set up to hate each other to the point of violence—which will destroy us all.


Beloved Sisters and Brothers—as my Lakota Sioux brethren say:

Mitakuye Oyasin -  We are all related.


Each of us has the power to ~STOP THE HATE~ by stopping it within ourselves!

As a wise Lakota Wisdomkeeper told me:


“Hatred hurts the one who hates more than the one who’s hated.”




From the desk of Harvey Arden, Founder: ~The Wisdomkeepers Collective~ “Bringing the Elders to the World & the World to the Elders”



For more on Harvey CHECK OUT


I Believe this is a Must See!


Blessings to all my family at Manataka!

I just sent something I came across on line this morning, soon after Id spent time in prayer, and listening.... Funny thing, I'd just told my Grandfather more than anything, I desired to be all that he had created me to be. ..To learn about, and to use each and every gift he has hidden inside my spirit when he made me...Individual and capable. I've learned many times to access these gifts sometimes means I must endure hardships... 

As I've learned to navigate through these storms by running to him as a child would, ...In stillness I've listened and learned much...Still, I'm sure only the very surface of ALL the lessons...I am so blessed, all I truly want is to learn more, help all my brother's and sisters, and become all he's designed me to be.


 I'm my Spirit lives the Hawk. I know that I know, I am a messenger.. I am the Hawk, from the Hawk, From the Hawk.. he's said. 

There is MUCH change all around us beginning! I've known from my child days I would live to see this time.. and it's been beginning for a long, long time...

Just NOW all living things are able to see.. changes are beginning now in the natural realm, ALL will see.. many will not hear though.

This announcement I just sent to u, I BELIEVE needs to be seen by those that see!! I believe Standing Rock is the first of MANY spiritual battles coming.. because, MANY Will also see for the first time! 

It is difficult at times to keep emotions in balance as I see things like I just sent you. It's very painful to see greedy men SO eager to take all they want from Our Beautiful Mother with no regrets, only feeding the same never satisfied, self-only-serving, perversion of balance and beauty, never considering anyone, or anything but self... Never knowing the beauty of feeling thankful, or the TRUTH of GIVING. They have always been here..


However, the Spirit of Truth has ALWAYS been too, and is much stronger! 

SO many young ones, (Tomorrow's Great Warriors of the Rainbow!!) this very day do not yet understand, ahh, but soon, VERY soon now, they will! They are waking up to the call! The call from our Great Sacred Elders, the call from our Mother, the calling from all of our Brothers and Sisters of all kinds...

Standing Rock has been a major victory! It is NOT over, only beginning as will many others... Spirits were forever changed at Standing Rock and that spark will begin a fire, MUCH larger than any greed. 

Grandfather Lee, just as you first spoke of the Great Thunderbird, it's large beak entering the Earth's atmosphere... It is NOW directly above us! Her Great breast and powerful wings are now covering the Earth Mother's atmosphere! She will follow her pattern from above, circling and A Great Bird of Prey does.. Grandfather Lee Standing Bear, I kno you must be seeing her too! 

This begins a time of much sorrow and destruction. As I said, it will be very hard to witness... Only by truth and love, and the direction of OUR GREAT ELDERS, and OUR GRANDFATHER will we STAND and STAY! 

As this quest for more, fueled by greed and self progresses, and as this Nations Leaders continue to ignore, lie about, and hide truths regarding our climate and how it IS quickly being effected by choices to continuing to push Industry and depletion over conscious awareness, and consideration of the people.. the voices of the natural law.. Choices to disregard AGAIN the rights and refusing to listen to our Indigenous People!

There will come a time, very soon, when much, most ALL of our world, our Sacred Mother WILL be reduced to ashes... 

The Great Thunderbird will cleanse all by her fire.. because as you see, today's world leaders really don't even have that much power!!!  The final fires that will happen may be a result of greed and self pride, but it will ONLY be by the hand of The Great Mystery ALONE that purifies, erases, restores, and heals Earth Mother to a brand new beginning. 

As this clip finally draws to its end, notice how the representer of it professes to be such a lover and appreciator of nature, earth, and water.. yet, every other sentence directs you the viewer to run and dig up the GOLD!! GOLD!! GO GET THAT GOLD!! 


This ad is blatent and TRUTH!! If you can't see where this is leading.. please feel free to ask around... 

The Grandfather is ready for ALL to awaken! 

Just as many Sacred Elders of all beliefs have phophesised and told us this time would come, we know it must so all color of man can join under the Tree of Life to save a sick and dying world.

As always, thanks so much for the life and truth you have and continue to give me! 

Manataka, Grandfather Lee Standing Bear, and ALL my Brother's and Sisters, you are MY Spiritual Parents and have taught me much truth! 

I am so very thankful to my Great Grandfather for leading me to your door! I pray for u always!  


Love, Laurie Rhoads.. 


