Manataka™ American Indian Council




May 01, 2016




My Mother

By Walks With Hawks/Harvey Doyle


Like some of us I was brought into this physical life and it was a turbulent life.

Orphans home, ups and downs, heartaches, scars from wandering and also wondering what shall I do.


One person stands out in my life and I will always honor that person until I pass to Spirit form.


How many times she called me to her side or just to lie down to listen to her and share something beautiful by just looking up toward the heavens.  The glowing embers of a sunset, the call of the whippoorwill in the forest, or one of those rare moments when Venus draws near the new moon.


How many times she held my hand to comfort me through misunderstandings, through fear, through hope, birth and death of loved ones, happiness and unhappiness.


How many times she taught me that no one is ever alone.


How many times have I stroked her green grass and lay upon it.


How many times have I heard the call of the birds of wild to speak from her and even the coyote who also spoke and so much more.


We are always in the presence of Creator-God who loves us—no matter what might appears to frighten us in life.


How many times my mother said “You can do it!” and how many times she refrained from saying, “You will never make it.”


And how many blessings I wish upon her, my mother, Mother Earth!!!