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Purification Lodges

From: Jonathan Hüston‎ to Lee Standing Bear Moore:

My beautiful friend. How I am so blessed to have met you through the ancient ones. I need to share this with you and your loved ones.   During one of my Sweats a few moons back, I was sitting near the East door, next the Captain; after all exited, I heard the rocks (Ancient Ones), I distinctly heard them singing, I was not amazed but grateful and blessed. I asked my brothers to put their ears close to the rocks, They are; Limestone, and Volcano rocks from New Mexico. The songs that came from the rocks were so perfect like the angels of our home lands. They sang with us, I think the whole time they sang, we were in the sweat and I believe forever.   How I miss my Sweats.   

From Lee Standing Bear Moore to Jonathan Huston:
Lee Standing Bear Moore Once saw a deer who wanted inside the purification lodge, REALLY BAD. She jumped on top two or three times and stormed and kicked at the door several times. Even with half a dozen men inside yelling and poking at her, this deer had only one desire in her life -- to get inside the lodge. Two or three men got out of the lodge, grabbed hold of the deer and attempted to drag her away. Wiggling and kicking, she broke the hold and ran head first into the lodge, stomping the fire pit a dozen times while total pandemonium broke out inside. It was great sweat!


Sacred Mountain

Dear Manataka,

I have just read the message about the National Park Service staff putting down the Native American's history, heritage and religious rights. What is their problem, do they not know they are violating the Constitution and defaming a people's right to freedom of religion. I am appalled. I will pray with you and plan a trip to Manataka. Spirit be with you,  Spirithealer  Brenda Sword 


Brenda, The wonderful thing about the anger of injustice is that it brings about change.  Change is the evolution of all things in the cosmos.  But, for good change to occur, we must be in balance in many ways.  Balance is found between the poles of darkness and light.    Can we discover that place too?  Manataka has no doors to open or close.  Donadagohv’l 


Hopi Blue Kachina


Dear Manataka,


Information for u but first I seem to have a connection to Chief Arvol Looking Horse occasionally I feel him/talk to him via energy.


Visions that pertain to Hopi Blue Kachina.

November 27 vision of star some distance away, November 28 vision of brilliant solitaire diamond that dwarfed the hands holding it strong love energy, November 29 vision of diamond of brilliance seen my spiritual eye pulsed questions of what flitting through my mind with each vision . On November 30 vision of fiery cross on December 1 information given via light beings that the diamond in my visions is the prophecy of the Hopi coming through fruition.    I looked it up online my spiritual eye pulsed deeper and stronger and right now as im typing tears from the love energy that im receiving. Even thinking about the Kachina my spiritual eye pulses.   

White Buffalo Calf Woman prophecy I an finding is coming to me...interpretation.  My work is beginning I have matured enough that I am starting to use my healing gifts. steps but rapid. For as I grow so to is Humanity...

This am instructions given that it was time to continue staying in contact with the Manataka Council. ~Sarah Peck


Learning Tanning and more...

Hello Manataka,


I found the article on deer hide tanning on the internet. I want to take a moment to thank you for sharing your ways and wisdom. I am especially grateful for the words on a better way, and gifting. The advice on gifting being misunderstood as baiting, and being eventually understood properly is very good and wise counsel. If only all understood this.

I am white, but feel caught between the world of native and my ancestors. I frequently think of what this world would be like if the first white people here had understood stewardship of the land, and respected native people and their ways, vs. seeing them as a people to be subjugated and ruled. I cannot think of these things without feeling sad. This land is full of waste in many forms, compared to the native way of only using what is necessary, not wasting anything, and what is eventually left behind returning the the earth. 

Thankfully, my son, daughter, and oldest grandson believe these ways are good, so I am proud of them.  I look forward to learning more from the Manataka web site.  Regards, Martin Trail Dog


The Real Story of Thanksgiving

Hello Manataka,

A horrible tragedy committed  in history this nation can't accept thus is the reason the false narrative and myth is being taught in our schools. History hasn't taught or learned us anything  but to continue in fallacies according to way things are going. 

I must say I am not shocked by the barbaric actions of the English settlers which I read about and seen many documentaries of how cruel and callous they can be. 

To call oneself a Christian and yet murder plunder and invade ones' land is an act of Satanism which is the case of the "American Indian History". 

Many called themselves Christians yet do not know the meaning or lifestyle of it cause many are being led by falsehood. Why l said that? The litmus test of a true Christian is this simple. Jesus Christ is the Lord and Christians follow praise worship Him according to the bible. Yet in His day He never command any one to lift a sword or not pay taxes to the oppressive Romans their masters. So why Christians would commit any such violence against any one but be at peace and live in harmony?

Evidently we are going to approach a time very soon the war on religions especially Muslims and Christians on this soil where the blood of millions of American Indians was innocently shed whom have once roam freely and now a new Era of butchering and blood shedding. Anyone with open eyes to the true narrative will see with great sadness looking ahead and see the bleak gloomy days ahead.

 It has been said in the bible Jer. 17:9-10 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? 10  I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

I would like to close with, peace must first live in one's heart in order for one to give or execute goodness to others and is not what one say he or she is cause in deeds a person is seen and is known of his/her good works. It starts with me first rather than the other person. Regrettably not so in this world would many adhere to such a rule of tumb. 

