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January 01,2017



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Happy about Standing Rock


Hello Manataka,


This is a Great Day and I very sincerely thank All Intervening Parties for this Happy End to remain steadily settled once for all, though One must remain consistently careful, no need to tell You.


Bless U All, from All Sides including the Ones remaining invisible on purpose, Utmost Congratulations for this Peaceful Achievement.  ~KR

How Do You Feel About Standing Rock?


Dear Manataka,

It is me.. Laurie Rhoads. I'm in much emotion and my spirit grieves SO much. What is it that you feel and think of Standing Rock? Is this not part of your vision of ALL to come, not the beginning of the fulfillment of the moment??  Is this not exactly what our Great Elder Crazy Horse told of?? Is this not the Time For The Ghost Dance?? You are my Sacred Elder, of whom I'm so very thankful for... Please Grandfather, tell me what is this you see?? Am I understanding truths I believe in seeing??

Thank you for your time. I pray that you are well. I love you and am very thankful for you all.  ~Laurie Rhoads


Gratitude is the Key to Happiness

Hello Manataka,


I advocate on twitter for PTSD, all mental health matters and domestic violence. My account name is Finding Clarity @sunnydaze070 . I have met some like minded people. IM doing an art project with an artist friend who has also got mental illness, he advocates for mental health and he works with a charity called Mind. He dedicates most of his art to mental health matters. Also the actor Daniel Newman from walking dead messaged me as he likes my  finding clarity account and asked what I am working on, I told him some art writing and I am writing a play called PTSD i asked if he would be interested in giving me feed back   I am blown away. Also the artist friend he's called Toby Brown, is taking me to see a favorite band i love, he's done some art projects on them, i get to meet the band and go to the sound check..its like my dreams are coming true.  Ive been networking and researching like crazy all this year and its seems to be paying off. I will for ever be in gratitude to u for being the light in the dark these last few years. I was suicidal but the the last two moths all those feelings and thoughts began to shift. Now all gone. Its good to be happy isn't it? Some people cant be or do not know how. I think gratitude is the key to
happiness. I am living in gratitude and it feels great. ~
Bonnie Rose

Moving to Williston, North Dakota

Hello my dear friends...


Here is a great old story, very simple, very short called Stone Soup

The story we all heard as children one of my favorite (probably helped me imagine The Honey Stone) and also photo from the east for you 

So I am asking for a prayer today 

I am faced with moving to Williston, North Dakota.  I am ok to go there... but not 100% peace... like something missing...   i hope for better work which is fitting for my skills.  Ffamily will stay here, I have been in Navy so distance and travel and loneliness I am used to please pray when you are moved to remember me to complete writing and continue on to publish... that's it, here's why I am asking... like stone soup...

so together, if we gather round a fire we share our hopes and add our energy, like travelers tired and weary, we can eat and gain strength sharing together our knowledge and insight "fire, stones" = facilitating the cooking up of delicious meals "onions, carrot, stirring simmering" = making good ways for others to come together for growth and prosperity

We can all serve up our works and so more people can enjoy living with the knowledge "food" we have within to disseminate and birth in others (strength for all people) (people learn to care and to feed others) (all people also realize to make stone soup)

My mind is always thinking of you and these things in my heart and spirit even when I am tired and weary, and just thinking about you, especially writing you, gives me hope and courage - and great desire & inspiration to move forward  peace and thanks  ~Dave Cambell


Timucua People

Greetings Manataka!


I have a story that isn't mine to tell. I would like to find a Timucua scholar of any tribal affiliation to provide cultural context and dialogue, as I do not feel it is my place to represent it.


Apologies if this isn't what you do but I am having trouble finding any information on where to find such a person and wasn't able to find a message board to post my request.


I want nothing but an accurate, fair portrayal of the Timucua people and help deciding which dialect/specific area of habitation to use in regards to my narrator. I will handle the detail and setting, if they are able to tell me what is appropriate and accurate.

