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The Great No-thing

By Walks With Hawks/Harvey Doyle

I stood at the meadow and scanned the sky. Spirit Hawk was over in the other forest looking for Mr. Fluffy Tail. I thought about going deep into the forest and looking at the old cabin which could tell many tales. I approached the Cabin and I saw the apple tree in full bloom. A Few bees were working and I felt the need to sit down. As always I sat down with my back to the trunk of the tree so I will be grounded to the Mother and to Apple Tree who has many feelers or roots that is grounded deep within Mother’s bowels of Spirit. 


I let my shoulders sag and placed my hands on my legs and asked for guidance from the Spirit of the Old Apple Tee.


Apple Tree what do you have for me today, I see you do not have any fruit yet. I waited and then Apple Tree spoke; I do not have fruit but I have the Spirit Fruit within it there is a message you as a Human should know. I asked Apple Tree what is this message within your fruit?


He said when you look at an Apple Tree all you see is its fruit or apple. There is a great spiritual message in each fruit of life that shows us the beginning of all creation. I will explain to you in human talk just what the message is so you may share it with your family and others.  It is called “Finding No-thing.


I said I am confused about No-thing. Apple began to speak and this is what he told me on that day the breeze whispered to me “Human Listen so you will learn”.   


Apple Tree said when I bear fruit come forth and get an apple from my branch.  Cut open the apple across its equator.  In the center you find a five pointed star-a pentagram.  In the center of the pentagram from which the apple has grown you will find- empty space! There is nothing there. There is No-thing, but that nothing is really something. It is the manifestation of one thing that that Creates All and it all began from the Great No-Thing; which is called Creator, beginning of all life.


People of Old Times also know the Creator as the Great-No Thing.


This showed me one of the most vital realizations, that visible, material, physical effects all come from the beginning, a thought, a gentle breeze, wind in motion, you can feel them but we as humans are to touch them; It is all the effects from invisible power causes from Creator.


The moral of the story is that we as humans fail to recognize the whole cosmic process, and the reason we fail to see it is because it is invisible.  We fail to see the significance of the invisible in each aspect of our lives. No force or Matter is ever destroyed or lost or comes to an end. From Spirit to Physical and from Physical to Spirit. It merely changes form and the way it manifests.


Nothing ends, but only follows cycle or change. Everything that manifests comes into physical being and goes out of manifestation only to return to manifest once more in accordance with the Circle of Change and Life; according to the Creator. I hope you understand this. It took me years to fully understand it. Somewhere in this is the Spirit of Knowledge.


Thank you Creator for giving us Knowledge to Share with the Family. For educational purposes only.