Manatakaô American Indian Council




June 01, 2016




Spirit Courage

By Walks With Hawks/Harvey Doyle


Spirit Courage is one of the most valuable traits we could ever aspire, achieve or bring forth into our inner self.


People who have spirit courage donít live foolhardy fearless lives, but have the strength of character to overcome fear each time rather than let it control them.


When I was young I confused physical courage with spirit courage. There is a complete difference between them. Through life we seem to bring forth physical courage and forget to fortify our spiritual courage. We walk and wander through life on our physical path and the more we walk the more physical we become. Some recognize the lacking of Spirit Courage and some develop it earlier in life.


I did not have the honor of housing Spirit Courage until later in life. My honor was at an early age of being a Warrior. Now that I look back on life I realize that itís not just the dangerous situations we find ourselves in that requires physical courage but also spirit courage. We must come to the point in our inner-self to adapt and claim the connectivity of spirit courage and physical courage and see that with the connectivity of both we are not complete as a human being. Even every day conversations with people could use some courage; I have found this out also. And by improving yours you ensure others will not only respect you, but admire you as well for having these affirmations.


Courage isnít just something you are born with, just like fear courage is a learned behavior. And by learning to be more courageous, you improve the quality of your life immensely. Only through Spirit Courage and Physical Courage will you be able to gain the respect of strangers. Only through Spirit Courage will you be able to act when you are needed most. Now is the time let the lionís heart swell up from within you.  Your family needs you to protect them.  Your community needs you to be strong in the times of disrespect of our morals and issues of crisis. Also you need the respect you deserve as a man and woman. Rather than hoping you will be able to summon the courage at the right time, you need a method to generate that deep inner strength. This inner strength is your Spirit Courage.


The courageous are not enslaved by their fears. They are not told what to do by those that would do them harm. The courageous always have the freedom to speak their minds and do what they think is right. Without courage there are no principles, and no morals. Without courage you can be intimidated to do anything by bullies. Without courage we lose our heads in situations and let the darkness creep into our lives and overshadow us. Say no to fear and bolster your own courage. The world will thank you. So Be It.