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February 14, 2017

February  2017



Manataka receives hundreds of letters each month. Space and time do not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.  The opinions expressed below and all information provided is for informational purposes only. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of the opinions express below and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis. Manataka does not necessarily endorse or support the opinions expressed below. 




Bill Little Eagle Starting Life Anew

Hello Manataka,


O'siyo, Happy New Years, May Creator Bless you all, he has brought us all together in Protecting Our Mother Earth, Grand Father Lee Standing Bear, it has always been an Honor to have known and spoke to you, and it is and honor to be friends also.


Since the last time you and myself had spoken many thing's have happened. Visions in Dreams, if we may speak of one, Standing Rock. Many would come there and all would gather in a circle, as in a stomp dance, all would hold hands and dance in a clock wise circle, singing, following the leader, and doing as he does, all would pick up speed, all would dance to the sound of bells, and chant, faster and faster, all would be called the (Tornado), which would draw in outsiders from the North, East, South, and West. these other people would be called the (Whirl Wind), these people would gather all people on there way, getting bigger and bigger, and all would be pulled in to the Tornado, no one would not be able to stop this. The Four Legged, the Winged ones, the Standing People, Music of the Rivers, The Buffalo, and Mother Nature, from above and below would join in, and Creator will be with us.We would all Protect our Waters, Forests, Mountains, Mother Earth. This is only one thing that would happen and it must begin now. It is hard to understand, but no one seems to understand or help in the Dreams or Visions. These thing's have happened all through my life, we are 70 now, but still feel we are not finished on this plain and will continue to help in some way. We feel like we are 30 or 40 just beginning, the wife Jeannie is the same way.


We have spoke enough, just wanted to say hello and wish you all a very Blessed new Year, do you sell the liners for Tee pee, 16' ours the wind after Five years tore mine. the bones are still up. Many Blessing's to you and yours, this will be a great year for all man kind, Many thing's will happen that have never happened before. This we have been told. Bill Little Eagle. 

Plymouth Thanksgiving Story

Dear Manataka,

I found your story today. I plan to write a simplified version for younger children and read it to my kids. As they get older, I'll move to your children's story and then finally the adult version. Thank you for making this available. I really loved it.

Sincerely,  Alex da Ponte


Blind Green Anole

Hello Manataka,


I recently made a trip to Louisiana to help erect a storage shed for my mother in law. During construction I noticed a little anole just sitting on this cinderblock. Naturally curious and a lover of animals, I decided to get a closer look. I realized very quickly the anole could not see, for it appeared as though her eyes were packed with mud and I thought maybe she'd climbed up on that block to dry out in the sun. She was deep brown when I found her. I don't like to remove wild animals from their habitats, so I let her be. To my delight and surprise the anole remained for several days on the same cinderblock. I fed her every mosquito I caught trying to bite me and every ant and termite I chanced upon and let her drink drops of water from my finger. She was still there when it was time for me to return home and I knew there was something special about her so I did decide to take her home with me to live out the rest of her days fat, warm, and happy. I knew she didn't have long, I simply couldn't leave her to starve or be eaten. She spent the best part of the following three weeks riding around on the collar of my shirt, emerald green and seemingly happy. She just died a few days ago, was sleeping on my collar when she suddenly dropped onto my lap, unmoving but still so soft and beautifully green that I put her in her terrarium and waited a full day before accepting her passing and burying her. It may surprise you to find that the reason I'm sharing this story with you is not due to the remarkable circumstances under which I met and bonded with my bitty friend but rather due to the fact that, though I knew her time was limited and have generally just not been terribly upset by death, I have become inconsolable in the days since her passing. I cried more for that anole than I ever did for my grandparents (of whom I've lost all four) and I'm astonished by my emotional reaction in the absence of a logical explanation as to why the loss of a dying anole I found a few weeks ago has more deeply and profoundly wounded me than any previous death in my experience.  I'm hoping you can help me extract the significance of this uncommon encounter, if there is any.  Does it sound like my anole was a spirit guide? Maybe I'm just in the process of grieving.  Thank you for your time and any thoughts you can share with me.   Kristina Ainsworth


Hello Kristina,

Interesting story.  Extracting significance from your encounter is entirely within your purview, and requires no interpretation or second guessing by others. The true or total significance may not be borne out for many years.  Your story sounds like an awakening.  Your grief is an expression of love.  How you use those blessings is up to you.  ~Editor



Spiritual Awakening

Hello my dear friends...


