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AUGUST  2016


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Women: Don't Touch My Drums

Hello Manataka,


Thank you.  Great article indeed.
Being a displaced person after being adopted, I have had the honour of learning and being introduced to my grandmother's "traditions".  As a highly intuitive woman, I never "felt" that the exclusion of woman from drumming was right somehow.  Confusing really, on one hand to hear we as women are honored as the "lifegivers" and then to be told things like  "women do not share in the drumming", among other such "rules" of tainting so to speak.  Seemed not much different to me then the malarkey taught in religion to keep women ashamed and small.  I first witnessed men and women drumming together here on the West Coast and my heart sang with warmth from the sense of strength radiating from the drummers to the community at large.  Love the future I see, where we are living our "oneness " . ~
Teyjah Xaveriss

Am I American Indian?


Dear Manataka,


I found your site very interesting. I am a 60 year old woman, my mother was born in 1934 and my grandfather was born somewhere around 1913. I have no stories of the heritage of my grandfather. Maybe he was adopted. He bore many physical and health traits mentioned on this site. Beautiful red skin, high cheekbones, with a nose he gave to my mother and I. Mother received his diabetes, as did my sister and brother. Mother and I got the heavy Eyelids. However I got something no one in my family had....crooked little fingers.   How can I find out if my heritage is American Indian?  ~Robbie Loftin




Go to:

Researching American Indian Genealogy

Bookmark this page too much to read at one time.  Thank you.



History of Ice-Hockey Belongs to the Inuit of Alaska

Hello Manataka family,


I've further researched the history of Ice-Hockey and have come to the conclusion that the Inuit of Alaska were the oldest tribe to play the game on ice in the pre-columbian era(1400's)

Thought I'd share some info on Inuit Hockey History and was just wondering if you would know how far back these games go.

A little history of how the Inuit of Alaska lived and games they used to play before contact with the Europeans...

" Nelson listed thirty-seven recreational activities which he found amoung the Eskimos before the coming of the whites"

" With the passing of that institution some of the recreations of the Eskimos have been lost."

" For example, hockey was formerly played on ice with a crude stick and an ivory, leather, or wooden ball."

" Now the players usually have steel skates, and very few have manufactured hockey sticks, and the "ball" is frequently and empty milk can"

This is a passage from a book written in 1900 about the Alaskan Inuit...

"Skating. This is "par excellence" the popular exercise of the men and boys. They make skates for themselves, sharpening the edge of a piece of an iron barrel hoop and inserting the blunt edge into a block of wood, which has been rudely shaped to accommodate it to the boot, to which it is bound by sealskin straps. They do not pretend to be graceful skaters ; they prefer to play ' ' shinny " rather than practice tricks."

Another link to how the Inuit lived...

"They play football and several kinds of shinny, using long bones for shinny sticks. Sometimes they skate on new smooth ice, using bone skates tied fast to their soft shoes."

"The game of aqsaqtuk was played by Eskimo in Canada and Alaska, although dates of its origin are unknown. It was contested on snow and ice by two large teams. According to one Alaskan legend, a game was played between two villages with goals 10 miles apart."

Another couple of early skating references...

"The Eskimos were good skaters, often going the distance to the next village, eighty miles, entirely on skates. The skates were made from old pieces of iron or steel that were picked up perhaps on the beach. They filed the metal down and attached the metal to pieces of driftwood. The driftwood was cleverly shaped to fit the sole of the foot. This was then strapped with strips of raw hide to the soft mukluks."

"These are the Eskimo village and the cliff dwellings. The Eskimo village has been located for a long time ; and last winter, when snow filled the air and the pond was ice-covered, its inhabitants were a happy crowd. They amused themselves and their visitors by sledding with dogs, skating on old wooden runners, and whipping ... with their long-lashed dog -whips."

^^^Does this suggest that it may have been possible for the Inuit living in Alaska to have played Hockey on Bone skates in the Pre-Columbian era?

"In the picture George is showing us now the Greenland boys are playing the lively game of hockey, or shinty. Slip-Su (the handsome boy).and his friends are enjoying this game on the hard snow. A walrus-rib answers for a stick, and the hurly is made out of a round knob of a nipped joint.",+or+shinty.+Slip-Su+(the+handsome+boy).&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj679Ph8YbNAhVMIFIKHQE9A0sQ6AEIJDAA

Then we have the Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia of a little later on...

"Down east, about 1500 The Mi'kmaq reported today that they have developed a winter game called "oochamkunutk" which is easy for them to say.