I do not see it as my place to handle the language/cultural details, although I have read what I can find.  I also offer full, front page "written by" credit/compensation to whoever breathes life into this character.  Thank you for your time. ~Sean Lawrence



The REAL Story of Thanksgiving

Dear Manataka,


I have just read what you wrote about the Real Story of Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for your article.

I am French and I've been teaching English for quite a number of years now. I intend to teach my teenage students a few things about Native Americans (if only they could get rid of the stereotypes conveyed by US movies!), part of my project concerns Thanksgiving. I feel I can no longer do with the "official legend" of Thanksgiving ;-).

I would love to find someone (ideally a class of teenage students) ready to share their culture with us. As your are a teacehr yourself, I thought you might know who I could turn to. To sum up: I need your help. If you could suggest people to contact, it would be great. Any advice, any suggestions will be most welcome. Thanks for reading me. Have a vey nice day. ~ Isabelle Casabonne




Greetings Manataka,

Thank You for publishing and sharing the actual history of what occurred. It's chilling and not taught in our schools. Many people don't know, and refuse to accept the truth.  ~Olivia Osceola


Women and the Drum


Hello my Native Brothers and Sisters at Manataka,


Hello my name is healing eagle (Christopher Jones) I am the drum keeper for seven spirits drum group and we recently had a request for one of our native sisters about sitting at the drum with us. All of my drummer have no objections to this and we all agree that it it the purpose of our drum to teach and to raise the prayers of our people to the great spirit. That being said we have hit a road block as far as others not wanting for to accept a female on the drum because they believe they know the traditions. What I am trying to say and If I was able to send tobacco through an email I would bring it and ask if there is any information that you may be able to share with me and my team so we can have a strong discussion and show people that it is good to be together at the drum. I do understand that certain ceremonies may not allow it and things of that nature but we do a lot of intertribal powwows in the Alabama area and in North Carolina. Seven spirits is not attached to a specific tribe due to the fact that we have more than one tribe on the drum. We have Cherokee and Lakota represented. If there is anything that you may be able shed some light on for me I would appreciate it. And as I said my name is Healing Eagle (Christopher Jones) thank you for taking your time to read my email.



Dear Manataka ,


I am a native living outside the country and I never got the chance to learn what my faith is about. I would like to know the basic daily prayers that I have to recite and memorize.  Thank you.  ~ Tareq Assi


Hello Tareq,

There is no such thing as liturgy in American Indian ways.

A prayer that has to be memorized is not a prayer they are the words and feelings of another person another spirit.

Loose all precepts of religion.  Exercise freedom of spirit.

The basis of American Indian spirituality is based on freedom of spirit. ~Yonv




Dear Manataka

I been having the same dreams to go to see a shaman for years, i have recently seen a native American woman with bright green eyes, but i keep on telling me something but i cannot seem to get the message... 


I do however believe in the spirit, i follow my dreams even when my spirit animal, a grey and black wolf visits me, i do listen to him. His warned me many times when i go through tuff times, i have met a female white wolf once in my vision and i felt at ease. I am weary about the black one, i have met him twice in my vision and i have listened. lately its been a dark grey one that visits my camp fire, it stays with me, calms me down and leave in the morning. 

People say its and think i am crazy but somehow i need to find out why a shaman, 50-60 years old visits me in my vision, he welcomes me with open arms. And makes me stay for a month to meat the woman with the bright green eyes. 

Please let me know what it means.... I believe it take what you need, except what life gives you and make the most of it...   

I know i am not native American but somehow i feel attached to the people.


I am from South Africa but I keep on being drawn towards earthly habits and beliefs, somehow I don't belong in South Africa. Strange but true but I need to find my purpose in life, and i have spoken to a healer that works with peoples spirits and heart, and how to connect between your brain an your heart how to listen to it and how to proceed...  Please if someone can assist I would be grateful.  Much appreciated  ~Johan V D Walt, Southdale, South Africa