Manatakaô American Indian Council




May 01, 2016




Celebrate Life in May


by Rev. Thomas M. Haley, Manataka Elder



May is the month of Motherís Day and itís approaching. Itís a day we all celebrate and honor our mothers. We usually fix breakfast for them and suddenly, the better idea is to travel to McDonalds to order Bacon, Egg, and Cheese biscuits. Oh well, we tried. Itís the thought that counts.

Most mothers like to receive handmade gifts. They certainly do not need to be perfectly made to be loved. With all that we are given by our mothers, Motherís Day should be celebrated each day. Which leads me to mention a very important mother Ė MOTHER EARTH.

Mother Earth gives us life. Her beautiful and sparkling rivers and brooks provide sustenance for our bodies. Her sacred ground offers a womb for plants to be born and reborn. Again, her beautiful land gives us a place for building our shelter. But how do we treat our Mother Earth?


We daily pollute her beautiful carpet with our trash. The large corporations are killing wildlife with their toxic waste. They do not comply with regulations citing it will cost too much. And now the new gold is Ė WATER.

Each person who resides on this planet needs to love Mother Earth by action and not words. All of us must protect our Mother Earth from the evil ones whose heart is full of greed and hate. We have experienced the devastation in Flint, Michigan with the conditions of the lead-filled water poisoning the lives of the young and old.

HOWEVER, our brothers and sisters of Native American linage are dying for clear, fresh, and life-giving water. A nectar of life. Why arenít we helping? Where are the big trucks carrying thousands and thousands of bottled water? Where are the celebrities speaking out against this injustice? Why arenít we more vocal ourselves providing help for the dying?

It is time to celebrate Mother Earth and our on mothers by treated both with love and respect in order for all of us to live.