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JUNE 2016



Manataka receives hundreds of letters each month. Space and time do not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.  The opinions expressed below and all information provided is for informational purposes only. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of the opinions express below and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis. Manataka does not necessarily endorse or support the opinions expressed below. 


Soul Enlightenment...

Ciao Manataka,


I would like to ask to the Enlightened Master of Manataka, if my sounds studies or any other standing waves could ever ever help to triggering the Soul Enlightenment without difficulties..... Thank you very much.  Filippo from Italy


O’siyo Honored Brother Filippo,

The answer to you question is complex by written explanation, yet made simple by faith.

All things in the universes vibrate, except the darkness of the void – the spaces between.

All manner of life and material on the Mother vibrates – science says it is magnetic resonance.


Vibration is sound, but it is also movement, color and light. 

It is an internal and external language unique to each thing of creation.

Many study sound language patters for secrets and others utilize it to calm and soothe the psychic.


Yes, we will say that each has its own song of being.... and when the body absorbs any of the many forms of the ‘right’ vibrations there are positive reactions.  Leading the mind and body into a state of calm reflection with the aid of sound is an ancient proven practice.


“Triggering” enlightenment of the Soul is not possible... because the Soul is already enlightened.   


Remembering the path to the Soul may be aided with vibration, visual and other stimulus of the senses to achieve deep level awareness.


Enlightenment is as much a long journey as it is a single event.


We have faith that your enlightenment has arrived.    May you have that faith too.


Crazy Horse Monument


Dear Manataka,

Was'nt the monument first shown with Crazy Horse holding a box and arrow?


It seems his hand is outstretched so let it be done with his entire hand pointing toward the land where the Dakota Indians lived.

In my mind, the Indians own this entire land. Caroline Samuels Brown


WE came to Manataka BELIEVING

Dear Manataka family,

It has been awhile since I've been in touch. About a year or so ago, my family and I had the spiritual pleasure of getting to visit Manataka and we also were blessed and forever changed. Our family had endured severe trauma. My journey led me to the Manataka web site and The Great Spirit then began to teach me and show me many lessons. Lessons that brought me to my time of awakening and understanding. A New Beginning INSIDE of my heart and spirit BEGAN. As I said, my adult daughter's and I were able to visit Manataka and we met with Grandfather Lee Standing Bear. The Great Spirit had given such clear direction, and WE came to Manataka BELIEVING we would find peace and healing. Our survival depended on it.


Grandfather Lee WITH more love in his eyes, and a gentle, humble sacred presence not only was gracious enough to sacrifice his own time to meet with us, he spent several hours connecting thru stories, and listening. He spiritually opened doors of peace and healing as he gathered us together and led us in ceremony. In this ceremony, he walked with us and he talked with us with words and stories that were spiritual medicine.. He led us to the place, and showed us the way to release our dearest loved one. He directed us, and encouraged us, TOGETHER, he walked with us, AND her.. my Mother, their Grandmother.. He led us to the sacred PLACE, and with love and peace, that filled us inside like a sacred spring, he walked us to the edge... the place where she had gone.. the place of all those who've crossed over. The medicine of healing had begun... As we release her ashes, (and please BELIEVE I'm cutting past many lessons that came in visions and understanding, because I'm honesty trying to be brief!) I'd noticed a beautiful, fat, and seemed to be, a very interested lizard. With all that was taking place inside my spirit, I still couldn't help noticing this very "present" lizard.. He was almost showing off! Hahaha! He did everything but lay on his back and wave his little arms and legs! Hehehe! So, in the midst of this Great personal ceremony of letting go of what HAS been such a life altering struggle for me and my girls, I'm ABOUT to just laugh OUT loud!... The medicine of joy had begun!... Later, after this healing ceremony we were concluding and trying to express such thanks from our hearts to Grandfather Lee, and he asked if we had noticed the lizard that had attended.. He then told us the story of our brother the lizard, and how he has the spiritual power of living in both the light and dark, day, and night, and to me, the seen and the unseen... I KNOW WHY he was there that day.

As usual, I'm sorry to write so much, a big part of the reason I'm writing is because, I've reached a place in my journey, and for much too long I've resisted. My most sacred direction, is and has led me to continue with my New Beginning as I walk along my own journey. For many reasons, and having the ability now to follow, I AM going to move in the near future to Hot Springs area. I am very sure Grandfather Lee Standing Bear has much keeping him busy, however if he would have any convenient time, I would like to ask a few questions.


Thank you for taking time to read this. I THANK The Great Spirit for ALL my brothers and sisters at Manataka.  Your sister, Laurie Rhoads


"The Moment"


Greetings from Wisconsin!