What we all must do

Dear Manataka,


I am saddened to hear of this (Standing Rock), yet another encroachment by heartless souls upon the native peoples. They have no spirit and are lost in the darkness of greed, on a mindless journey filled with illusions . They show no regard, respect, or and virtue of a caring human being. I recently became a supporter of my friend, Delbert Black Fox Pomani and the Dakota. I want to do something to think help you also. That is what we all must do if we are ever to know  what it is to be whole. ~Marshall Falconberry.

We love and respect the culture and beliefs of the First People

Hello Manataka,


Thank you for your email and your kind invitation to visit Manataka Sacred Grounds. That will not be possible in the near future as my wife and l have a Care Farm to look after and we have visits by many needy souls who require our time. 

We did spend time in the mid West last Fall when we visited the Medicine Wheel at Lovell and the Memorial site at Wounded Knee. The backdrop to our visit was the presidential election, Hurricane Matthew and of course the pipeline protest.  There was also the local election for the tribal leader of the Lakota people.  It was very moving to hear the candidates talk on the radio about their dreams and wishes for their tribe, especially the young people. We had just visited the Heritage Centre at Pine Ridge and found it uplifting to see the beautiful work of tribal members who have found their way. But we were saddened by the lack of upkeep of the site at Wounded Knee especially as it so close to the affluent town of Mount Rushmore. The juxtaposition was hard to ignore.

We spent our last evening attending the wonderful PowWow at Rapid City - what colour, what vibrancy; it was sad to see that we were among only very few white people who attended this magnificent event.

We love and respect the culture and beliefs of the First People, especially their/your strong affinity with Nature and the knowledge that everything is connected to everything else. We try to follow in their footsteps as best we can here in the UK. 

If there was ever a time that the American people needed the guiding light of their indigenous tribes, it is now.


We are very happy to support your cause.  Best wishes    ~Malcolm and Lesley Gough


Everything is alive and smart

Hello my dear friends...


Hi my name is Brian Reade and I play the native American flute. I need to ask a question. I was out in the forest and I stopped in a field of flowers and I was just looking at them and what happened next has changed my life I need some help to get my head straight. The flowers came to life I mean for real they are alive and they are smart and they can talk.. Then the whole forest became alive.. Do you know what I mean. Or not


Hello Brian,

Being aware of and recognizing the vibrations of the earth mother is not crazy.  Nor is it a gift for only you.  Listening is vital.  Be happy.  ~Editor


 I sent energy to Manataka to help "free her waters"

Greetings Manataka!


Reading the article regarding Manataka I felt immense joy of spoken truths being found. It was about two yrs ago at around this time I stumbled onto Manataka while Googling white buffalo calf woman and was immediately drawn into it finding many relevant truths through writings by Bear.. I sent energy to Manataka to help "free her waters" today I felt the first aspects of her "freeing herself." Emotional truths are "coming to the surface" like that of a gentle touch from the tip of an eagles wing on the verge of taking flight.  Blessings to this in One True Nation - Sarah Peck, Alaska


 Truth will always prevail

Hello Manataka,


I have just been reading the article on Thanks Giving, and I'm lost for words reading it, as Muslims are being persecuted around the globe and being labeled as terrorist, I feel humble as it is nothing,  compared to the pain the Native Americans suffered. I don't know how I stumbled upon your article, may be it's from God, it was beautifully articulate and was like a breath of fresh air, I have read "bury my heart at wounded knee" Dee Brown many years ago, but this article has given me inspiration, and I have passed it onto many people, thank you for uploading it.  "The truth will always prevail"  May you walk in Peace.  Kind regards  ~Zawaed Khan



Greetings Manataka,


Dear Chief Avril Looking Horse,
I am in sympathy with your efforts to redirect or abolish the oil pipeline  Since it looks like this will in fact be built under your reservoir, is there any possibility that you could redirect the water in the reservoir to a new location, then close up the conduit channel, so that pure water would be preserved in case of a leak?  Perhaps you could use a “go fund me” website to acquire the funds necessary to accomplish this.  Just a thought.  Once again this country is treating the native americans poorly.  I’m sorry.    Donna Altschul. Tucson, AZ


Indian spirituality


Hello Manataka,


I hope this email finds you well.  I've recently been interested in the Indian culture and spirituality, and was wondering if you could guide me in terms of what to read/watch.  As individuals all have different views, the Internet can sometimes show
biased opinions rather than facts and I'd like to learn the true essence of it.  I'd appreciate anything you could recommend.
Many thanks in advance.  Kind regards,  Elmira Khani



Go to:    Read everything.  Some articles may bring yawns and some may light a huge  fire.  You decide.  Start with:    Native Wisdom

Animal messenger


Hello special person at Manataka,


I have been noticing the Millipede for several times now when it enters my house.  Because I am worried that it will die without its natural environment, I place it back in my garden.  Only to find it again.  Millipede always appears close to my front door. 

Do you perhaps know what it is trying to tell me?  I have tried, but the stressful situation I am currently in blocks my senses.

