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MARCH 2016


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Daylight Saving Time

March 13, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

March 17, 2015

First Day of Spring

March 20, 2016

Easter Day

February 27, 2015


"Indignation must always be the answer for indignity." ~Edwardo Galeano

"Love must always be the answer for hate." ~Lee Standing Bear Moore



Manataka Council Fire


Spiritual Elders of South America Declare Manataka a "Sacred Site"...

By Lee Standing Bear Moore and Takatoka


Spiritual Elders of all the countries in South America are represented in an important document sent to the U.S. Department of the Interior declaring Manataka a sacred site and demands recognition.     


With offices located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, The Confederation of the Elders Council Original People of Abya Ayala (American Continent) is an organization of hundreds of spiritual elders and leaders representing all twelve independent sovereign countries of South America and three dependent overseas territories of UK and France.  Twenty-one spiritual leaders signed the document below that declares Manataka a sacred site.  Eleven Venezuela tribes are represented along with ten signatures from elders from other countries.


The declaration states in part, "...Manataka is a sacred place to the original people of the American continent and it should be allowed that religious indigenous people rites take place in it, in same manner as different oriented and western religions are allowed to worship in the thousands of temples and churches throughout your country." 


Even though the Manataka American Indian Council has never had any direct contact with the Confederation, friends of Manataka in the United States, Caribbean, Central and South America acted on our behalf and sent us the Abya Ayala document in March, 2005.   READ MORE...


 Declaration of Excommunication from the Vatican dated July 11, 2007. - See more at:







by Rev. Thomas M. Haley, Manataka Elder


"The path of glory is rough and many gloomy hours obscure it May the Great Spirit shine light on yours." - Black Hawk


Each one of us is on a journey to seek wisdom and strength. Our path, our road, and direction can change from time to time, but the path is made clearer the older we become and the experiences we have and will encounter.


To seek God, the Great Spirit, must be our priority in our life. Everything else will follow. Great Spirit will direct our steps and provide light underneath our steps.


One of my favorite inspirational movies is ROCKY. The following speech is Rocky speaking to his son:


The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!


No matter how many times we fall down … It’s how many times we get back up that is the key.


In the Christian Faith, the season of Lent is being celebrated. This is a spiritual reflective time as we do a bit of soul searching for 40 days and represents the 40 days Jesus was being tempted by the evil one in the desert. Jesus overcame the evil one.


"Let us look forward to the pleasing landscape of the future." Chief John Ross



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"The beginning is purification, that's the first step. And purification means purification of body and mind. You don't purify the body without cleansing the mind; that's the way it works."  -- Rolling Thunder, Cherokee


If we have bad thoughts or poison in our minds, they will eventually show up in our bodies in the form of headaches, pains, and stomach problems. It works this way because we are interconnected. Our minds and our bodies are one system. So when we start to grow, or commit to the Red Road, we need to start cleaning up our thoughts and start showing respect for our bodies. We start purifying our minds by prayer and meditation, and we start cleansing our bodies by getting the right amount of sleep and developing good eating habits. Today, I'm going to observe my thoughts. Will my thoughts be clean today?


Great Spirit, let me focus on Your love today so my mind will be pure.



Copyright: Coyhis Publishing found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: Any republishing of part or all of their contents is prohibited.




Coyote and Rabbit -

A Yaqui Legend

ONE DAY rabbit was out on a plain eating when Coyote came up. "I am very hungry," said Coyote. "I am going to eat you."

"No, wait here and I will bring you a really good meal of chicken. They are cooking it over there." Rabbit ran off toward the Monte and Coyote happily waited, singing in anticipation of a fine meal. He waited a long time. At last he became angry and followed the tracks of Rabbit.

He found Rabbit in an arroyo standing by the cliff wall holding his forepaws against the cliff. "What are you doing?" asked Coyote.

"I am holding this cliff up," said Rabbit. At that moment a little rock fell and he held the cliff up harder than ever. "Here," he said to Coyote, "you hold it up while I go and get the food I told you about. It is almost ready."   



Powwow  ¤ Country ¤ Rock ¤ Hip Hop  ¤ Contemporary ¤ Specialty Songs ¤ Traditional 

The dawn of a new year is a time of change, making a
fresh start and reconnecting with the world around us.

Here are two selections that reflect a spirit of renewal. 

Explore these inspiring releases as you make a fresh start in 2016.

