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Spirituality's War with Cultural-ism

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle


Spirituality is manís vision of seeing Creator in everything that is on Mother Earth, Mother Nature and even in all inhabitants of the Universe. 


Cultural Rain falling in different parts of the world flows through thousands of channels to reach our ocean of life, overland, through our borders...and so, too, religions, ideologies and theologies, which all come from man's yearning for meaning, they too, flow in a thousand ways, fertilizing many fields, cultivating terrorism and refreshing tired people minds, people who are distraught, people who are down on religion, people who are yearning for something new, people who are looking for change, and at last reach out and change our society and beliefs in Creator.


"It is their game and they are willing to give their life for this change!!!  It is a dangerous game to have an empty mind and let it fill with existing culturalism that is to change our belief in Creator and our Spirituality. This is not about change and love.  This is about losing our freedoms of Spirit.  They even use our own way of life to correlate it to theirs. They attack us by using fundamentalist ways to turn our spiritual belief into their dogma.  They interpret Creatorís word in a literal way, thus missing the very spiritual aspects of our spirituality.


If you donít gain knowledge and rise above it, then you will be overtaken and carried off with the spirit of their wind of time; there is no returning once you vessel is full of their belief and spirit will not live in an unclean vessel of a vessel full of ignorant ideology.


Be careful of what you partake of in life and be sure it is of Creatorís wisdom.


This information is for educational purposes only; not intended as cultural, or any advice that is offensive to others beliefs.