It is played on a frozen river or pond, with two sides of ten men each. The players use deer gut to tie runners of sharp bone or wood to their moccasins, the better to slide along the ice. Two goals, made of upright sticks or small heaps of stones, are set a few hundred paces apart. Each player has a curved stick, with which he tries to hit a wooden ball, the object being to send it into the opposing side's goal.It is permissible to hit an opponent anywhere except the head.The likelihood of this peculiar activity enjoying wide acceptance or popularity is exceedingly slim."


Descendant  of Nancy Ward


Hello Manataka,


I am a direct descendant   of Nancy Ward. The stories fascinate me and fill my heart with yearning to journey back to Chota. I am so proud of the Cherokee  Beloved Women and all Nancy Ward accomplished for her people.  ~S. Negley


The Living Rainbows

Greetings Manataka!


The Living Rainbows still do roam the Earth.  I have seen them.  In fact, they seemed drawn to the drumming and worship, at the time, and we saw the rainbow (which was about a mile out out to sea), stop, change directions, and then at hyper speed flew straight at us, to our farm, as if guided by a giant hand.  It then  hovered over the 40 acre farm in the form of a Mighty Bow, with colors so brilliant and dazzling that the entire atmosphere around us was imbued with swirling, flowing light, saturated  with the hues  of the different colors of the rainbow. 


This lasted for nearly  3 hours, at which point, the mighty rainbow gracefully faded away.  Truly, this rainbow, was a Rainbow, a being entirely sentient, or at least Guided by Sentient Hand, not a reflection of light, in water droplets, like common rainbows.  Either guided  by the Divine Hands of the Spirit Mother , or the Mighty Will of the Father, or upon Its Own, I cannot say for sure.  What I witnessed that day is exactly what you have described, as the Valley of Vapors, where there was a continuous Rainbow, and that the colors and brilliance ebbed and flowed with the raising and falling of the vapors in the valley. 


What we experienced was not during a rain, and was not in a steamy valley.  This Rainbow was entirely independent of the laws of science, as concerns rainbows, and could be seen from any part of the farm , with our backs to the sun, with the sun in our eyes, it did  not matter in the least where we were in relation to the Mighty Bow over our heads.  It was very  literally like  walking under a structure in the shape of rainbow, it had  an underbelly, a thickness where the bands of color and the bow itself had a girth.  This was a true 3d Rainbow, not a flat two dimensional rainbow as seen on showery days.


For many years, I have been searching for answers, or at least other people who can understand at depth what I mean about rainbows that defy science, and seem to act on their own.  In those days, when this occurred, I lived a life  very close to the land,  and farmed and gardened  daily, with no wants from the city.  My friend and I were just having a common worship time together on the porch, and apparently Someone was Pleased. 


Very few people are going to understand any of this, being graced by Visitations while drumming,  in a state of deep Worship, but life has never been the same for me since, and after many years, I am still looking for a place to reside once again, where I may be able to live that natural life , which I believe was at the heart of the Visitations I have had over the years.  I am convinced that stewardship of the land, is the key to Reuniting with the Celestial Spirits, that are Truly all around Us.  We can reconnect with the Other Residents of the Earth, I have had the privilege of doing so, and am here to assure you, the Rainbows you speak of, are very Real, and very much Alive, as well as the Little People, as I have been Visited by them also.  Most notably, I was SOBER when I was Visited by these beings, this may be real important to understand, and also,  I was not alone.   The people I was with were Land People, real Stewards, which follows my theory, that a life close to the land, a life close to the people of the land is a Paramount Principle, in the establishing of an enduring society, one that will stand the tests of time and circumstance. 


Because I have been visited by beings other than human, beings otherwise denied by Christianity and Secular alike, I have no doubt that the technological society of today has little hope of holding together, without a True Understanding of Land Stewardship, which is something quite different from the pseudo teachings of so called environmental activists.  It is this lack of understanding about our True Role on Earth, as a Species, that is the Cause of all Maladies of the human mind.  I believe that Visitations on a global scale can occur, but at that point, they are not "visitations" anymore, they are more like Revealings, and are a form of Cosmic Communion Together, for the Good of All.  Just the Planetary Residents communing and worshipping together, a typical day on an enlightened world, rather standard in some places of the galaxy.