Nakai & Clipman
Awakening the Fire


19.95 + s/h

The ancient call of Native American cedar flute and the vibration of African, Native American and Asian rhythms connect to our innermost essence and finely tune the awakening energies inside each of us nourishing inner balance and harmony.

Kelvin Mockingbird
Sacred Fire

19.95 + s/h

The solo Native American flute is one of the most popular instruments in music for meditation, and Mockingbird (of the Diné) is one of the masters at creating melodies that help the listener find moments of peace and relaxation.









The  Submission Deadline is April 1st, 2016

Download the NAMA 2016 Nomination Submission form To Submit a Recording for Nomination For the 16th Annual Native American Music Awards

The Native American Music Awards & Association (NAMA) is proud to announce that the new 2016 Advisory Membership Applications and Awards Nomination Submission Forms are now available. Both forms can be found on our website and are being sent via email to all pre-existing members and registered E-members.

Anyone may enter a recording for nomination consideration as long as the recording has been released during the eligibility period and is available to the general public. Full length recordings may be entered into as many categories as deemed qualified. Individual song tracks released during the eligibility period may be entered into the Song/Single of the Year category and Music Video category. Additional full length CDs may be entered as additional recording submissions.

The Native American Music Awards features the best in today's traditional and contemporary music with over 20 awards categories. Advisory members select the finalists as nominees in each category. A global audience votes on the winners in each category with thousands of voters originating not only from the U.S. and Canada, but also from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Russia, Sweden, Austria, Mexico, Denmark, and China.





Manataka recently partnered with Canyon Records and its distributors to bring our members and supporters the very finest in American Indian Music.  Canyon Records of Phoenix, Arizona, producer and distributor of Native American music, is one of the oldest independent record labels in the music industry as well as one of the oldest cultural institutions in the state of Arizona.









Spirit Hawk (Towodi)

By Walks With Hawks/Harvey Doyle


I walked through the meadow toward the forest and suddenly I was visited by the cry of the Red Tailed Hawk; my totem was visiting me today; wow it made me have cold chills.


I wandered through the meadow and it cried out to me to be cut into hay for the animals to eat this winter. I thought this hay does really need worked but at this moment of life I wanted to encounter the habitat of the Red Tail Hawk. 


I walked a little further noticed a little dew on my feet and they seem to shout, “Notice me before the great Sun in the east has risen and then I will have to retreat to Mother Earth until the next morn."


I came upon the old Oak Tree said “Good Morning”, and the Red Tailed Hawk swooped down to another tree nearby.  He sang to me once more with a shrill voice and settled in toward the branch which was his perch many times as I had watched him before in the early morning. He followed me with the movement of his head and as if he wanted to speak to me.  Read More...




Nation Chiefs Prepare to Step Up Action to Protect Sacred Sites on Ottawa River

by Algonquin First Nations


(Wendake, Wendat Territory/January 27, 2016) Chiefs and Representatives from nine Algonquin First Nations met today while attending an Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Chiefs’ Meeting to have a presentation on the proposed developments for Lebreton Flats and while there they will also discuss their ongoing opposition to the proposed Windmill Development Condo Project at a sacred waterfront area on the Ottawa River known by the Algonquins as Akikodjiwan.       Read More...



FEATURE    - World News


Russia To Honor American Indians,

Planning A Memorial In Front Of U.S. Embassy In Moscow !

A memorial dedicated to the ” Genocide Of The American Indians ” right next to the U.S. Embassy In Moscow ~  Russia to Construct American Indian Genocide Memorial in Front of U.S. Embassy

“The initiative to install the monument [near the US Embassy] is very timely as an act that will remind [people today] from where the history of the USA started,” stated member of the Civic Chamber Valery Korovin, who supported the proposal. “This monument must become the silent reproach to the modern American elites which had significantly deviated from the idealistic principles that were laid into the foundation of the American state.”  According to Mr. Korovin, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation should also appeal to the U.S. Congress to consider the “rehabilitation” of American Indians “as the native people of the United States, to admit the fact of their genocide by the US Government, to carry out the act of national repentance and thus to close this dark chapter of the U.S. history.” Read More...




Help Make 2016 the "Year of Bears Ears"

The Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition is seeking your support in asking President Obama to use his authority under the Antiquities Act to protect the Bears Ears landscape in southeastern Utah as a national monument that honors ancestral and contemporary Native American connections to the region.

One of the most diverse and spectacular landscapes on earth, the Bears Ears region remains sacred to many Native Americans. Home to more than 100,000 archaeological sites, the region is America’s most significant unprotected cultural area. With dozens of scenic red rock canyons, alpine peaks, forested plateaus and plentiful opportunities for solitude, Bears Ears is truly a place worth protecting for future generations. Read More...





