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Magnetic Healing

By Walks With Hawks/Harvey Doyle

I have used magnets for healing for probably 25 years at least. I have used magnetic necklaces, bracelets, leg wraps, and magnetic mattress (slept on for 20-25 years).  I also have a 5# (Pound) magnet for healing and for making magnetic water that comes from Mother Earth.  


To me “Energy” is the currency of life. This could be Natural Energy, Physical Energy, or Spiritual Energy, All is connected and all have to be in balance for you to obtain the essence of a good life. In other words the Hoop of Life contains many Arenas.


We need to be have enough knowledge to use them all. Magnetic Healing is just another way the Creator is here to help us walk our path to perfection as Spirit. Nothing enters Creator’s world without perfection. Is this not what we are trying to obtain.


Some of your sources of energy are: your brain, food, and the Earth’s magnetic field. The problem is -- the Earth’s field is severely depleted – it has been reduced to one half of a gauss. Many years ago, animals, humans walked barefooted, lay on Mother Earth and let the magnetic energy flow through their bodies and it healed them naturally. Back then the magnetic field on Mother Earth was about 10.0. (Gauss a measurement of magnetism).  Restoring this geomagnetic field is as important to your health and vitality as the quality of the air, water, and food that you consume. It is important that your body receives an adequate supply of this vital energy source while you sleep.


I would say pray to the East to the Creator, because the beginning was in the East, Sun, beginning of the morn, beginning of the singing of the birds, the awakening of Mother Earth in your world.  I would say a far as magnetic healing and your bed placement, I would say as far as I have studied to sleep with your feet to the North if possible, or your head to the North, according to the flow of the magnetic flow on Mother Earth. The magnetic rotation or field can enter through your feet or your head. Sleep is not just about putting your feet up and nodding off. It is the vital time in which your brain cycles through all the various frequencies (or harmonics of frequencies) in the tissues of your body, matching them briefly by means of an ongoing process called “magnetic resonance”.


One sweep through all body tissues constitutes a sleep cycle, partially restoring the charge on your fatigued cells from your daily mental and physical activities. After all the sleep cycles are completed, your body is re-energized and ready to face the coming day.  If you were to enhance our depleted natural magnetic field produced by Mother Earth by ten, 20, or even 40 times, you could expect an improvement in body function and in your reserves of vitality and immunity. You would also make gradual gains with chronic ailments.


Think of the Magnetic Field of Mother Earth as a more powerful engine in your car. It gets you up hills faster and with less wear and tear! I think it helps me in my walk of life. This is for educational purposes only. 


~Walks With Hawks/Harvey Doyle