Ps: Thanks for sharing a great insight on the true thanksgiving story. I now know a little bit more. ~Sushil.  Skanhai


The Real Story of Thanksgiving

Good Morning Manataka!

I totally like  your story . It truly was  a  great  story. You gave out all of the details . I didn't know half of the  story  until you told me. I read it out loud  to my family  as a speech on Thanksgiving  dinner . They loved it and found it to be truly unique  and  captivating . Thank you for   posting  your story on Google ,it was amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Mack Morris

The Real Story of Thanksgiving

Dear Manataka,

Just read you page about Thanksgiving, if you are going to make an effort at truth, then be truthful about all parties. In describing the Pequot you make it sound like this tribe is simply a tribe of Indians minding their own business.

First of all, "Pequot" means destroyer, they were warriors and farmers. Like all warring Indian tribes they took lives, and slaves, and traded those slaves with other Indian tribes.  You should quit trying to paint a picture based on moral standards of today, and talk about truth based on what it was like to live then.  Promises were made, promises were broken, people were killed on both sides. Slaves were taken on both sides, slaves sold on both sides. The Europeans won, that is all there is to it 

Thank God. ~Ken Logan


The Real Story of Thanksgiving


Hello Manataka,


Your mission is both admirable and appreciated. Nonetheless, I wish to point out that the first Thanksgiving was at Berkeley Hundred near Jamestown, Virginia on December 4, 1619. The Pilgrim Thanksgiving was in 1621. How horrible that they gave thanks for their atrocities against the Native Americans… I was generally aware of that history, but you have educated me greatly. Thanks so much for that.



The Real Story of Thanksgiving

Greetings my Manataka friends,

Please excuse me for not staying in contact. Citing the information and true story of thanksgiving got me an "A", so thank you again for your permission. My family and I will feast in respect and honor to all the indigenous brothers and sisters that lost their lives. May their spirits of being a good Samaritan thrive within human beings worldwide. Peace and blessings to you and my brothers and sisters of the Manataka American Indian Council.  Thank you for your time.  ~Ronald Muhammad again


The Real Story of Thanksgiving


Good morning,
Reading this article was very good and opened my eyes to understand the real Thanksgiving. As an African American woman. I understand the pain behind the untruth. White men and woman has always changed the course of history because of wanting all the praise for things the never done. My people was also hung murdered raped and so many things. Its hard to believe that the white man did everything perfect. I discovered the truth behind my own race whereas my culture developed and invented things. Even down to cooking, but never the less. I appreciate this. I shared with my daughter so she also knows the true meaning. Thanksgiving to me in this life is not paying thanks to a murderer but to say thanks for seeing another day. Many of my ancestors died and those who lives was able to thank the creator our God for allowing those that did live to share with us~ and be with us. We are thankful for that and that alone. ~Connie Pickard


The Real Story of Thanksgiving

Spiritual Friends:


I enjoyed reading your version of the first Thanksgiving celebration. It brings to mind the issue that we have today with immigration and refugees.  Thank you for posting the account. This should be made mandatory to all public schools. I see and hear our youth trying to answer questions about the first Thanksgiving or our nation's history, with very poor results. ~  Gloria Jatho


The Real Story of Thanksgiving

Dear Manataka,

I am in the US again for a short visit and seeing thanksgiving for the first time. I am surprised how little it has anything to do with what the festival is said about. There are no native Indian pictures or things to associate the holiday with. I am not entirely sure how you feel about Thanks giving. I am just surprised and wanted to let you know you are thought about. ~R. Shoba


Say, Do What ??


Attn: Officers & Members:  Manataka American Indian Council


Dear Concerned,

What does war do to people? I think that war can cause people to abhor life itself and be determined to destroy it. Such people do not want to exist. They do not want life to exist.  Ask three Europeans, who came to the United States after World War Two and, eventually, settled in for lengthy stays at the San Francisco Art Commission (now the "Arts Commission"): Joan Ellison (English), Anne Marie Thielen (French), Elio Benvenuto (Italian).

What is the result of their decades of clandestine labor? It is a building, larger than ten football fields, mostly underground, totally sealed in cement.


The pre-planned and orchestrated assassination of San Francisco Mayor, George Moscone, on November 27, 1978 led directly to the creation of the controversial Moscone Bust by sculptor Robert Arneson, which was successfully used (December 1981) to deflect attention from the architecture of the Moscone Convention Center, the most awesomely huge and inhumanly ugly CHAMBER I have ever known. (Read the San Francisco newspapers for the week of the Center's opening.)

Out of the ashes of the Second World War ... history is repeating itself. Nazi Germany all over again?


A nocturnal, arson fire (November 1980), set directly in front of a recently installed fire door as if by design at 165 Grove Street, obliges the Arts Commission to relocate three times, bringing it in due course to the eighth floor at 3rd & Mission Streets, looking down on the Moscone Convention Center and arriving in time for the latter's Grand Opening.

Where there are three, there must be many.   This is a cross-generational operation.  Another 9/11 followed by Martial Law and the takeover of all communications systems? Then, the most massive kill off of humanity in history will begin in earnest?

Many persons in positions of high authority are slated for elimination when, if, the time comes.  My disclosure, in variously detailed formats, has been extraordinarily widely emailed throughout the world since the year 2000.  Yes, I know that the unthinkable cannot be believed.  Silence means death. I will be heard. I will not give up.  Cordial Regards,  Leland Mellott

Mount Vernon, Washington 98273, USA