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Changes from our Ancestors

by Harvey Walks with Hawks Doyle


The Six Nation Confederation of the Iroquois developed the idea that it is appropriate to think seven generations ahead and decide whether the choices we make today would benefit the children seven generations into the future.


What if every action and decision we made related to the welfare and well-being of the seventh generation to come? How would that change our lives and actions in the present? And what is stopping us from doing this?


My Elder often says, “Our outer world is a reflection of our own inner state of consciousness. If you want to change the world outside, then you must learn how to change your state within.”


So it is that our deepening appreciation for our ancestors leads us to deeper caring for our descendants, the future beings.


When we truly explore the idea of deep spiritual time and the interconnection of all parts of the Mother Earth systems, which includes humans, but is not comprised only for humans but also our brother and sister animals, we might be overwhelmed by the beauty, magnificence and wonderment of this unfolding and interconnected universe.


We are all connected or either we are disconnected.  The change for society and our planet must come from our Ancestors and their Spiritual Values, this is the right change not political correctness from authorization of our own government officials. Transforming our physical bodies to also connect to our inner state of consciousness is the key to the changing of our planet Mother Earth and culture and the tools for that are available and only take a commitment to making use of them.


These spiritual tools have been available since ancient times and have been passed down and refined by our ancestors through Natives and Indigenous cultures for at least 40,000 years. These tools come through meditation, hard study, prayer, more prayer and asking Creator to help us learn.


This is the only way to help ourselves and help Mother Earth survive. Through our spiritual consciousness, our minds have the power to change Mother Earth and ourselves and our children. It is time we listen to their voices of old and heed their wisdom of those indigenous people and channel their spiritual lessons and spirits knowledge to tend our garden of life and not destroy it. Societal change can help destroy our spiritual consciousness which Creator gave all of us to use in these circumstances.


We need it now so let’s use it. So Be It.