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Mud Daubers

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle


I watched last year at the old porch on the house and watched the wonder of Mother Nature take place within my realm of insect life.  All through winter I thought of the Black Mud Dauber and how it accepted my presence of Spirit within its territory. I knew its capabilities and knew that it wanted to become friends with me; just by watching it fly around and never act provocative toward any moving object. It was looking for a home and I knew it had come back from its parents as an offspring.  I welcomed her with open arms.  She was lively Spirit; she was Black and Shiny, long legs and moved with ease through the air. I loved to watch her come in and out the door; yes I gave her full run of the store. 


She would fly in and out and bring mud from the small mud puddle that was around the rain barrel.  I let it always run over with the rain from Grandfather Sky; Mother Earth knew my love for Mrs. Mud Dauber.  She worked diligently throughout the spring.  She would construct one cell and then fly around in the store and catch spiders to fill her cells so that her young would have something to eat when they started they journey to becoming Daubers themselves.


It was work of Art; her cells got longer and longer. I counted them and there were six or seven cells. As summer came and fall came on; I missed Mrs. Mud Dauber. She would have to leave for a while and next spring there would be others that would hatch and begin their spirit journey to completing the cycle of Mrs. Mud Dauberís life.


Before she left she came face to face with me; she flew close to my eyes and just hovered there and looked deep within my Spirit. I looked deep within her soul and knew somehow the Spirit of Nature was speaking to us; without touching or physical contact we knew we loved each other; it was a serene love of the beauty of Mother Nature and I knew at that moment I had become a part of Mrs. Mud Dauberís life and her descendants.


Creator has showed me today a miracle of growth in this realm of the Insect world. I shall await the young ones to come again, again, again and again until I grow old and cannot see them again and again. Go in peace and have a good flight.  This is the great circle of life; the Great Spirit or Creator teaches us to accept their ways and to help them excel in their purpose. That is the connectivity of the Spirit of Animals, Insects, and humans.  When we begin to understand the Hoop of Life of others then we begin to understand our place in this wheel.