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Message from My Feathered Brothers and Sisters

by Rev. Thomas M. Haley, Manataka Elder


As I walked onto my deck recently, which literally takes up most of my backyard space, the cool breeze of the Spirit drifted across me.


It was early morning. The day was waking up to the sound of birds singing, dogs barking and me, an old man who was chasing a cup of coffee to the deck chair.


Each morning I have at least one dove who sits on a telephone pole nearby and flies away just before I retreat into my house. But today there were three doves. I suppose Creator believed I needed a bit more sacred companionship.


This has happened more than once especially when I lived in Hot Springs, Arkansas. However, during my stay in Hot Springs there were about eight doves each day.


I felt protected and a message coming from my feathered brothers and sisters. The message was donít be afraid you are protected.


Usually, Brother Hawk would fly low about the middle of the afternoon just to check on me and remind me of the message of the doves.


But back to my deck in Benton, as I pondered my life and observed nature and all of creation, I offered thanks to Creator. I also went back and remembered some of the most of difficult paths, the hardships, the almost hopeless days that I experienced.


I had made it through all these ordeals and now I sit in a deck chair, coffee in hand, nature all around me and this sacred moment was the new beginning of sorts.


This is what all the hard work was about. I had almost forgotten.


Life is more than  money, fame or prestige. Life is giving thanks to Creator for giving us a beautiful morning filled with singing birds and barking dogs and a contented spirit.


The next time you are outside with a cup of coffee - listen to our feathered brothers. They just might have a message for you.



Peace, Tom Haley