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JULY 2016


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How to Heal Yourself In 15 Days...

Hello Manataka,


I like your Article & plan on re re-reading and sharing with others. I stumbled  across your article when in search organs in the body that heal themselves.  I am currently a user & distributer for JuicePlus and I am seeing miracles in my family and others.  Problem is people won't take time to look at what we consume nowadays is killing us.  If they could see things from a holistic view miraculous healing would be taking place more often.  Anywhoo I was wondering if you would give me a little feedback on what you think of this product JuicePlus as well as tips on Conscious Eating-for Beginners! Thank you  ~Lady Vonn Bell


Black Indians


Dear Manataka,


So basically what you are saying is there are no Black Indians?  I want to be clear on this point.  Are you telling me that the ledgers, diaries and reports from military men, settlers and explorers that specify the build, color, hair texture and similarities that these inhabitants displayed when they encountered them are false?  At one point you seem to genuinely admire the Yamasee and them in the same sentence you discredit them for not having Indian Blood.  We both know that there were Negros here when the Spanish came, even before slavery.  Are you discounting this evidence as a historian? ~Stephon L. Moore



Without citing a specific article title or page address, we cannot comment.

There are over 4500 individual pages on our website and several pertain to Black Indian history.

You are not arguing with Manataka.  We present the views of many nations and people.

Thank you.  ~Bonnie Whitecloud


I am an African American

Dear Manataka family,

I wanted to say thank you for teaching me the real story of Native Americans, I am a African American in a predominantly black school with mostly white teachers. I often hear fibbing a lot when my teachers are speaking.  Being blunt has got me in trouble for me announcing the truth. I probably get in trouble for announcing the truth the class but I don't care I want my voice to be loud and clear, thanks for sharing the "Native American" side of the story.  ~Jaida White

Spiritual Visions....


Hello Manataka,

I read the first of your writing about the vision on the mountain and the blue orb. How wonderful and powerful! I am so happy to have read this and will read more.

I think this has much the same meaning as visions I have seen.

The reason the stories are different, is because the Spirit speaks to us in ways we are able to understand, even if he wants them to remain mysterious, each facet of these visions has deep significance.

I was raised a Christian. I was given a bible at age 6. I remember reading it so much with great enthusiasm. It was a children's story Bible. I got another bible when I was older it was a thick book, like adults book so I felt very privileged to be given this book so thick. I read it.

I read the bible each and every morning and have many years.

But I have also been a normal kid. I behaved well in school and yet when I went to college at CMU, I drank plenty of beer.

I went into the Navy and became a photographer then a diver. I will tell you the whole story later, but now I want to share the vision meaning as it relates to my own vision and yours I see a parallel, even thought the language is much different. I see the in the parables of Jesus similar use of themes, even though the language and pictures are for different cultures.

For example. I see the covering of moss as protection. I see the black water and destruction as a "way" that is now "obsolete". What I see in the pure water is the "new way". The ability to travel using water is easy for me to understand, it is spirit - this means that power of the spirit in man is here to stay. The Iron Leg men with lifeless eyes, this refers to the division of life and death. Knowledge of the human body, the lower nature, is clearly seen for what it is. As the Red Sun approaches, this refers to the passing of time, as from the time beginning of man, when he lived very simply, looking into the sky for God. The new blood is similar to the Revelation stating, "the moon will turn to blood" The Red Sun approaching, this is similar to the Bible saying "the sun will grow dark" - think of when a man begins to divide light and dark. The knowledge of destruction of the lower nature of man who is ignorant of spirit, and you see filthy rivers, oil soaked birds, you see great abuse. As the Red Sun approaches, the ability to see between the lower nature and the spirit of the Creator - what He longs for, to bring things back to purity - this is why He sent His Son. Jesus is the Red Sun in your vision. His blood is what gives us "new blood"

I'm sorry I'm excited to jot this down. I would rather spend hours reflecting on it and so write it more clearly. One day I will.

So, forgive me I don't want to seem disrespectful of your vision. I see things in allegory it is something I have been given to do. The Red Sun - the Sun in the Bible when it gets dark, this is to be thought through. This means that the Sun has shares its light with the man. So, naturally, with the man being ever more filled with light, the light of the Sun seems to diminish in intensity. do you see this?

It never actually dims. It is only an allegorical representation of knowledge passing from God to his children successfully. This happens over time - and we are protected from the "devastation" or as the bible says, desolation of man and earth. "It is finished" is the passing of "old testament" or "old ways" "old creation" to "new testament" New creation and we men, becoming a "new race" cleansed in the blood of the Son of the Creator. Even though "it is finished" brought on this "Red Sun" the Orb of knowledge of spirit, it is still "for the time to come"
Jesus referred to this much. He addressed this phenomenon as "both NOW and the time to come" He came out of the desert from fasting and said, "the kingdom of God is at hand" so the light arrived, it is a matter of mankind absorbing it. Just as Jesus went into the earth, which protected us from the wrath of desolation, so I see you were covered in moss, this indicating God's spiritual favor on your people for living free of avarice and arrogance. You have the spirit. Jesus will continue to add the spirit because He is ever renewing it within us day by day. Like the Orb sinking into the earth - this is spirit sinking into mother earth, the flesh, the lower nature - we die daily to old knowledge that which man uses to corrupt and build empires, and we emerge from "resting in the moss" unharmed. The Bible refers to this as "dying with Christ" it is baptism. So the orb of wisdom is now in the earth, "both NOW" and "in the end times"

The orb is knowledge - it hits the earth with a thump, It is like Jesus stooping to write in the earth when the Pharisees tried to condemn the woman caught in adultery. The hearts of man like the tablets which Moses wrote upon, stone, of the earth - but later, Jesus stoops down, a god/man, writing in the "sand" which is a stone that has been turned into powder. Later the water turns to clay. This is noted in the image of Daniel, feet and toes of IRON and Miry Clay! See the parallel in your men of iron with blind eyes. Two natures living as one - a new creature.

