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Spirit Hawk (Towodi)

By Walks With Hawks/Harvey Doyle


I walked through the meadow toward the forest and suddenly I was visited by the cry of the Red Tailed Hawk; my totem was visiting me today; wow it made me have cold chills.


I wandered through the meadow and it cried out to me to be cut into hay for the animals to eat this winter. I thought this hay does really need worked but at this moment of life I wanted to encounter the habitat of the Red Tail Hawk. 


I walked a little further noticed a little dew on my feet and they seem to shout, “Notice me before the great Sun in the east has risen and then I will have to retreat to Mother Earth until the next morn."


I came upon the old Oak Tree said “Good Morning”, and the Red Tailed Hawk swooped down to another tree nearby.  He sang to me once more with a shrill voice and settled in toward the branch which was his perch many times as I had watched him before in the early morning. He followed me with the movement of his head and as if he wanted to speak to me.


I knew Spirit was calling for me to once again place my back against the old wise oak tree with knowledge and ground my feet to Mother and let the journey begin. It was a journey that I had taken on the Spirit Wind before but I knew in my inner most heart that I was in for a wild ride of Spirit.


Anytime I was involved with my Totem (Hawk) I knew I had to listen and learn, learn the knowledge of Spirit Animal Guide.


(Hawk). My heart was beating a little faster this morning and I could feel goose bumps rise on my old leathery skin. Skin with wrinkles told a story of old aches, old fights, old age and most of all old Spirit.  Hawk keep looking at me and was indicating that I was to settle down and try to mediate and get to the task of listening to Spirit. I realized when Hawk flew great distances did exist between him and also great distances or high points in my life.  


Was this the message? I tried to grasp but spirit was moving swiftly and if I did not take notice spirit could slip away without making it possible for me to have another spiritual experience. Hawk was moving and wanted to return to his height of glory of flying. I discounted it but as a spiritual realm as it was nothing unless I was going to reach some spectacular height and I had passed this way in mediation several times but need to pay attention to grasp the lesson of Spirit. 


I was told that Native Americans do not consider themselves idle when he stands still watching, listening, seeing the stars, or watching the sunset.  His spirit-eyes absorb these signs and wonders to feed him when he cannot see the rolling hills, and the flowing streams. 


A narrow view is one that constantly asks, What shall I eat, What shall I do,  How shall I live, What shall I wear, What can make me feel secure?  And all the time, the beauty and peace which cost nothing surrounds us unnoticed. 


Envy and lack of inner joy rob us of our peace of mind. I suddenly opened my eyes and saw Hawk rise on the morning air currents to heights of glory and circled to the right above me; I suddenly knew that was a positive affirmation since he was circling to the right. He called once more and I knew that was the Spirit message for that day; I said thank you Towodi (Hawk). For this morning spirit message. 


He winged his way to greater heights until I could barely see him. I then walked back and started my day renewed in Spirit and gladness of mind; this was my day, this was my greatness of spirit and happiness. What will be your happiness today? For educational purposes only.


By Walks With Hawks/Harvey Doyle