I have a few questions if you don't mind regarding spiritual awakening.


Could someone be faced with traumatic incidents where they have no control or way out, such as post traumatic stress disorder, but have a small awakening, enough to get the message like, "there are three hurdles you will come across to get through this" and then just know, who they are and other small things like who is lying to you, gut feelings, etc...? And also, get closer to God spiritually.  I was actually reborn again at this time afterwards.


Then a few years after suffering complex PTSD, go through a larger spiritual awakening..that made so much sense, but also showed so much beauty in his plan and in his love that I cried for about an hour..  And feel so much peace now.. Full of love, all c-ptsd is now gone.  Every bit of it.  Out of the blue. 


What can I do to encourage another one?  And how do you feel about Scalar waves and scalar healing devices or crystals even?  Because, the second awakening had me in a type of quantum like world, showing me a virtual like reality.  Since I am religious and do believe, I feel those things to be wrong, bad even.  But, I can't help but feel like my experience is asking me to look there.  Would Chi Gung or reiki be bad?  Not that I'm struggling with my faith, but if I could heal others in pain, I would love to!  I've noticed Hollywood is much like and ahead of us on the whole healthy eating, yoga, Chi, etc...and can't help but to see the evil in it as well... What are your thoughts??  


Thank you for reading this.  I know its a little off and long, but I don't know who to ask...~Cybil Merritt





Do you mean a spiritual awakening?    If so, that is an odd question, because you should realize a “awakening” is not an event, but a process, and therefore occurs daily over a period of time.  Yes, there are revelations that come as sudden events, but an awakening can take years to achieve.   Why do you ask a question for which you already know the answer?


Question 2:    How do you feel about Scalar waves...?


You ask our feelings about an indefinable energy?  We cannot go there.  Scalar healing devises?  Hype.  B.S. 

Crystals are physical material with a specific magnetic resonance wavelength close to human resonance and have been used for thousands of years by healing practioners.  A communication devise of the ages.


If being religious means interpreting every natural human experience as “wrong or bad” then throw the religion away. 

We need no man’s dogma and doctrine to define our personal relationship with the Creator of All Things.  

Exploring many faiths is a sign of strength, not weakness.  It is a search for understanding and love. 

Every faith has something to offer.   Search for and achieve freedom of spirit – not religious dogma and doctrine.  

There are billions and billions of paths to the Creator.   With Love and Respect, ~Editor


My Awakening

Greetings Manataka!


My name is Kim and I am from a Methodist family . my grandmother took me to church until I was 11 when I threw a fit and she never took me back. Well I spent the next 20 years in chaos which brought me to my 30 s now at that point I began using needles and injecting methamphetamine. One day I just knew I was done . now skip ahead to last April when I back slid and got high again well I remembered what my grandma said " if you ever have an addiction Kimmy , a thirst you just can't quench as the good lord to take it from you and he will! God rest her soul. Well I did that and the next day the thirst for the needle was just gone like that! That brings me to about three days ago when I was smoking k2 . I was in my sister in laws truck and I saw it! I saw what is really going on ! I saw the wasteland and the stoned faced man with no real features looking upon what we had done to this earth! And it said to me you see what he's doing don't you ? All of you are going to perish if you don't change. Stop now life is not about iPads and new cars and TVs. They are poisoning you stop ingesting these chemicals ! Stop consuming these! Stop letting them lead your minds in the directions they are! Well I was floored and still not quite sure what had just happened. I came home and took another hit and I was burning from the inside out right here on my couch! A voice said do you feel that? Its what you are going to feel for eternity ! I cried out I'm in hell! I'm burning in hell! I knew at that moment that God was here with me and he whispered in my ear with all the calmness of a patient father are you ready Kim? Are you ready to believe now? And I threw my hands in the air and cried out trying to remember the Lords prayer. And I couldn't word for word and I cried realizing that I didn't remember how to pray and I needed to at this very moment I needed to ask for forgiveness and ask my heavenly father to forgive me of all my sins and accept my eternal soul into the Kingdom of heaven when my time comes even if that was the moment! I'm not sure which one it was Jesus or his father but I heard him say , very good Kim , but you are not ready to leave behind your earthly binds , no your not. But at that moment  he put out the flames and I was no longer burning but tingling as if I had been pulled from the pits of hell and I knew at that moment I was saved! Unlike most people who can go back and forth I don't think I have that option.


