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Narragansett and Aquinnah Wapanaag Nations Burial Sites UPDATE:


Dear Relatives,
A year of investigation into suspected burials of Native Americans, possibly victims of the holocaust, has led to calls for assessment and protection of suspected burials in a proposed solar array tract. The tract is now healthy forest, which would be cleared for a solar array. Inside and around this tract are estimated 40 to possibly 90 or more suspected individual burial mounds, and a large cluster of ceremonial stone relics. Tribal Historic Preservation Officers of both the Narragansett and Aquinnah Wapanaag Nations have sent official requests to the Town to investigate the burials. 3 experienced archaeologists, trained in the local area, have confirmed the need to investigate these mounds.

Standing Stones on Burnt Hill, Heath MA (photo courtesy of Martin Miller)


Avocational archaeologists, including myself, have collected more than a hundred CSL and burial sites in Eastern Franklin County, all of which lie in a greater Pauwau that encompasses at least a 20-mile radius extending from the National Historic Registry Sacred Hill Ceremonial Site. Citizens have campaigned hard with the Planning Board to properly assess and protect these suspected burials and the sacred stone relics that are living prayers with them.

Brothers and Sisters from hours away in New York and Connecticut, Rotinonshonni, Nipmuc and others, and many concerned Euro-American citizens came out to support proper assessment and protection of human burials. Big thanks to all who made such great effort on all our behalf. Our guests also blessed us before the town board meeting and gave the town a needed bit of good medicine.

The permit conditions are still on the chopping block, though assurances have been made that an archaeologist under the supervision of a regional THPO will assess the suspected burials and CSL.

Meanwhile, we have many such sites in our town, most of which are threatened by state logging plans for biomass burning or commercial logging.

Here, we are working hard to bring protection for the forests and for the Pauwau landscape which lives as a prayer within the forest. It looks like a landmark may be in the making, and perhaps the seventh generation can turn the tide. Momentum is gathering behind saving our resources and our heritage to preserve the Human Family on Earth.

Anyone who wishes to send a letter to the Planning Board supporting proper assessment and protection of this and these sites, please contact post a comment and it will be copied and shared with the Planning Board. June 7th is the final decision on exactly how the permit conditions will be worded.

Nahunushagk, with thanks, Peace,  RG Cachat