First, I would like to thank you for your wonderful website. I stumbled upon it accidentally, while search family folklore. As a child growing up, my Father told us a story: "We have Indian oil land. It began with a soldier riding a horse on the Trail of Tears. He fell in love with an Indian woman, who was wearing no shoes. Her feet had been badly worn and he offered her his horse. The young woman had fallen in love with him, as well. She was a Princess, a daughter of a Great Chief. The soldier did a favor for the Chief, which resulted in a marriage and the oil land. My Grandfather had told my Father, that my generation was going to fix the land." Honestly I thought these were the ramblings of an old man. After my Grandfather passed, my Father did indeed receive oil land papers. This land is located in Caddo, Oklahoma. Soon after he received Enron bankruptcy papers.


Years later I became unemployed, and I decided to research further. Unfortunately, I can't go farther back then my Gr. Gr. Grandfather. The first I find of him is in Searcy County, Arkansas. It is my belief that after returning home from the Civil War, he witnessed a savage sight. Located on Hwy 27 in Bear Creek, Arkansas, I believe he found a similar situation to Fort Arbuckle. It is my opinion that his wife is buried near Bear Creek Church (she has only a stone for her and her infant son in Leslie, near her daughter, her grave unknown). I also believe the field behind the Church was a graveyard. The field was filled with rocks, which I believe were tombstones. The field has now been plowed and the rocks removed. I think this is what has awoken my desire to research. I have always longed to travel to the Crater of Diamonds, with my children who love collecting rocks. This desire began before I learned my ancestors were from there. After my Gr. Gr. Grandmother's passing, he moved to Caddo and resided there until he passed. I have a tremendous amount of research, but I will limit it, as that is not the intent of my letter.


Finding the Indian link has proven very difficult. However, when ever a family member dies a rainbow is seen. I first experienced this when my Grandmother passed away, when I was ten. There was three rainbows that led to her grave, my Aunt (who died young), and my Cousin (an infant). They are buried in Ashfork, Arizona. So I decided to research Native American history associated with rainbows. This is how I discovered your wonderful website. I actually decided to travel and see it for myself, but due to unfortunate circumstances, I haven't been able to get there. That was almost 3 years ago, and my research has been dormant since then. There is a spiritual presence I can feel near me, which has brought me back to look for my missing link. After reading the about the "Moment" ceremony in 2012, I am intrigued and have a few questions.


1) Did the "moment" happen, was the Rainbow Lady awakened?

2) What role do the Warriors of the Rainbow have in the awakening?

3) Is there a spiritual connection between the Manataka and the Hopi four corners?

4) Do you have a knowledge of a massacre in the mountains of Bear Creek right before the end of the Civil War?


While I can feel the presence of the spirit, I can't communicate. I am only led to information. I was raised Catholic and have a strong faith and bond to God, I'm afraid "religion" isn't for me. I believe that God is love, plain and simple. I think that religions discriminate against love, and I don't think that is true. I do visit Holy Hill to get closer and pray, but I don't attend services. I just have conversations with the Creator everyday. I am just beginning to read of the Great Spirit, which I relate to more because you learn to love everything. I take pride in being a caring and loving person. While I am human and feel anger sometimes, I don't discriminate as I believe we are all equal.


Thank you for your time, I know you get a lot of letters. I understand if you don't answer my questions, but if you choose to I would really appreciate it.


Sending love and light, Sarah Allen


Hello Sarah, 

Blessings on this wonderful day the Creator made for you.


1.    Yes, the Moment happened.  The process of Awakening continues.  Yes, the great feminine energy is growing worldwide.

        No, Our Lady of the Rainbow (Rainbow Woman) has not been fully awakened. 

        Her slumber is deep, protecting her purity from the ugliness of today’s world.

        That only means our prayers and drum beats and voices must be louder.


2.    Warriors of the Rainbow assume a multitude of activities and missions (roles) as any complex society. 

        Ultimately, to become the glowing, light-filled anti-thesis of man’s inhumanity and all harmful evil. 

        To be at peace with all manner of life and matter.    To live in balance in all things.


3.    There is a connection between the Hopi and Manataka.    The Hopi’s “rainbow prophesy”.  

        The Keepers of Manataka, called the Tula traveled among the Hopi for generations.


4.    We are not familiar with a massacre at Bear Creek in 1863.    We do not appreciate that type of history.

        There are many websites and books presenting the subject.


There is a great deal of inspiration found on our website.    Research it to find the tiny chards of light.


Finding my ancestry

Good Morning Manataka!

