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(2003 Law Lectures in Seattle, Washington; Rapid City, South Dakota, Judge Navin-Chandra Naidu)


A. Nation-state:

a)    Tribal governments with a population; defined geographical boundaries; organs of state represented by the executive, legislature and judiciary; with an ability to enter into treaties with other sovereign nation-states, qualifies them as nation-states under Article 1 of the Montevideo Convention of 1933



b)   A written Constitution containing a Code of Conduct for all tribal government employees and departments;


c)    A written Rules of a Traditional Tribal Court outside the purview of the BIA or the Secretary of the Interior, or even Congress. This is based on God’s Law, our Ancient Codes, eternal law, divine law, and natural law.


d)   A written manual of Operations for all three organs of tribal government with an Overseeing Council of Elders.


e)    The Hereditary Chiefs must be free from the influence and control of the BIA, the Secretary of Interior and the federal and state governments in general.


B. Sovereign wealth funds:


As Original Land Owners (OLO), Tribal communities that have formed Tribal governments need not look askance to the State or Federal government for financial aid and assistance. Instead, they ought to find conduits to trade, exchange and convert their land with in-ground assets (timber, precious metals and precious stones, oil and gas, coal, etc) as fungible commodities to sustain economic development and political growth. Financial instruments can be issued against these hard assets. Native titles can be used as fungible financial instruments in primary and secondary trading platforms. See “Deposit/Credit Multiplier” definition in Barron’s “Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms” which explains HOW this is achieved and accomplished – Attachment herein


C. Revenue generating mechanism:


Tribal Stock Exchanges, Tribal central banks, commercial banks, hospitals, institutions of higher learning, organic farming (self-sufficiency in food), electricity from wind and solar generators are some of the revenue-generating conduits for sovereign independent autonomous tribal governments. Do what Singapore does.


D. Police power is an indispensable element in this process of nation-building for tribal governments. Equipment, marshals, police officers, peacekeepers, court bailiffs, and incarceration facilities is the sine qua non of self-governance. All the money in the realm cannot and will not help without police power. That’s how the squatter government maintains a vise grip on our fundamental rights.


E. The issuance of tribal government currency is yet another major measure that will define self-governance for tribal governments. 


F. Telephone country code: International Telecommunication Union. Satellite communications for secrecy/confidentiality. Tribes should have their own country code for Indian country.   See


G. Issuance of birth certificates to adopted members or blood quantum Tribals which will create an express contract between an individual and the Tribal government instead of an implied (tacit) contract with the nontribal de facto self-appointed government.


H. Issuance of Aboriginal Land Titles. Title 18 United States Code § 1151 outlines the definition of Indian country. Where Aboriginal title is not extinguished, that piece of real estate is in Indian country enjoying Aboriginal title.


The Took-Took Tribe


I. Declarations of Peaceful Protest and Objections To Non-Tribal Government Entities and Establishment of Tribal Sovereignty to be sent to the White House, Congress, the US Supreme Court, the United Nations, and to European countries that sent their explorers, adventurers (read: buccaneers and pirates), and squatter settlers who came into tribal lands and became the “Took Took” Tribe. They took everything, and are still taking everything while we do NOTHING. Reparations have not been made under the rule of law. Great Britain is the venue to sue as they relinquished power and authority to the Revolutionaries without settling the Native Americans’ land title issues.


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