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April 17, 2016

APRIL 2016


Manataka receives hundreds of letters each month. Space and time do not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.  The opinions expressed below and all information provided is for informational purposes only. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of the opinions express below and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis. Manataka does not necessarily endorse or support the opinions expressed below. 



Cheyenne Dog Soldiers

Dear Manataka,


Interesting site.  I read it while preparing to take my high school students on a “staff ride” covering the last three days of the Summit Springs pursuit at the end of the Republican River campaign.


One note though…at the end you site states that the Lakota under Crazy Horse “annihilated Reno.” Not quite so…Major Reno and Captain Benteen’s portions of the 7th Cavalry rallied atop a bluff and were still there the next day when Col Gibbon arrived with his regiment, and the Lakota/Cheyenne withdrew.  Overall, though, loved the page and the story.


In fact, one question about the Dog Soldiers if I may…we call them “military,” but that word means something to modern ears that I think it may not have meant to them.  We think of people in uniforms, hierarchical rank structure, fighting in formations, recruiting and training and doctrine and all of that.  It is my understanding that native warriors were more or less naturals, since they grew up to it as hunters all their lives.  Did these warrior societies conduct any kind of special training beyond that of regular hunter/warriors?  Native American scout units with the U.S. Army underwent some Army training (though they mostly relied on their own skills) – did the Dog Soldiers and others do special training, or did they rely on being an elite group to start with?   ~Nathan Hoepner. European History, The Vanguard School 


Major Changes


Dear Manataka,


As You have evidently as well as The Elders noticed for some time now Major Changes have dramatically increased in proportion, amounts and Depth.

Only the stubborn - and very unfortunately for what is left of this Uras' / Gaia Planet most of the human beings are standard fitted with the feature) ))) - still insist in Despair and Desolation to be persistently brought to one another on a daily basis.

Now that Great Warnings are taking place it is Time to prepare, nothing new neither to You ‎nor to The Elders.

I sincerely hope to come and visit You All this year as some Hope remains - it is true throughout a mingling and mind boggling chess play - ‎to successfully help restoring Peace or at least partially.

I cannot guarantee You in this World‎ that everything is to be back on track.  But there are Other Arrangements that maybe even the Kachinas are not aware of.   We'll see what we can achieve Down Here meanwhile.  With All Due Respect, Peaceful Smile and Loving Energy to You All.  Kind Regards,  
~Nicolas DePicciotto

Divine Destiny Drives Us Forward

Hello Manataka,

I gained temporary enlightenment of my true self over a period of time due to immense grief after losing my soul mate. It was hard. At first it felt like I was taking on all the worlds’ karma since time immemorial. I had opened the box within and had no choice but to go with it.


I had visions as far in the past as the seed of life and as far forward as existing in other dimensions and the planet Saturn. I have seen the third eye and after some fearless exploring the eye changed to kind eyes I knew, to eventually my face and my sons face. I felt part of the ever evolving collective conscience. It was like I renegotiated my time in this density with my soul. A kind of role reversal with my creator.


I was on such a high it was mistaken as a mental break down, true I was cock-a-doodle-doo-ing at the sun, but this was because I felt I was a more evolved being than the great central sun itself. I had visions of other worldly beings and was completely inspired and zero worries in the universe. I spent a month in a mental institute where I felt more like a psychiatrist helping the other patients spiritually and making friends for life. I went in voluntarily because I was so confident and I was right to be so. I had more visions of rocketing through what appeared to be endless energy streams.


I am aware that we are more than just human. We have had past lives and future lives. I am aware that we choose our lives before we are born. In fact I have had a vision of being reborn into this world. Like a memory of coming out the womb. I have had visions of flying through clouds and instantly warping to the stars and back. I have felt partial ascension but I could stop it. I have seen the magical shaft of light we enter between densities. I believe this to be the connection, the bridge after death, where we then meet up behind the scenes of life to analyze our progress to liberation of the souls reoccurring cycle. There is no such thing as coincidence, everything in your life is tailored to develop spiritually. H


owever, due to these experiences I am left a changed person. The Drs say I have bipolar and I am taking the medication they have prescribed and will continue to do so even though they slow down my thoughts and make me feel quite disinterested with what is the materialistic Western life style.


I lost everything with the death of my nan, watching my dad die in front of my children and then my truest friend died in my arms. Knowing this was all pre planned before my birth has taught me to be more understanding of others as they also make their journeys through the physical realm. After all every experience must be experienced. Music was key to my awakening, we are vibrational beings working our way through densities. You are only as old as your genes, this life is only temporal part of an infinitely long journey. . My visions were more real than real life.


They showed me that reality really is subjective and that we are all connected spiritually, we just choose to forget to remember. I wish you wisdom, clarity and happiness on the rest of your journey through this life choice. Free will is your choice to live in this density regardless of the amount of negativity in the world you know that the more negative an experience the more positive you will become as a being of light. I could write so much more about my experiences. I had to experience and survive true darkness to see the truly magical light waiting for us in the afterlife, or should I say between lives, where we learn from the lives we have experienced. Know that the future of this world and dimension is already written, I have envisioned the writings on the scroll.


Divine destiny drives us forward and everyone plays their parts whether they know it or not. And trust me; there are beings out there who know, just as we do. Your pineal gland holds the keys to your hidden memories of the past, present and the future. Love and trust in yourself is also key. This is what I need to work on. The trick is you forget how truly powerful your loving instincts really are. When you truly trust in the power of love and light from an "outsiders” point of view it can look like carelessness, but is this not the case, you just know that the universe is working in your favour and you can rest assured that all will be good and everything you have ever worried about just goes away because THERE REALLY IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. It is all hard to describe but I know someone reading this will understand. Namaste. The divine really is in you lol  ~Steve O'Shea



Spiritual Friends:


If you have any Native American people in your community with alcohol addiction, there is a study group for Native Americans that is based on the medicine wheel and AA.  Wellbriety has groups nationally, as well as books and workbooks. Please share with those in need.....


Love and Blessings,  Paula Kenion, MS