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Manataka IS a Sacred Site!

By Lee Standing Bear Moore and Takatoka


On Thursday, May 5, 2016 Father Bruno Ruel at St. Michaels convent, home of the Sisters of Charity and Refuge, telephoned Manataka and asked Grandfather Lee Standing Bear Moore to come to the convent to meet two very special guests; two high-ranking officials of the Sons and Daughters of Mary and Daughters of Mary orders at Lac-Etchemin located south of Quebec City, Canada.


Sister Marie - Suzanne, the new Mother Superior General of the Daughters of Mary order and Sister Charlotte Belanger, International Mother for the Sons and Daughters of Mary were on a special mission to Manataka.


Bear met with the two ambassadors and Father Bruno in a comfortable courtyard veranda well attended by Sister Teresa located behind the convent.  The Sisters asked many questions about Manataka and received some of its gifts.  Grandfather gave each Sister a small ornate glass vial of sacred Manataka healing water.  He also gifted one to all the Sisters at St. Michaels.  He then shared a small box of crystals and a bag of Healing Clay for the sisters, priests, chaplains and members at Lac-Etchemin in Canada.



On Saturday, May 7 a small gathering took place at the Manataka Sacred Grounds at the request of our guests. Monroe Loy, Manataka Vice Chairman and his hawk friend stood as guardians of the South;  Kanil Gunawaldena, a Buddhist from Sri Lanka stood at the East; Grandfather Lee Standing Bear Moore always sits in the West; and our three guests and ambassadors sat in the North.


Tobacco was offered to the four sacred directions and to the circle and the entire


surrounding area.  All were smudged with white mountain sage,  tobacco, and sweet grass before opening prayer was given by Bear


Grandfather Bear praised the courage and faith of the Sisters and the thousands of members of the Sons and Daughters of Mary in the United States and Canada.  Grandfather Bear asked their blessing for the Manataka Sacred Grounds and gave thanks to the Creator of All Things for the Mother of All Peoples who lives at Manataka as Our Lady of the Rainbow 


Kanil Gunawaldena then stood and told the three emissaries about visions seen worldwide about the Place of Peace.  He spoke of his recent journey to Dubai, UAE where many speak about Manataka.  He said, "Manataka  will be  the confluence for all rivers of faiths that  will assemble on a  common  universal principle;

Service to humanity (souls/ beings)  is Serving God - The Creator.  The best we could do is to keep our hearts open radiating thoughts of Light in purest intent for humanity to come together in ‘oneness”.


Father Bruno Ruel eloquently spoke for the Sisters as he  explained the history and purpose of their friendship with Manataka.  He visibly moved some of us.

"We can not look at the past and try to rectify the

present time... we will realize that we have to start where we are at, and realize that we are here  [Manataka], ... but in the future you have the earth..." "... And eventually we realized that there were some people here who believed in the Lady of the Rainbow who was the guardian of


peace. So I think the main connection really is that. For sure, but there is a more tangible connection… between the primitive and the Lady of the Rainbow...." 


"... And so, that is how we started to make contact and we realized that we have more in common than there are differences...."  ... We certainly were looking into the creator God, at least for us but I guess you [Manataka] were here already and looking at the Co-Creator, the Mother of everything..."


"….this Eye of God is always looking at …. and through that Eye which we also have inside…..  "….everybody is talking about Manataka to our neighbors they are always very happy, because they see the elements that they have heard about….they see the symbols…and they see that yes it is possible," said Father Bruno.

By their humble appearance on sacred grounds and powerful words of love and devotion, they sealed a bond between the two spiritual bodies that will last forever.  The Army of Mary will grow at Manataka.

This was a Day of Recognition of the holy connection between the Mother of All Peoples and Our Lady of the Rainbow, (Rainbow Woman).  It was a significant day in the history and evolution of Manataka.  It was the first time a formal Christian body recognized the sacred connection.  May it not be the last.

People of all races, all religious faiths, all walks of life will join hands in the sacred circle at Manataka -- and a great miracle will occur.  The nurturing, loving great feminine spirit will manifest miracles of healing forever and a light will be born.

  A Beautiful Event...  
  At the ceremonies Sister Marie - Suzanne handed a white envelop to Grandfather Bear.  Inside was a Thank You orange butterfly card with a delicately handwritten message.  At the same moment she handed him the card, an orange butterfly landed on the stump beside her.

How she did that is still being asked. 




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