By Annette D. Broken Owl Greene


One and a half weeks prior to going on my Vision Quest I had a dream.  In this dream an owl was being brutally killed (mangled) by two large birds (hawks, I think) in mid air.  They were on either side of the owl ripping it apart with their beaks and claws.  The owl was helpless and as he fell out of the sky, the hawks maintained in their places (one on either side) above him.  When the owl hit the ground, he landed right side up and upon impact, his feathers exploded in all directions.  I and another lady (maybe my mother), were attending a spiritual retreat and we were standing near a building on the grounds watching this whole event in disbelief.  As the feathers started flying in all directions, one was coming our way at an amazing speed.  We ducked to keep it from hitting us and as it crashed into the building we were standing beside, it shattered like glass.  It looked like tiny pieces of glass falling from the air in slow motion.  We were amazed!  After watching this feather shatter, we went out into the field where the owl had landed/fallen and began picking up feathers that were still intact.  We were in awe of their sacredness and beauty.  One particular feather was about 6 ft. long and the bottom third of it was real soft and puffy, while the remaining two thirds was smooth and tapered like a regular feather.  It was a dark brown color and in the sunlight, from a certain angle, you could see the colors of the rainbow in it. 


I knew this dream was significant by the feeling I had when I awakened from it and the fact that I remembered it so clearly. 





Ratchet Up the Revolution!

Three recent reports paint a picture of, and make the case for, an organic revolution.


Organic is climate-resilient. According to a study published this month (February 2016) in Nature Plants, farmers who adopt organic practices fare better during droughts. Climate change resilience isn’t the only benefit to organic farming, the study’s authors point out. Organic crops are more profitable, and deliver foods that are safer because they aren’t grown with pesticides, and higher in nutrition.


One fact Reganold’s study doesn’t address: Healthy soil also draws down, and sequesters carbon. All the better.

Organic is healthier. A new study (the largest of its kind), published in the British Journal of Nutrition, shows that both organic milk and meat contain around 50 percent more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than their conventionally produced counterparts. The study’s authors analyzed analyzed 196 papers on milk and 67 papers on meat and found “clear differences” between organic and conventional milk and meat, especially in terms of fatty acid composition, and the concentrations of certain essential minerals and antioxidants.


The findings are significant, given that Omega-3s are linked to reductions in cardiovascular disease, improved neurological development and function, and better immune function, the authors said.


Organic is growing, thanks to consumers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that Organic food sales in the U.S. have shown double-digit growth during most years since the 1990s, and this trend shows no sign of slowing.

Citing the Nutrition Business Journal, the USDA said organic food sales approached an estimated $37 billion in 2015, up 12 percent from the previous year.


Who’s driving that demand? You.


We have a long way to go, especially in the U.S., before we completely dismantle a food and farming system that is toxic to everything—hour health, our environment, our climate and the animals we rely on for meat and dairy products. But we are making progress. We should celebrate the progress. And ratchet up the revolution!




 Manataka Native Remedies©


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Over 250 natural, pure and effective remedies for most everything that ails you.





"The voice and the heart are not working together."   - Barney Bush, Shawnee


We can say any words we want with our voice but we cannot hide the true meaning and the true spirit behind the words. The true meaning is always understood. The voice is heard in the physical world, but the meaning is transmitted in the spiritual world. If our voice says one thing but the heart is saying something else, it's the something else that is heard. It is said that the truth will set you free. Reaching the truth means your voice and your words will be in alignment with the heart.


Great Spirit, let my tongue, speak the truth today.

Copyright: Coyhis Publishing found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: Any republishing of part or all of their contents is prohibited.





Nominations Open for Elder Council

The Manataka Elder Council needs one new member.  Self-nominations are permitted.  Requires at least one in-person meeting per year at Hot Springs, AR and tele-conference meetings monthly. Rewards are commensurate with time and effort.  MAIC dues must be current. Send you resume today!


Help Wanted:

Fund Raising Professional needed.  Experienced please.  Email us now.


Volunteer Counseling Positions Open: 

Are you a minister, psychologist, teacher or counselor?  MAIC announces a need for more professional volunteer counselors. Manataka's free online Counseling program helps hundreds of people with emotional, spiritual, family, marital and other issues -- anonymously and free!. Education, experience and licensure requirements.  Email:


Planning is in full-swing to convert vacant lots on the east side of Manataka (Hot Springs) Mountain into memorial gardens.  Everyone is excited!






