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Sacred Mountain

Dear Family at Manataka,


It seems i have come full circle .  A book I read when I first started my return to reunion with the great spirit via the teachings of my good friends the First Nations of the Americas, asked to be picked up off the shelf again .  The book is called "The Wind is My Mother"  by BearHeart.   My soul was wounded and needed medicine ..and  now in thanks I offer you tobacco .  I cannot be there in person to give it to you ...but I have said a sacred prayer of thanks over it and gently scattered it into the wind and asked the great spirit to make sure my appreciation gets to you .  "Helis a gaga" ☆ " goes with medicine"  .   The great spirit wants me to be an instrument of healing where I am and we all have our own medicine  but your teachings started my sacred fire within me .   Much love and thanks. 

Martin Manifold (GoodWolf), Liverpool , England UK


Scottish People have Clans


Dear Manataka,

I am of Scottish descent. (Mother) and French/English (dad). The Scottish people have clans, which were the same as tribes! During wars amongst clans we painted out faces with war paint and played bagpipes  while advancing through the fog of the night! If you have ever heard bagpipes you know how they would scare you they advanced out of the night. I envy you of your co existence with other tribes, and the ability to live abundantly and with respect for nature. I wonder how such a peaceful people would have evolved to this day without our interfering!. Respectfully, V.G. Millett


In Peace and Friendship...


Kwe Skennen akwekon kahwatsire

Greetings and Peace to you, family members.


When I read words on the importance of taking Responsibility for our thoughts, I realized that I should share with you the Teachings I give to my 'students', and that are so simple and easy that you can use anytime and anywhere.


First, take a deep breath through your nose (remember that your nose knows) and notice the feeling, may it be sadness, anger or fear.


Second, take another deep breath and identify the thought or thoughts coming with that feeling (Oh, I think that I shouldn't eat traditional food, like The Three Sisters, because I think people will think I'm weird or something and it makes me feel sad because I don't want be labelled like 'the weirdo', for example).

Third, take another deep breath then ask yourself: For whom is this thought, for me?   So who am I...


Fourth, take another deep and cleansing breath (always through your nose) and observe what comes up.


Fifth, take another deep breath then ask yourself (again): For whom is this thought, for me?  So who am I...


Sixth, Seventh and Eight, you repeat the third previous steps until you feel calm again.


Before being dragged down by our thoughts, we change them simply by observing them because we have thoughts, we are not our thoughts; it is like taking the Eagle Eye view at a mud puddle rather than the deer stuck in the mud. And always remember that The Maker of All Things does not judge us, so neither should we.


Etho niyohtonhake ne onkwa'nikònra

 In Peace and Friendship

Pierre Lieweras Pagé

Shakotisnien:nens, Rata’én:neras


Grateful for the Interaction

Hello Manataka,


Just got your letter a few days ago and the package for which I am most grateful. First of all though I am grateful for the interaction that brought us into a shared space, so we can each appreciate where we have some from and where we are going, that fortune so smiled upon us. 

Your words to me have been resonating in the consciousness I enjoy day by day. What a joy to have found all these precious 'things' in one such place must be that old magic touching us.

Just so you know, my brother Bear, my boys have been for years calling me Daddy Bear I am glad to meet up with another of my clan.  In just over a week now, I am breaking my exile return to the US expressly for a powwow with my sons, also hoping a couple of daughters will attend. Quite a milestone event.  There may well be more to this than meets the eye.  With Loving Kindness.  StEvEn


Native Americans Invented Ice Hockey

Good Morning Manataka!


I've contacted the Smithsonian before on the subject...
They were quite helpful and adamant on this..

Telling me the Lakota of SD used two sharp pieces of Buffalo Shoulder-bone tied to their moccasins as skates and played Shinny along village river ways well before European contact which wouldn't have been until 1743 there...(Great Plains) possibly as early as 1690.

Apparently they would use a propelling stick to help them glide easier and also a hitting stick.

Also in a book wriiten by Victoria Sherrow called "The Kiowa" she tells us that before 1750 the Kiowa living in the Black Hills used to play a form of lacrosse on ice with buffalo rib-bone skates way before their contact time which wouldn't have been until "LA Salle" in 1682...

So I'm pretty sure Hockey was invented by the Native American down in the Dakotas....  ~James Laurence

Women CAN Play the Sacred Drum!

Dear Manataka,

Thank you! Thank you for putting happy tears in my heart! You have written what I can not get many to listen and understand.

I am climbing a never ending wall to have an educational PauWau here on our 2 acres.  I want children to learn the old ways, my ancestors want people to learn the old ways.  This will be the only way to help Mother Earth, Creator, and all that we live with that is around us but that many do not hear.


