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September 22, 2016





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Animal Spirit Guides and Totems


Greetings Manataka !

Just found your site after reading the many different "headings" on the subject I was seeking.  It is Fabulously written!    Thank you for a very informative and eye opening page! It was much enjoyed and well thought over. 

Will share it with friends.  ~Gayle Shepard

Elements Missing From Soul?


Dear Manataka,

Hello! I have been told that I should seek a spiritual counselor because there are elements of earth, air, after and fire are missing from my soul.  Do you have any suggestions?

For a couple of months I have felt the spirit of my deceased Father guiding me. My Great Great Grandmother on his side was Comanche also.  Many Thanks,  Leah Miller


Hello Leah,
Blessings on this wonderful day the Creator made for you.
May be you should seek spiritual counseling, but not because elements are missing from your soul.  Stop listening to those who say such silly things.  Everything you need is there in your soul where Creator placed it thousands of years ago. 
It is good your father is guiding you.  ~Editor



Hello Manataka,

Sorry to impose on you.  The Mohawk never signed away the land that McGill University stole and sits on!  We want some justice on that point.  Can you help?

I just signed the petition "Students' Society of McGill University: SUPPORT THE KANIONíKE:HAKA DEMAND FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE AT MCGILL UNIVERSITY" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Thanks! Rolf

Poster Display of an oxymoron


Hello Manataka,

It is invariably jaw-dropping how the story of the global trail of Humankind was turned into perfidy to justify the rampage of all the other six continents and all islands by the Nativities of Western Europe in support of their claim as "Deputy God" on planet Earth.    So why the consternation now (pretended, or truly uninformed) about the unbridlable gene of sadism, gustatory, gratuitous violence let loose everywhere? The art of Western "Civilization": Poster Display of an oxymoron. ~Segun Lawoyin


Removing the Vail

Greetings Manataka!

Thank you for removing the Vail that was covering my eyes from the truth of your people. After reading and reading again,what you have written. I now have the truth to guide me to a better understanding of your people. Thank you ever so much for this. I am from a country called Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. I am  of east Indian decent. They call us west Indians 😊. Once again,let me say thank you for opening my eyes to the truth. ~Rock Mohammed


Creek Ancestors


Dear Manataka,

Hello.. My name is Angel Christina.. Im from Alabama.  My father and all the way back from him to my great great grandfather(thats as far as i could go on finding my ancestors) were blackcreek.  This word black creek is very confusing to me... My great great grandfather was Joseph Stephens Williams born 1865 and married Laura Phillips and had my great grandmother Annie Roxie who married my great grandfather Walter Webb. He was a Cherokee white mix-blood.  I think Joseph and Laura were born in Georgia but moved to Alabama at some point in their lives.  My father was a very dark skin man. I would say mostly ppl thought he was mexican... Ppl never believed he was my father. I am blonde blue eyed but my mom is red headed irish...
Point im getting at is as a child always remembered my grandma Maude and my great aunts and uncles as being very dark..typical native features such as the high cheekbones and black hair. Looking back i remember being taught alot about nature the earth respect but never who i really was. All i ever heard was this name You are black creek.  Before my grandma died in 2000 i ask her Why she never registered or was associated with any tribe.. Why had this been withheld from me..
She said "Hunni we were just blackcreeks living to survive."  She never elaborated. Since the last link to any information went away when my dad died i feel lost. I feel something calling me. Honestly i cant tell u how it feels...but its a urgency.  Many tales have come about like We come from creeks who married slaves or freedmen so we weren't registered... Or we were not registered cuz if we were my grandparents would not of had gotten a good education. Because of the segregation. Or our people are the Creeks who got away from the trails of tears and ran to black villages to hide and we never came out of hiding.
I don't know what the truth is and the information online doesn't really help me.  I've seen a few census reports were my great great greatgrandparents were listed as white on one census and black on another.  If u have any info u could share about blackcreeks plz help me.  Sincerely ~Angel



First, learn how to perform American Indian genealogy.  Knowing how will save you a lot of time, money and frustration.

Go to:    Read all links.  Especially the Book section.

Be methodical, deliberate and slow to make certain your research is correct.  There are no short-cuts. 


Manataka is Waiting...

Greetings Manataka,


As it seems to me . . . (maybe Iím wrong, please correct me if needed.  OK?) . . . Behind, (or integrated within) the visible is the invisible.  As I see it, greeting you is like greeting Manataka.  You seem to me to be a visible representation of the invisible Manataka that exists everywhere.  So if Iím thinking about you and the others there, isnít this like thinking about Manataka?  I can say ďhelloĒ to you, canít I?


It seems to me that Manataka is waiting for everyone.  Donít you agree?  Like so many others on the planet, I still feel separated, in conflict.  Prayer is difficult for me.  I havenít stopped working on getting there, though.  Trying to pull myself into alignment, plug the holes in my energy-field, live in better flow, release negativity, cleanse . . . etc.


I realize that Manataka is around, within, present at all times, just that I canít sense or feel Manataka . . . not yet.  ~Zoe K.




As we walk among the towering spires of the forests of Manataka, strong feelings of peace and love are present.

Yes, Manataka is visible and invisible and is forever patiently waiting.  A pilgrimage may be in order.


Animal Spirit Guides


Hello my Native Brothers and Sisters at Manataka,

I just discovered your wonderful website. I've actually done some prayerful ritual work to discern my spirit animal and it is invariably the bat. I take this very seriously and try to honor the bat in all things. I believe it has been my life spirit guide at least since I was a child. But your site doesn't mention the significance of this guide.

I'm writing to see if you could enlighten me. There are a number of websites out there that claim to discuss the meaning of this guide but, as far as I can tell, none of these sites are actually run by Native Americans. I don't want a New Age American description of the guide, I would much prefer a true Native American explanation. If you could help, I would be so very appreciative!  Thank you, ~Christopher Ropes



What you seek Christopher is best learned first-hand.  That is, study the bat up close and personal.  See for yourself its habits and habitats.  Closely watch its interactions with other bats and other species.   Learn some of its secrets.  From all that study you will derive a deeper understanding than you can from books.  The significance will become crystal clear and ways it will help you to negotiate this world.  Okay? 

How to Heal Yourself in 15 Days - Part 1 to 3


Dear Manataka.


I am very happy to find your article.    All the days i used to wonder, even though i avoid unhealthy foods, why  i am unable to stay healthy. even though i eat some sort of healthy food. Today i realized i am not eating based on the facts you have provided.   I would still validate the reasoning that you have provided and then will follow the right things on eating.  I still wonder, how do i eat healthy food, for example the Live vegetable are loaded with lots of fertilizers, even though the Live vegetable are labeled with organic, are they really organic? Is there a way to test ?  In order to by Organics all the time, i need to earn more money to afford organic all the time. I do not have a garden to grow my vegetables.  Is Thyroid Disorder can also be self healed by our body?  Thank you, ~Malla Srinivas