Your probing the orb and its glimmering with radiant beams is a tiny representation of the entire creation of God.

I am so thankful for your writings. I am so humbled to see God at work in my brothers. How I have longed since a child to have more friends like you.

Once when I was younger than 5. We were all praying, all seven kneeling to pray on the sofa. I felt a strange silence. I waited. I then lifted up my head. I looked both ways over the backs of my family. Nobody was moving or praying. I thought this was strange. So I waited in reverence and put my face back into the cushion. But the silence persisted and nobody was moving! I then looked over the backs again, they were very still. I pulled away from the sofa and in my curiosity, I looked beneath the sofa. There, at the back of the wall, was a bright foot.

I then looked over the top of the sofa, but nobody was standing there against the wall, there would have been no room. I looked again, and there was the foot. Glowing very brightly. So then I looked at third time and it was gone, and at that moment, the prayers resumed. I never told anyone about that until a few years ago. I now realize that the angel was at our prayers and allowed me to see a dimension of time sped up, as the angels move about. They are the "flaming spirits" described so in the Bible.

Anyway, I am excited to read all that you have written and I will get through it.

I have attached a vision I had in 1997. I have had a total of 9 visions. I recorded many of them on pdf file in 2009. The most recent just last year or so.

They are all regarding a work God is putting in my hands to complete. It has everything to do with what you are describing. Remember as you read, I am no where near as able to interpret the Indian visions as you because you are from the Indian culture and know the symbols and their meanings. But I do believe that we are on a parallel path to disclose to the people what will help them see that we all must begin to recognize the Spirit of the Creator is with us. So please I ask for you to be patient with me. I never want to be assuming or arrogant to believe I can interpret your visions without any effort. I do believe I have had visions and do correlate them to what i have read in the scriptures. It takes many months or even years to understand how, but this happens as my physical ability is catching up to my spiritual ability. The Spirit in us is equal it flows from God. So this is exciting to me to see a parallel message in our very uniquely different visions.

I attached one of mine - the very first. I am again, so grateful for any time you take to read my thoughts.

This is not my submission for the article. This is just for you to read and ponder, and comment about if you want to. I would greatly appreciate your insight and fellowship. I am sorry I do not mean to burden you with my findings. I hope you will enjoy and take heart! There is much to do and I am energized with spirit from your writings. ~Dave Campbell


Spirit Name

Good Morning Manataka!


Aho with all my relations and respects for the Manataka council. I was reading a very important article written by Linda about the importance of having a spiritual name. I agree totally because there is a great difference between the spiritual name and the legal name. Especially if the owner of the spiritual name is in the spiritual path. Let me please tell you a little story about me: All my life I've been living as much as I can a balanced life trying to be and see every thing from the spiritual perspective, now I know that we are spirits living a material experience. My grand father's ancestors became from the Incas he was born in Ecuador. My other grand father was from Colombia also from other native ancestors. They had legal names like Spanish names because of the colony ( invasion ). So do I.  Fernando.


Years later, when I was still a boy I've lived with the Mayan people in many places there a wise elder put a seed in my heart and suddenly years later I was again in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle. Was magic and still it is because again in Colombia, I had the visit of an Hopi elder, by those days I've used to go to sacred pipe ceremonies with a group of the red road according to Lakota traditions. I asked the Hopi elder to go with me to the ceremonies and it was like living a real dream. He organized three days of ceremonies far from the capital city Bogota, on a beautiful landscape. What happened there is for write a complete book. I asked him for my spiritual name and he said to me: " I'll give it to you the last day, the last minute, the last second of the ceremony " and he did. I'm very proud to have this sacred name. As proud as I am please let me ask you a question: is it right to use my spiritual name normally mainly with especial people and on especial occasions? I feel that I don't have to hide my spiritual name. I feel that my spiritual name is my own essence and that I can transmit part of that essence through it. Humbly, thank you for your time. Our Great Spirit bless you all.   ~Fernando Mosquera Cruz



It is your decision. You may keep your spirit name private, reserved for
only a few close friends and relatives, or share it with the world.

I hid my spirit name for more than three decades, afraid to face up to its
meaning. But, recognizing the name was the fulfillment of a beautiful
dream. ~ Lee Standing Bear Moore


 Dreaming of Cranes


Dear Manataka,

During meditation I keep getting visions of a bird with a very long wingspan and likes the water. I keep thinking it's a heron. I don't see it on your list. Can I have an animal spirit guide that's not on your list?
Thanks, Mark Wilson


Now, read it again. Then, study in extreme detail, including personal observation, the majestic Heron. This can take months or years. You will arrive at a place where you can see and understand the messages being sent to you by Heron. Writing a definition of every species of every animal, bird, fish, etc. would be most difficult at this time. Thank you. ~Yonv (Bear)


Manataka IS a Sacred Site

Greetings Manataka,


It is beautifully amazing that Manataka has been recognized as sacred site by so many spiritual elders across North, Central and South America!    Now we see that the Son and Daughters of Mary recognize the Rainbow Woman as the Mother of All Peoples.  This is a tremendous historical event!  Hope is here!  ~Jennifer Jonsah