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America Loves

By Harold W. Becker

The United States of America has a relatively brief history as a nation and has clearly had a powerful impact upon the world at large. Our influence is felt globally in so many different ways and these effects run the full spectrum from empowering our humanity to utterly extinguishing the spark of life with our attempts at preeminence. We bring out the very best in the human spirit while equally leaving trails of unnecessary destruction in the wake of our unbridled determination. We often make grave mistakes in our approach to life while simultaneously initiating extraordinary leaps in conscious evolution. When we come from authentic inspiration, our mutual hearts have spurned astonishingly benevolent solutions, and when we have ignored our common connection to humanity and the earth, our efforts have likewise decimated populations and cultures and scarred the planet we depend upon for sustenance.

Individuals make up any nation and it is here that we turn and look within our own hearts. Like all nations around the world, we are at a crossroads of opportunity. For the health and vitality of our planet, there is an expanded path before us and it requires a broader understanding and maturing of our individual and united perspectives and choices. In America, the indigenous knew the connection to our true spirit and our founding fathers and mothers laid the groundwork for an enlightened fundamental idea a nation, like all nations, made up of individuals, yet with an inspired vision for universal freedom of choice to bring about a greater good for all. For many reasons we have lamentably denigrated the wisdom that seeded our birth as a nation, along with our individual and combined destiny and purpose.

At our core, America is a nation like any other: a living anthology of beings with evolving stories of hopes, dreams, talents and infinite potentials. Like any society, we seek to fulfill the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, coupled with our soul desires of joy, laughter, peace, happiness and love. And like any culture, we are overwhelmingly comprised of good people with big hearts who naturally aspire to share kindness and compassion. We are neither special nor important, rather we are a nation filled with the same humanity that collectively calls earth their home.  As a part of the planetary family, each nation has a unique combination and capability of its citizenry, that when brought together in the spirit of love, ignites a greater potential for all humanity. Our essential contribution is no different.

Here in America, from our earliest indigenous beginnings to our present day amalgamation of global cultural heritage, our unfurling story blends a rich connection to the spirit of the land that our native ancestors understood, to the more recent hyper evolution into material pursuits and manifestations. It is a revealing journey filled with amazing and miraculous accomplishment and equally fraught with the devastating perils of ignorance, avarice, and painful attempts at conquest.

Like the citizens of any nation, individually and together, we aspire to not only satisfy our core necessities, we also seek experiences and a sense of connection to both our fellow human and the earth we walk upon. When we follow our deepest calling, we collaborate with the very forces of nature to advance our civilization. However, when we allow ourselves to be separate from the world within and around us, we become fearful and this leads to tragic outcomes. Without the guiding force of universal love, we inflict the worst upon ourselves, each other, and the earth, simply because we have forgotten our innate magnificence as creatively endowed humans.

Our diversity is the one unusual attribute that provides us with an element of experience not readily available in other nations. Since our formation, we have been a land of people that brings the cultures, beliefs, and rituals of the entire planet to one region. Despite the incredible challenges this generates and entails, miraculously we have found ways to somehow integrate and cooperate without utterly annihilating each other and our nation in the process. Of course we have had significant setbacks and suffered horrific situations, however we continuously find solutions and ways to unite, persevere and thrive together. This enduring involvement with a diverse populace is precisely what allows us to shine brighter as we embrace this unique characteristic of our land and nation.

We are a nation of many people among nations of many people. The beginning point of any sustainable and empowered change must, by necessity, begin with us individually. Each of us is gifted with infinite creative capacity and are the instigators of change by turning within and reflecting honestly and objectively, first and foremost, on our own lives. It is through the release of our personal fears, doubts, worries, habits, guilt, shame and outmoded, limiting beliefs, that we inaugurate change for the rest of our human family. 

Americans have enjoyed describing ourselves as the land of the brave. Are we brave enough to really open our hearts to release our fears and willingly love without judgement or condition? Are we brave enough to come from compassion and take the very best of our ingenuity and mindfulness to benefit not only the people of our nation, yet go beyond our supposed borders to include the wellbeing of all humanity and the earth herself? Are we brave enough to sit side-by-side with our fellow brothers and sisters of humanity and listen with dignity and integrity to learn from their journey? Are we brave enough to encourage our children to develop their own perspectives, talents and dreams and allow them to teach us? Are we brave enough and humble enough to admit to our mistakes, ask for forgiveness, forgive ourselves and others, and make the appropriate restitution? Are we brave enough to change and evolve into more than we currently perceive ourselves to be?

It is time America. We are the people of this nation. And in our heart-of-hearts, America Loves.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President
The Love Foundation