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~Takatoka, Manataka member


The time has come for the federal government to relinquish ALL sacred grounds formally held by the tribes -- federally recognized and non-federally recognized. 


Can you imagine the outcry if the federals took control over all the churches, synagogues, and temples in the United States?  What would happen if the liberal bureaucrats decided church meetings could not be held without a permit?  How loud would be media scream at the outrage of religious faiths being subjected to the same

treatment American Indians endure today after centuries of religious genocide?


How can Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and people of other faiths and religions do and say nothing while American Indian sacred places are tightly controlled by mindless federal bureaucrats who determine when, how and who among the people can gather to worship? 


Yes, very few traditional sacred places in the United States are open to American Indian spiritual gatherings simply because many of these sites were declared "federal land" at various times in history. 


Under the false guise of preservation, the Department of the Interior has constructed a vast maze of laws, rules, and regulations administered by the Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the National Park Service, the National Forest and a dozen other federal and state agencies to control when and how American Indian people are allowed to visit sacred places.


These same federal agencies are currently negotiating for oil pipelines, heavy mining, strip mining, gas fracking, and a plethora of other destructive business interests to take profiteer off of Indian sacred grounds.  San Francisco Peaks—sacred to more than 13 Southwestern tribes is being ravaged by human waste water being used by ski resort developers to create more revenue-generating snow. Sacred places such as Antelope Hills, Bear Butte, Black Mesa, Eagle Rock, Everglades, Klamath River, Manataka, Mount Tenabo, Rainbow Bridge and countless others are threatened by federal control and abuse. 


When will it end?  When will Christians, Jew and Muslims fight for the release of sacred indigenous places from federal control?


Give us our religious freedom!