The People of  Earth just so happened to hit some Bumps in the Road, and have no idea, that we really are not alone here on earth, or in the galaxy, for that matter.  It will be hard for just about all people on earth, to really comprehend and understand that there are trillions of planets out there with human beings and societies domiciling them, and that there are universal patterns of genetics and behavior, shared amongst all the mortals of the universe, upon which  the Celestial Hosts can gather statistics on a universal scale.  This information  allows them to understand the mechanics of human societies,  where ever they may be.  It is upon this foundation, that I have built  my understanding, that Life in Space is Orderly, even if it does not appear to be so, and that the Elder Brethren of Space do really exist, and are here everyday, helping us Plot our Global Day, in any way they possibly can.


The Extra- Planetary Citizens  can be Called upon, I do not know how to Hail them, in order to encourage their Return, I just know that worship may not always be Answered, but it IS certainly Heard, and that the Worship of the Creator of All is a True Spiritual Reality.  As regards the Rainbow Sentinels of the Earth, they are Roaming the Earth, just waiting for an excuse to come Visiting, as I believe they miss the interaction, and will come forward on a regular basis, in the near future.


May you find  some comfort in knowing that Living, Sentient Rainbows are indeed still here and alive, I have met them, SOBER,

I understand the burdens and responsibilities of  keeping Sacred Lands.  I was a keeper of Sacred Lands for the Polynesians in Hawaii, for many years.  I feel your pain, I can relate to your struggles well.  May we all learn to work and grow together. 

~Drummer Dan


Hellene (Greek) Writer


Dear Manataka Friends,

I found you in the internet and I have read some of your texts. I am a Hellene (Greek) writer and I felt so good with your words. I wanted to thank you about that. I wish to know more! May the Gods and the Spirits bless you! ~Doreta Peppa  Ντορέτα Πέππα


Indian Name and Spirit Guide

Greetings Manataka,

As I am doing my best to get back to my Indian roots, I have thought very seriously about using the name My great uncle gave me. I do not want to be disrespectable to the Indian culture, by using the name with out asking permission first. Since I have not found any of my Indian family alive to ask, I respectfully am asking a elder for permission to use the name. It was Screaming Eagle. I humbly await your reply. May you be blessed by the Great Spirit and Mother Earth. ~Sam Casper


I am having a very hard time understanding my spirit guide. Although I am only half indian , I was taught the ways and beliefs of the Sioux tribe by my my great uncle who was a full blood Sioux Shaman. I went through all of the rituals and met my animal spirit guide. It turned out to be a white Buffalo. I have followed the ways and teachings of my guide all my life, but now as I am older, What I am being asked to do seems odd to me. My guide tells me to practice and teach others the ways of peace and love. I  am willing to do so, but I don't know how. Can you be of any help?.   ~Sam Casper


Hello Sam,

When a Spirit name is conferred on a person, regardless of whom or when, that name belongs to the individual, providing he/she accepts the name.  Therefore, no permission is required.    Should we place ourselves between you and your ancestors? Practicing the ways of peace and love IS teaching it  Living by example is always the best teacher. Yes, you do know how.    Get up and go do it!  ~Yonv


Getting on My Path


Hello my Native Brothers and Sisters at Manataka,


I'm working at getting on my path in life it's to my understanding there are three steps to acomplish this I'm being,told the using the heart comes third can you enlighten me on the other start so I can start to take this journey in help to getting on my path or offer any advice or information on this I'm Blackfoot tribe from the bear clan I'm a 56 year old native woman wanting to walk the red road any help to acomplish this would be greatly appreciated thank you.   ~Ponilove Little Feather Lone Wolf.


Hello Darlene Ponilove,

There are thousands and thousands of steps dear one in your path of life.    Not just three.

You take those steps each day of your life that you truly walk the Good Red Road. ~Yonv


Indian Genealogy

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Manataka.

Doing some more research on my great grandmother who is full blooded Cherokee and my grandfather who is half, I have found that my family on her side may have been a victim of walter plecker a racist that worked in the vital records office1900 to 1940. What is called paper genocide. I have information showing that the state of Kentucky had a same race law stripping Native American of their heritage. I hope to reclaim that for my family (Not looking for Benefits) and let nothing stand in my way of doing that. Hope to learn more about who I am and where my family comes from. Any information on how to break this roadblock in my genealogy research is very helpful. I do not even know where or how even clean up this mess. Thank You, Thundley Auburn, NY


Hello Thundley,

Read every section.

Select two or three books to read.

Do not worry about Plecker.  Documents have a way of being duplicated and verifiable in many ways.

Cherokee Proud by Dr. Tony Mack McClure is especially good.

First, learn how to perform American Indian genealogy.    Then proceed.