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Manataka IS a Sacred Site!

By Lee Standing Bear Moore and Takatoka


The entire Earth Mother and everything in the vast universes beyond our imagination are sacred because the Great Mystery manifests All Things.


Manifest means able to be seen, clearly shown or visible, easy to understand or recognize.  The word 'manifest' is the focus of this brief message.


Throughout history Man and God chose to designate specific locations around the earth as 'sacred' grounds.  Places of worship, ceremony and burial grounds are widely accepted as sacred sites demanding our respect, regardless of religious faith. 


But certainly there are some locations that are more sacred than others.  For example, Moses was told by an angle of God to remove his sandals because the place of the burning bush on Horeb, (Mount Sinai) the mountain of God was "holy ground".  Or, the place where Moses and the Israelites emerged from the Red Sea after the pursuing Egyptians were destroyed.  Moses had a rock carne constructed on that site to mark the holy place where God became manifest in a raging sea.  In both instances, God the Creator became manifest as miracles to all those present. 


Manataka Elder Rev. Thomas M. Haley wrote in his article, "All Life is Sacred" in the June issue of the Manataka Smoke Signal News, "...Among Indian people, with their long association with the land, there are locations, such as geographical features, that have a prominent place in their oral traditions and origin stories. Some of these are places where acts of creation occurred prior to the existence of human beings and others are places where the activities of ancient ancestors took place; And, where God appeared in miracles..."   Rev. Haley also wrote, "...Manataka grounds are sacred because it is dedicated to the Great Spirit..."   


Manataka is sacred because of the miracles manifested there by the Creator of All Things.  Miracles of Manataka were sometimes assisted by many Spirits of the mountain including the holy mother, the Rainbow Woman.  There are thousands of instances of miraculous healing of the people who came to the holy Manataka to bathe in the steaming hot waters of Nowasalon (Breath of Healing). 


Other miracles moved the social, political and spiritual lives of the people.  The lessons learned from each miracle slowly spread across North, Central and South continent over the course of hundreds of generations.  Those stories live on today in hundreds of ways.   Other miracles of Manataka visibly transcended consciousness and elevated spiritual awareness.    At Manataka, there was not one single gigantic miracle event like those depicted in the Bible.  The miracles of Manataka happened over the course of thousands of years, experienced by small groups of elders and others that slowly molded a strong legacy of spiritual values found among indigenous people.   


Hot Springs National Park Superintendent Jose Fernandez loudly proclaims that Manataka (Hot Springs National Park) is not sacred grounds.  She insults our faith, harasses our members, disturbs our worship ceremonies, and desecrates the sacred grounds and water -- all in the name of government authority -- like a typical brainless, heartless bureaucrat.  She has methodically removed hundreds of American Indian artifacts from public view and  wasted thousands of tax dollars attempting to distort history, disseminate blatant lies and discredit Manataka.   


But, we shall not be buried!    The Story of Manataka will live forever!  We will manifest in many different directions.


Together, holding hands in the circle, we will manifest those evil things into a place in our distant memory and peace will reside forever.  We will walk together, protecting and loving each other and we will rest in the peace of being. 


We the people of the Longhouse declare Manataka  a sacred site! 


We the people of the world declare Manataka a sacred site!


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