Very few people get proof that hell and satan are real! And if I fall asleep again I am sure I will remain that way. Not getting another chance. He will only tell me that one time! Alone here in my home I repented my sins and now I know I'm saved and ever so awake.  ~Kim Finlaw


Thank you for Manataka Website

Dear Manataka,


Thank you for your website . My many times over great grandmother walked the trail of tears . I am also part English and part German . I am glad for your website so I can learn the truth to the sufferage of past generations of Native Americans . I always knew the truth was not what was in my history books . I was glad to read the thanksgiving real story . I am sorry for the loss of your ancestors . I am also sorry that Native Americans are even discriminated against today . Thank you for your website . You have taught me a lot . I live in Louisville , Kentucky and have learned how Native Americans lived along the Ohio River long before Europeans invaded .  ~Tim Woodruff, Kentucky


Climbing A Mountain

Greetings Manataka,


Thank you for this story. As always, it is told to me when I need it most. It speaks the truth to my spirit. I have often been called "The Wanderer" by many who do not understand. My reply has always been, "Not all that wander are lost." I am forever thankful for your wisdom and guidance. Yours,  Laurie Wise Hawk Rhoads



Hello Laurie,

All humans are wanderers. Where we begin our lives and where they end are seldom the same.  In between are fascinating journeys on many levels.  We are forever grateful to the great spirit within you that acknowledges ours.  With Love and Respect,  ~Editor


Translating my Name


Hello my Native Brothers and Sisters at Manataka,


My name is Shannon. I have a request.  I found out my name means wise one or old river. What would that make my name in the Cherokee language? I was once told ( i cant remember the correct spelling) pronounced like zjuh nana but when i looked up wise in the index and one its no where near what I was told but i asked what Shannon was translated back then not knowing what i really needed to translate my name was my names meaning. Can you help me please? Although i do have Irish heritage I do have proven Cherokee lineage too. I know you probably hear that a lot but I am doing extensive research on my Indian heritage because honestly i feel no connection to my Irish heritage at all. It just does not feel right to me if that makes any sense. I have always felt very drawn to my native heritage which feels more natural and right to me. Thank you for your time ~Shannon Foster


Shannon, Sorry there is no translation for your name in Cherokee.


Great Manataka Etched Within My Heart Center

Dear Manataka,


Just as my nature friends, I do spread the word and have sent messages about you and the Sacred Manataka. You and those who cherish The Manataka and Love The Mother have done exceptional work on so many levels, and I will continue to spread your beautiful message throughout the world and unite our Hearts through that Oneness. I have been Blessed to have you Brother Bear and The Great Manataka etched within my heart center. Thank you for always receiving me and giving me your great Wisdom, Love of Heart, and Awakening me to my growing awareness, and bridging your Land with mine. I cherish the day when I sent you my first email about Grandfather Martin, and also the message of the 4 feathers.  Love, Blessings, Peace, Light and Laughter...very good medicine,  Little Sister Creek Running Over  Linda Burkhart


 Dreaming of a Shaman

Dear Manataka


I been having the same dreams to go to see a shaman for years, i have recently seen a native American woman with bright green eyes, but i keep on telling me something but i cannot seem to get the message.  I do however believe in the spirit, i follow my dreams even when my spirit animal, a grey and black wolf visits me, i do listen to him. His warned me many times when i go through tuff times, i have met a female white wolf once in my vision and i felt at ease. I am weary about the black one, i have met him twice in my vision and i have listened. lately its been a dark grey one that visits my camp fire, it stays with me, calms me down and leave in the morning.   People say its and think i am crazy but somehow i need to find out why a shaman, 50-60 years old visits me in my vision, he welcomes me with open arms. And makes me stay for a month to meat the woman with the bright green eyes.   Please let me know what it means.. I believe it take what you need, except what life gives you and make the most of it.  I know I am not native American but somehow i feel attached to the people. 


I am from South Africa but i keep on being drawn towards earthly habits and believes, somehow i feel i don't belong in south Africa. Strange but true but i need to find my purpose in life, and i have spoken to a healer that works with peoples spirits and heart, and how to connect between your brain an your heart how to listen to it and how to proceed.  Please if someone can assist i would be grateful   Much appreciated.  Johan V D Walt, Southdale, South Africa