All I hear from many, is women do not belong on the drum.  We will not play where women play on the drum.  They have brainwashed the women into believing this also and that they are to "stand" behind the men around the drum with their rattles to ward off harmful spirits.. Seriously?  Has anyone of them ever thought of asking those "harmful spirits" why they are there in the first place? Not!  They are all too full of fear driven egos.  Control over the other sex.  I get how the world works in many ways, and look at my "friend" list and think hmm, OK, how many of you are really actually knowing, actually listening to the life and spirits around them and how many are here to preach the Bible and how are many are here just to set me up then walk away? And then the rest are family.  And it is funny, how many you can put on a head of a pin when I mention my intentions and what the actual truth to be, how I become the oil drop in a sink of water and vinegar... They almost all back away... I become the crazy one for doing what my ancestors have asked of me. 


Bring back the knowledge and education of their times because soon people are going to need it.


I feel like the woman alone under water for days, and the spirit comes to me and tells me to make the drum.. no one is there to believe me and yet I must do this.  But I do have a few who believe me.


I guess basically, I am saying thank you.  And asking if may share your writings on my fb page.  I am sure many will ignore it, comment on it, but they need to be educated. Re-taught.  The drum is only living and sacred when you honor and respect her in her full true nature.  When what she stands for is no longer respected she dies. Akwani  ~Darice Zdrazil


Healing Medicine


Hello Manataka,


Great article . Lots,of helpful and insightful information. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. And the only help the Doctor's could offer me, was Calcium Channel Blockers, and Dieuretics. None of them could answer any of my questions I had about the (so called disease); except it must be in your family genes, and it was passed down to me.  But thanks to this article, I will now search for Doctors who share this same type of approach to healing, than just throwing drugs at everything.   ~Ivrin Vaden


The Real Story of Thanksgiving


I read your hate-filled, anti-American delusional historical distortion diatribe. Go f--- yourself until you are dead.  ~Jim Shaw



Hello Jim Shaw,


Blessings on this wonderful day the Creator made for you.


Each year for the past twenty-one years, we receive thousands of letters, emails, and phone calls regarding the “Real Story of Thanksgiving” Your message below has the distinction of being the only one this year who reacted with extreme anger.  Many positive messages come from American history teachers of every racial and religious backgrounds.  Most come from people who are thankful to have another perspective on history.


It appears that your response mirrors a hate-filled, narrow, un-enlightened, uneducated, and thoroughly Eurocentric indoctrinated world view point.


Lighten up brother.    The facts presented, along with the author’s own viewpoint are REAL.  The facts have been verified by historians.  The facts are neither pro or anti American in a political sense.  Remember, Amerigo Vespucci nor Columbus discovered this land --- that is a lie.  We wish you the best and pray for your peace.  Thank you. ~Takatoka


A Cashless Society

Good morning,
I thought Manataka would be interested in this for all of the lies out there politicians pushing an agenda. What I call "carbon tax" the wealthy and corporations getting away  with slaughtering Mother and putting into place one part of their plan in that of enslavement of humanity.  For if you look at the White Buffalo Calf prophecy the peace pipe is placed on a three pronged stand.  Isis is another part to put fear into the hearts of man as well being put into place by the UN or those who "own" the major governments  and the last part the of it is financial. A cashless society but Wall Street must crash first. The elite must not be connected to Wall Street directly.  Sp bring into play algorithms and the internet something called bitcoin. ~Sarah Peck



Love to be Involved

Hello Manataka,
My descendants come from Van Buren, Conway, and Hot Springs. Before than in 1800 they come from Monroe County, TN. and South Carolina.

I believe that I have been guided in a series of prophetic dreams held very vividly over the last month to a series of paths to connect ancestral lands. These dreams have been sent to me by my ancestral guardian and peaceful warrior protector Nancy Ward, or Nanye'hi, and another ancestor George Washington Stobaugh.

If you read about the Stobaugh history during Civil War in Conway you will find that my family has been on a secret mission for peace for well over a century. This mission was lost to the later generations but I believe I have now been shown how to illuminate the path.  I would love to be involved anyway that I can.  ~Monica Morrison


Raw Organic Healing

Dear Manataka,

My name is Nora, my 3 1/2 year old daughter just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. From the second I was told she had t1 in the emergency room I began to do my research.

Something inside of me told me not to believe she would never be cured since its an "incurable" disease. After doing my research I have come to believe that if I change her diet to a raw organic diet her body will get rid of any substance that should not be there and will start healing itself.

I had made that decision before coming across your article and then somehow not even sure how I end up reading your beliefs which to me make perfect sense.   I guess my main purpose is to ask if you've had anyone with an "incurable disease" be cured after changing to a raw organic diet?  Really hope to hear from you soon.  ~Nora Sigaran