It is been told that both maternal and paternal side of my family have very deep Native American groups however the generation before me which is all that's left have no idea of the tribes that they are from I'd really like to gain this information in hopes to be registered as a Native American descendants how do you all suggest that I go about this?

Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation, Valerie Daffin


First, and foremost, learn how to perform American Indian genealogy.

Do not waste your time or money otherwise.


You will not find the documentation required from an online ancestry website.

Learn how and what to document.

Read this entire section

Genealogy Books

Thank you.


 I carry Manataka in my heart


Dear Manataka,


Thank you for sharing this Lee Standing Bear Moore. I carry the sacred Manataka stories you shared with me close to my heart. I reflect often on the wisdom and medicine you gifted me at the fire circle of what is now called Gulpha Gorge and those indigenous ways of knowing have deeply inspired my own work in environmental education and indigenous allyship in my new home here in Washington. Thank you for your leadership and your ongoing commitment to bringing light to the truth of Manataka. I carry Manataka in my heart, Liz Blackman

Thank you again

Greetings Manataka,


Thank you my dear great brother Lee Standing Bear Moore. Thank you again for your time and for the light. Thanks to our Great Spirit for aloud us to spread Love and respect for the sacred creation. May the sweet God Great spirit bless you and your family.  Thank you Yonv. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.    Your little brother.  Wichacpi  Hamblecha.  ~Fernando Mosquera Cruz


My vision happened three years ago

Hello Manataka,


My vision as it happened three years ago.  I was walking thru Washington square park one morning about sunrise in the AM . If you know anything about Washington square park you know that it's the epicenter of NY university. This time of the morning on this particular day it was very quiet and the park was empty with the exception of maybe a handful of people. ..... I entered the park from the south east entrance and stopped midway to admire some sunlight coming thru some trees . There was a warm breeze at the time and a very beautiful morning . I stood for a long time staring up at the sunlight mesmerized .


As I'm standing there I felt as if I was carried not up but "shifted" somehow to another place and another time . I found myself standing or sitting in a lodge of sorts and at the center was a medium sized black cast iron pot with smoke and the smell of herbs coming from inside of it. Three to four elderly gentlemen had come and sat in the lodge with a much younger person. They sat greeted each other and began to speak . The younger man was familiar with several dialects at the time and was asked to translate back and forth what was being said. I began to hear and understand as I strained to listen .


Somehow they knew I was there. But continued on anyway as if not to notice me. They had come together to discuss the coming of whites into their country and declared openly and unapologetically that these whites would be the death of them all and their respective families and villages. So they decided on a series of prayers . Very unique prayers in fact that would insure the survival of blood lines . And the prayer was to ask permission of the creator that they be allowed to mix those blood lines along with the blood lines of the coming enemy (enemy meaning anyone not of this continent whether of color or white there was no distinction as to the meaning of enemy here at this point in the dream ) each of these elderly wise men agreed to return to their respective villages and on a certain day they would pray.


And the prayer went something like this as I had heard it being made : oh creator , please grant us permission as we begin to die , to live on in the blood of these enemies , and in times to come , pls let our blood cry out from deep within our descendants, let our very blood scream to them day and night til they fall into obedience of your way of life . That our descendants be forced to come to terms with who we are as we are them and they are us and we will live in them and thru them for all time to come " ( here ends that prayer) in this dream I'm then transported to just a few days later to one of these particular elders village . Which had been immediately evacuated .


And there being no one left this elderly man stood upon a very low hill while he prayed this prayer that they all agreed on. As he finishes the prayer the ground shook beneath him and he danced laughed and sang as if there wasn't anything wrong at all. One of the most powerful earthquakes I had ever witnessed took place in my dream. As it ended not too long after that . This elderly man sat alone until a group of people traveling with their belongings and motioned to the man to come over to discuss his circumstances by way of signing with hands . He flatly declared that he was all that was left of his village and the people traveling with all their belongings signed to him that he was welcomed to join them and to settle with them where they were traveling to. The last I saw of the elderly gentleman in my dream was of him speaking to children as he had learned to speak this particular groups language he sat and told the children stories . And lived out the rest of his days with those people . ~Craig Lamont Vann


My 27th

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Manataka.


Usually I remember this day weeks or sometimes months after my little sobriety birthday.   27 years ago I had a one car/person wreck and yes,  I WAS VERY "LOADED"  WITH BOOZE.  The next day when I was sober enough to re-visit the scene where I totaled my car.  My guardian angels sent me a message and I was blessed to finally "Get it".  The best stunt drivers in the world could not have gone thru where I did without creating one hell of a wreck,  but I did.  Only good news is that I hurt no one but myself.  Some how I always strapped myself in and this one act saved my hide.  Just bruised in a couple of places.....and every where I looked,  my tires missed things that would have flipped me and made everything even more dangerous.  My car went about 20 feet thru the air and where I landed,  again, just inches from concrete culvert that would have rolled me to where I would have looked like  ball of tin foil. 