Love and Light,  ~Salome Kruger



Hello Salome,


In their natural habitat, most millipedes are scavengers. They eat damp or decaying wood particles. They also eat decaying leaves and other plant material. If their habitat starts to dry out, millipedes will attack living plants. Sometimes millipedes also feed on small insects, earthworms, and snails. They can get moisture from the green leaves and soft roots.  As millipedes grow, they shed their skin several times. After each molt, they eat the cast-off skins. Some scientists think this helps them replace lost calcium.    


Only you can determine what message, if any, Mr. Millipede may have for you.   Rely on your senses, especially during times of stress.  Stress often opens new channels rather than blocking them.  ~Editor


 Animal Totems

Dear Manataka

Hi everyone my name is Kristi Gromaski. i was just wondering if a animal has chosen to be my totem it happened several year's ago i have always had a interest in learning the wilderness survival skill's so several year's ago when i still had my previous dog who was a Maltese poodle who was blind from cataract's the last 4yrs of his life i went to my uncle's cabin 50 mile's from home to try learning the wilderness survival skill's and i set up a enclosed tarp shelter i went out there just before dark and got myself and my dog settled out there for the night it was completely dark when i was starting to fall asleep and my dog was already asleep snoring loudly i was just starting to fall asleep when i heard something large climbing up my tarp shelter and it got halfway over it and it turned around and came to the entrance i had no idea what it was since it was completely dark outside and as i wondered what it could be our mind's merged and i knew that it was a specie's of cat but it wasn't the domestic kind of cat it was a wild predatory cat i felt it's curiosity about me and nothing negative toward me all it wanted was the water from my dog's dish which it drank it was very thirsty and it just wanted to be in my presence for a while at the entrance to my shelter i felt safe in it's presence because i felt we had a understanding between us of no harm i felt it didn't want to harm me and i didn't want to harm it either we had no fear of each other at all and i went to sleep knowing it was out there afterward's i changed camp site's just to see if it would seek me out again i put up a tent on the beach part of the pond and just as it was getting dark i took the short trail to my tent and there was a small herd of deer to one side of the trail that i passed and they snorted at me 42x and i got in my tent and just got settled into my sleeping bag when something that had been on the other side of me on the trail had gone for the deer i was between the deer and what went for the deer when i walked the trail and i felt that whatever went for the deer was what visited me at my tarp shelter and i felt that it had patiently waited until after i passed by before going for the deer it didn't see me as prey i don't know if it got a deer or not and as i was leaving to go home it appeared ahead of me on the driveway trail and it was a bobcat and i knew it was who came to visit me at my tarp shelter and who went for the deer it was a male bobcat for the gender of it and it was unafraid of me or the car it just walked ahead of me very slowly like it was escorting me out and when it turned to take the fork toward the neighbor's it stopped and turned to look at me as if saying goodbye to me before continuing on and i left do you think that the bobcat chose to become my totem that day i love bobcat's too regardless they are very beautiful   ~Kristi Gromaski



in the “real” world where I actually live.


Hello Manataka,


FAITH:  “faith” . . . “certainty” . . . “love” . . . “trust” . . . “peace”  . . . all words with similar meaning for me.  They all refer to a psychological state-of-being, when attained in full, could be called “Oneness”.  This state of high resonance is when all the conflicting parts of an individual’s psyche have been dissolved by erasing thought, (accumulation of “ego”) and by alignment of one’s internal energy field with the external energy field, (“oneness”).


For me, faith is something that grows into a total state of “certainty”, “love”, “trust” and “peace”.  A person may be born with these qualities in full, but human life happens immediately, and those qualities either become distorted, or lost, through time.  When a person “awakens”, those qualities are understood (remembered) as being inherent within . . . without doubt.


Some people are capable of keeping this state-of-being, but others lose it in its entirety, or might retain something (for me, it was retained in intellectual memory, but the feelings were lost.).  “Faith” for me, has been keeping sight of this state of Oneness, maintaining desire and taking actions in my life that seemed congruous with what I thought Spirit was leading me to do.  But where has it gotten me?


All along through the years, I suppose I’ve been seeking connection with others who also know this state . . . I can see them everywhere in “virtual” reality, but I cannot seem to interact with them with much depth, here personally, in the “real” world where I actually live.   ~Zoe K.



Wonderful Zoe!   

Your pursuit of those who know Oneness can now cease.  Why?

Because they are all around you, everywhere you go, every moment of the day.

The secrets are found in the examples exhibited by many old souls.

They are most of the hundreds of people you meet every year.


That Oneness is the Spirit of God, found in every living soul.   Seek your Oneness within you.


We cannot agree that peace, trust, love and faith are mere psychological states-of being.

True Oneness is about 10 steps beyond mere psychic viewpoints and emotions – a mind-thing.

Oneness is not found in your mind, but appears before your eyes when the soul looks at the world – a spiritual-thing.


Yes, Manataka is a state of being.    Long after this old bear crosses over, Manataka will prevail ~ forever and ever.


Man is good and man is bad.   Achieving balance is the most we can expect for most.  ~Editor