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The Darkest DARK Act of them all . . .


The long-awaited Senate bill to kill Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling law was unveiled last week. It’s worse than we imagined, the darkest DARK Act of them all.


The bill proposed by Sens. Pat Roberts and Debbie Stabenow is an anti-consumer, pro-Monsanto masterpiece, bought and paid for by some of the greediest, most deceptive corporations in America.


It’s full of loopholes and exemptions. 

It allows food companies to “disclose” GMO ingredients using barcode technology and websites, instead of clear words, in plain view, on the package.


It won't kick in for another two years, even though many food companies are already labeling in order to comply with Vermont’s law.


And here’s the best worst part: The Roberts-Stabenow bill gives food companies permission to flaunt the law by ensuring that there will be no penalites, no consequences, if they fail to comply. 


That's not a law. That's a joke.


I don’t know if we can stop this brazen attack on states’ and consumer rights.


But I know we have to try.


Roberts and Stabenow didn’t act in time to keep Vermont’s long-awaited mandatory GMO labeling law from taking effect on July 1.


But as soon as both the House and the Senate return after the July 4 holiday recess, Monsanto’s hired guns will move heaven and earth to ram this bill through Congress.


This federal, so-called “mandatory” labeling law doesn’t require labels on some of the most common GMO ingredients. 

It allows regulatory agencies to set thresholds so high that many, or most GE ingredients wouldn’t have to be labeled.

It also provides for defining “genetic engineering” in such a way that GMO corn and soy, the main GMO crops grown in the U.S., could be exempt.


The Roberts-Stabenow bill is so weak, it wouldn’t be worth the Senate’s time to vote on it, except for this one fact: If passed, the bill will achieve Monsanto’s two primary goals—overturn Vermont’s law, and give food companies a permanent free pass to deceive the public.


We owe it to ourselves to see this battle through to the end. Please call your Senators, visit their offices, then call them again.

If Congress fails us on this issue, we will use every resource we have to launch massive boycotts of the brands and companies behind this bill, including factory farm producers of meat, eggs and dairy.


And with your help, we will do everything in our power to make sure that the Congress members who sold us down the river never serve in office again.


In solidarity,

Ronnie Cummins
International Director






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