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Phytomedicinals -

Healing With Plants

by Harvey Walks with Hawks Doyle


When we were in spirit form we were nurtured by the Light of the Creator, we are creatures of the light, that light kept us pure, then we fell and we became hu-mans (Divine Mortals), meaning that we had came from the Creator and then we became mortals.

It was his plan for us to experience this and to populate Mother Earth.  We were sent out into the wilderness to take care of ourselves physically, there were animals, plants and other thing that the Creator had made for us to survive, he gave us the intelligence to pick and choose between right and wrong.

He gave us free will or freedom to choose.  He also gave us Mother Earth and her animals and plants to survive.  I think that we were intended to be vegetarians.  We began eating wild plants and roots. 

The Creator in his infinite wisdom made all that he created and the plan was for him to take care of us as he does today.  The plants had medicinal properties within them to keep our bodies functioning properly and if it was working properly then the spirit was also in tune with it. 

We had the Creator for spiritual guidance and Mother Earth to cure our illness, infirmities, and glean our bodies to adulthood. We are still accepted as children of the light to the Creator or Great Spirit but he has given us freedom to partake of anything on Mother Earth, good or evil, it is our choice.  We as humans did not know or have any idea how the herbs or plants worked, we simply knew that if we ate certain plants that they produced certain desired results physically and mentally.

Photomedicinals is a term that is used today and refers to an herbal medicine that is a whole plant preparation, instead of singularly isolating an individual chemical property or compound. 

Phyto is Greek; it means plant or being derived from the whole plant.  There are many medicinal properties in one plant.  This practice is widely used in Europe, China, and Germany.  They call it Ethical Medicines.  They are prescribed as medicines there.  Here in the US they are sold as over the counter dietary supplements, like health food stores, and some in pharmacies. 

In Asia they use nutritional herbal plants to bring the whole body into harmony.  Native Americans have their own herbal remedies and medicines.  It is a very spiritual to go out and gather medicinal or ceremonial herbs.  Spiritualism is attached to herbal plants; it is a complex and spiritual religion. 

Shaman's serve as spiritual leaders as well as physicians.  Before plants are collected, prayers and offerings are made to Mother Earth and the plant. How many times have you thanked the Creator or Mother for the Plants?

I believe that everything has an energy field.  Humans and animals have spirits, other things like rocks etc, have energy fields, we all have aura's, aura's on living beings etc change accordingly, and stationary objects aura's do not change.  I have seen and give you this testimony that it is real. 

Native Americans within their wisdom knew that the plants did give us balance within the total person, spiritually and bodily. Different herbal teas which sometimes contain thousands of beneficial active medicinal ingredients and they have their own distinctive healing uses.  We always crush the roots, berries and seed so that you can get the full value of the medicinal power of the plants.  

We try to use the whole plant, which incorporates all the medicinal values and gives balance to the body and spirit.  The Creator gave us the art of medicinal healing and we should get back to basics and receive this valuable gift to be gleaned from Mother Earth plants. My spirit is to help you enjoy these privileges that has been handed down from ancestor to ancestor. We were poor and I thank my grandfather who was a humble man and did show me many plants to eat and to heal us.

Wa Do (Thank You)