I Went to ten AA meetings before I realized this place held nothing for me and as I would later find out,  these guys have about as good a successful track record as the chemo/radiation from the cancer pushers.  Back then,  when you walk in to an AA meeting,  you see/smell cigarettes,  see people drinking coffee and always having sweets  for us.  Those three things inside a human body produces  the exact same results as drinking a beer/glass of wine or a shot of hard liquer.  So,  as is my way with many things in this life,  I did things my way and it has served me very well. 


Again,  from my experience,  9 years later,  while digging a garden in a place where one had never been  and my desire to do the French Intensive method of creating the soil part of the garden,  for two weeks,  taking two a day showers,  I smelled like a drunk!  During those 9 years,  not one drop of alcohol passed my lips but I smelled like a drunk. No one at AA ever told me about the importance of cleansing the inside of my body to get all the booze out or a successful means to do this.  Those of you who know that I am a Miracle ll freak,  would have gotten in the tub back then and finished my clean out project,  but M-ll was still about 2 years from  being introduced to us back then.    Or bodies have the ability to park toxic stuff all over the body as it was never designed to handle things toxic,  in fat cells,  old injury sites and in joints.  If one does not clean out,  little bits of the bad stuff still get released and help the wrong craving to become a problem or remain a serious problem for the individual who desperately wants to quit!  Finding a Holistic Health Practictioner or a Holistic Nutritionist to guide one into eating the healthiest foods to aid in the detox/cleansing and most important,  the re-building of what has been beat up thru the abuse of alcohol.  This has been my path to allow my body to mend,  natural healing and a beautiful chemically damaged lady who graced my life.  The toxic chemical Benzene created type 1, insulin dependent diabetes for all her adult life and why I have post doc level research as part of my healing knowledge and experience. 


Breast cancer was ANOTHER ugly gift of Benzene and we found the smoking gun on this one as well as the diabetes.  The same toxic chemical Benzene that is in all the Agent Orange damaged Viet Nam vets that created both cancers and diabetes,  just like my lady who never got near Viet Nam.  During those last seven and a half years of her life we went after the diabetes with a vengeance after being told by this ND that she could defeat the diabetes too.  He said it could be done in three months,  seven and a half years was closer to the truth timeline,  but we finally at the very end of my Shirley's life,  had all the keys she needed to re-start her benzene induced shut down pancreas and were finally seeing the diabetes going away.  She,  like so many long term diabetics was just to beat up from the 62 days in a heart institute where she sustained four heart attacks,  four heart stoppages, kidney failure,  congestive heart failure,  threw a blood clot,  diagnosed with the deadly MRSA staph infection and had two chest wounds from the 46 shocks in the first of those four attacks ( visit my four minute youtube video and I will teach you how to do what I did when Shirley was pronounced dead by the experts,  type in Heart Pressure Point Technique) Sharing these details of my experience so you can have a level of confidence in what is being shared about alcohol.   It is poison to the body and why we get hangovers,  water depletion.  When we poison our bodies with alcohol,  the body try's to dilute it with water from just about any where in the body it can glean from and another reason we have to pee/urinate so badly,  the body wants it out! 

Fortunately in my drinking life I never harmed anyone else,  but every time I got behind the wheel,  I was driving a  loaded weapon.  About as wrong as wrong stuff gets.  Still makes me weak in the knees when I spend to much time thinking about what I could have done to someone else's "Love of their life" just to make Augie Busch and all their ilk lots  money,  but do drive responsibly while you are shit faced on our brew.  Personally,  I like the Swedish method;  one dui and your license is gone for life! 


One of my great joys in the "afterlife"  of no drinking is that I'll NEVER have a hangover again nor all the stupid shit that happens when to much booze is in charge.   There is a basic rule in natural healing and the breaking of any bad habit;  takes three weeks and if one can make it,  it is sooooo easy to stay clean and sober.  For me,  letting go of alcohol was the easiest of bad habits I ever turned loose of.  Quiting smoking was real hard for me,  but I made that three week point and have been fine ever since.( drank a lot of water and ate a lot of sunflower seeds in the hull. but this worked for me and was before I knew about how to use the therapeutic grade essential oil of Lavender in helping break bad habits.)  I am now 21 + years into natural healing and  wellness concepts and nothing works as well as Miracle ll to cleanse, detoxify and re-energize the inside of your body.  Thanks for letting me share.  ~Kraig L.  Carroll