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Thanksgiving Day

November 25,2016



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The REAL Story of Thanksgiving

Hello Manataka,

Thank you very much for this article.

May I please have permission to print and copy it for my 6th and 7th graders?  It would be 480 or so copies.

Many thanks, Amy Deal


LIES Teachers Tell Us About Columbus


Osiyo, brothers and sisters of Manataka;


I have been reading the October "Smoke Signal News" and was particularly interested in the article by David Michael Wolfe.  In that piece he says that Columbus could not have called his destination "India" because, according to Mr. Wolfe, that name did not exist in 1492.  I have an immediate problem with that statement since all the ancient accounts of Alexander the Great tell us that he had his sights set on INDIA (probably just Pakistan, not the actual sub continent) and was only foiled by the reluctance of his army to push further. That was no earlier than the late 4th century BC/BCE.   Also, if you read Lucian of Samosata, the Greek satirist, you will find a 2nd century AD/CE reference to one Iambulus who wrote, supposedly, about INDIA.  Specifically what part of the county is hard to discern.  There have been many ups and downs in that area of the world over the last several hundred years.  However, the term INDIA is the part that stands out, whatever portion of the modern country was being described at the time. 


Admittedly, Columbus was a boob!  His grasp of available knowledge was sketchy at best.  For instance,he knew of the 1800 year old Greek pronouncement that the world was round yet. somehow, missed the estimate (also Greek) of the Earth's circumference that only missed our modern estimates by a few tens of miles!  That's why he thought the world was much smaller than it really was.  Still, he surely knew the names of the places in the "East" that he was trying to reach. 


The part of Mr. Wolfe's article about the Natives being proclaimed "in dios" is, however, very instructive.  I know that many people, including now deceased Native activist Russell Means, believed in the "in dios" theory.  Unfortunately, there is not enough information on either side to make a definitive argument.  Apparently, this debate will not be ended here.  It just seems to me that our facts should be kept straight.  ~David Choate 


Moldy Tipi Treatment

Hello Manataka,


I live at 2400 ft on a mountain jungle of Hawaii. I am concerned about mold.  Is there a way to hold back mold in a teepee. Does the cotton get moldy easily. What is your suggestion. Thanks Karuna


First, green smoke your lodge for 4-6 days.  This puts the resin of the smoke into the canvas fibers -- retarding mold, mildew and bug proofing. 
Second, use a high grade marine sealer to clear paint the outside.  -- Every few months as needed.

Third, use soap, bleach and water to clean the lodge regularly.

Do these things and your lodge will weather jungles for many years.   Don't do them and the jungle will swallow you.

Green Smoke:
Close the lodge.  Pull flaps in tight. cover the door.
Use small green twigs and logs for a small smokey fire.
Keep the smokey fire going 24/7 X 4-6 days.
The outside of the lodge will turn tea brown any place not painted.

Add to Third, below:
Use a vinegar rinse to neutralize canvas cover against acidic mold.


The Dakota Access Pipeline

No rest for the water protectors


Hello Manataka,


Protect Freedom of The Press! Drop Arrest Warrant for Amy Goodman


Reporters are the Life-Blood of American Freedom. Gotta say it again. REPORTERS ARE THE LIFE-BLOOD OF AMERICAN FREEDOM!! If Amy Goodman had not been right there with the Native Men and Women - and Children - Protectors when  they crossed the fence to defend their Ancestors' Graves and also their Ancestors' Historical Marks which were their Legacies, then no one would have known why the people were so frantic watching this most sacred ground being bulldozed by a company who was purposely wiping all traces of their heritage off the face of the earth!!! If, in Vietnam, the reporters had not been allowed to film what war really is about (as did NOT happen in the Iraq war - where reporters were so-called "embedded" and true images of the realities of that war were stifled), then the truth of what had happened to the Native People of Standing Rock would never have been reported verbally and visually.  And it's no stretch to understand that the Native People - the Protectors, would have gone to jail, unsupported by any public knowledge of what had been done to them mentally and physically on that Sacred Ground on that terrible day.  ~Henny Wise


Support from Down Under

Greetings Manataka!


Good afternoon I would very proud as indigenous in my home country of Australia to where a t shirt even though I live thousands of miles in Australia to north Dakota, I do have the passion and believe, been part indigenous Australia we to have sacred areas that the white man wants to drill for own purposes and they not respect the land owners who have been here for 70.000 years. Please don't hesitate to write as I believe in the reasons and your people for future generations to come take and have a peaceful weekend.  Regards, Ian From Perth Australia.


The Washo in 1827

Dear Manataka,


Enjoyed your website well done! A historical note the website says that fur trappers may have had contact with the Washo in 1826 but left no records. Jedediah Smith wrote of his two encounters with Washo people in his journal. It happened in May of 1827. Check it out!


I live in Bear Valley and wrote a history of the area, including a chapter on the Washo and one on Jedediah. I was on the Alpine County Board of Supervisors in the 80s and 90s and had the pleasure of serving with tribe members Ann Wade and Kathy Rakow.  Cheers, Eric Jung, Broker

How Will You Know Your Teachers?...

Greetings Manataka,


My Name is Cox Carl, I was hoping that someone could teach me the ways and traditions of the natives. The reason behind me asking is because I had a dream and I thought it was time for me to learn the ways of the indigenous people and my ancestors. I was hoping to learn and comprehend mother Earth and the Lord in unison.  Thank you for taking your time to read this, Sincerely, Carl Cox


For you convenience, the Manataka website has over 4,000 pages dedicated to teaching you the Ways.  Unless you plan to move for a long period of time, from whom will you learn where you are?  An elder does not select the student, just the opposite.  How will you know your teachers?  Be patient with the process and yourself.  Yonv



Fry Bread Recipes


Hello my Native Brothers and Sisters at Manataka,


I just wanted to say thank you for the wide variety of tribal recipes you shared. My mother made them for us as kids and now I will try and enjoy with my family many different types and find which one they like most too. 😛
Sincerely: Carmen Garcia



Hello Manataka,


I am doing research on my family in Indiana. My Great Grandfather is David Krach. Born in 1857, he passed away in 1938 in Terre Haute, In. In the newspaper notice of his death stated he was a member of Manataka Tribe #183, Redmen, Staunton, Indiana. My question is, would he have to be a member of the Manataka Tribe to belong to this group or this could this have been a social organization?   My name is Charles Michael Liehr. My mother's maiden name is Latta. Her mother is Orbie Krach Latta, David's daughter.

The Improved Order of the Redman did have a Manataka chapter located at Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas around the turn of the century.  Confirm this here: