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Imagine how you’d feel if Monsanto plowed up your backyard to plant GMO crops (and spray them with Roundup)—and the state sent in armed troops to support Monsanto’s “rights.”

You’d defend your home, your soil, your water, your right to a safe, healthy environment.

You’d do what our fellow Earth defenders in North Dakota are doing. You’d stand up against corporate exploitation of Earth’s most precious natural resources.

Manataka and Organic Consumers Stand with Standing Rock: Donate to help defeat the Dakota Access pipeline.

A journalist recently called the 1,172-mile, $3.7-billion-dollar Dakota Access pipeline a “scar across the face of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.”

True in the literal sense. But figuratively, this destructive project will also go down in history as a scar across our entire nation. Unless we come together to stop it.

In a time when climate scientists are sounding alarms right and left, when politicians are giving lip service to zero emissions, Big Oil is strong arming its way to yet another disastrous project in the name of short-term gain for a few, at the expense of our future.

Today we ask that you not think of yourself as a food activist. That you not wear the label of environmental activist, anti-fracking activist, climate activist, anti-war activist, human rights activist—or any other narrowly defined, issue-specific activist.

Instead we ask you to connect the dots between all of the issues we are so passionate about. To focus on how Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Banks, Big Biotech and all the other “Bigs” collude behind the scenes to rob us of the right to the resources required to support life on earth.

November 15 has been designated as a day of protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. From now through November 15, we’re asking the food movement to stand with Standing Rock. Because in the end, every loss against corporations that foul the Earth is a loss for all of us.

We are in this together. We are so much more powerful when we work as one movement, toward health and justice for all.

TAKE ACTION: Manataka and Organic Consumers Stand with Standing Rock: Donate to help defeat the Dakota Access pipeline.

Donate here to directly to support the protestors camp. Or mail your check to: Sacred Stone Camp, P.O. Box 1011, Fort Yates, ND 58538

To save the group processing fees, you can also donate directly to their PayPal account at