By: Jamie K. Oxendine, Lumbee/Creek    Editor,    Director, Black Swamp InterTribal Foundation

Native Americans from the Atlantic to the Pacific and the Arctic to the Tropics were quite cordial and rather kind to guests in the home. Europeans and later Americans noticed certain mannerisms concerning a guest at home that was far beyond their own concept of providing hospitality.

Even after the massive persecution from both Europeans and later Americans the indigenous people of North America were still quite benevolent to each other and even the White Man when it came to having guests in the house.

Here are some very general policies that were common among many Tribes across Native America. One must remember that these are not set in stone and are not laws as there were vast differences among all Native American Nations.  Read More...




"My father told me that Hopi earth does contain my roots and I am, indeed, from that land. Because my roots are there, I will find them."  - Wendy Rose, Hopi / Miwok


Everything that comes from the earth will return to the earth. We should be able to realize the connectedness to the earth. We should be able to feel toward Her just like She is our real Mother. We can easily feel this connectedness if we can answer these three questions: why am I?, who am I?, and where am I going? If we cannot answer these questions, then perhaps we need to talk to the Elders. Go to the Elders and ask, "Grandfather, why am I?; Grandmother, who am I?; Oh Great One, where am I supposed to go?" The Elders will help us with these three questions.


Grandfather, help me to stay centered today.

Copyright: Coyhis Publishing found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: Any republishing of part or all of their contents is prohibited.





MARCH 2016

The Spirit --- Living Beings Will Create a Change


Dear Family at Manataka,

All living beings fear death. All of them fear pain. So, when we kill another being, the agony of death will certainly affect us in the subtle level, if not on gross, in the days to come. No embodied being likes to die or stay in captivity. Some of them get used to captivity and are not aware of its status. Nevertheless, they have far superior sixth sense than us. They know their fate. They know for certain that they would be killed. They fear it. And this agony is silently released as negative energy into the atmosphere. Also, understand that souls are the same. There is nothing called human soul and animal soul. (I read somewhere about a conversation between two friends both entering a hermitage where dogs are not allowed. The first man, with the dog says” It is outrageous. This is not a dog. This is the same human soul in a dog's body "The other man remarked "It is true we all are human souls in dog's body. We are all slaves of our own mind") the reality is that souls exist in human body or animal body, depending on its karmic traits. The soul in a child and the adult is the same. It is like the same electricity working through various machines. Electricity is the same; results are different from different gadgets.  Man has developed tremendous insensitiveness towards fellow human beings as well as all other living beings. This will change and must change. All the agony of the living beings will create a change. ~Sahan, Sri Lanka


Read More Letters to the Editor



Home Herbalist Classes and Apprenticeships
Monthly workshops on 4th Saturdays for the aspiring home herbalist. Experience the various phases of medicinal and edible wild plants through the year. Learn to when and how to harvest, preserve and make medicine from plants. Explore a variety of topics of interest to the home herbalist.  Home Herbalist Course: 9 Saturdays (1 per month) $250.  Single Classes: $30 - $45.  Apprenticeship Course: 18 classes (2 per month). 


Native American HIV Awareness Workshop

Presented by Jefferson Comprehensive Care System, Inc.


Monday, March 21, 2016 9:30- 2:30pm

12:30- 1:15pm Lunch Plenary Program


Embassy Suites Hotel of Hot Springs

400 Convention Blvd, Hot Springs, AR 71901


contact: Derrick Newby @ or call 870-535-3062

Pre-register via the following link:



9:30 Opening Prayer (Lee Standing Bear Moore)

9:35 Occasion and Ice Breaker

9:45 Native American HIV Awareness Video

10: 15 Two-spirit The transgender challenges in Healthcare (MERCK SPEAKER)

11:15 Nutrition

11:30 The Native American perspective on modern health care (Lee Standing Bear Moore)

12:30 STD’s in Arkansas (Lunch Plenary)

1:30 The continuum of care: How to keep people in care and reach viral suppression in HIV treatment

2:15 Cultural Competency Survey

2:30 Adjourn




Upcoming Workshops

April 30         Making a Mohawk Wing Fan

May 14         Making Traditional Wedding Bread

May 28         Making a Traditional Hand Drum

June 11-12   Making a Plains Courting Flute

July 17         Making Center-Seam Deer Skin Moccasins

Sept. 24       Making a Mohawk Tobacco Bag

October 8-9  Making a Traditional Wedding Basket



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