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Keystone Oil Pipeline Victory

Dear Manataka,

When our Lakota lands are protected, I see it as a victory. The wasicu have done much damage to the lands as well as the environments and wildlife. This is saddening. The wasicu seek to control the Earth Creator has made and to break her spirit. The see Unci Maka as a dead hunk of rock only to be used for their selfish gains. Look how they have treated the Black Hills! The Lakota had no use for the gold in them. To us, it is a holy place as well for many other Plains peoples. But the sickness of greed made the wasicu lose the good sense Tunkaśla gave and through trickery made the Lakota give up their lands even after Red Cloud and Crazy Horse and others fought hard to protect them.


This pipeline was sighted to run through lands given to the Rosebud Lakota Oyate. They saw this as an act of war and sent a strong message to the government saying they would go to war. Congress voted to reverse the decision and Greg Grey Cloud lifted his voice in song to thank those who voted no. The Congress passed a bill that would go forward with the pipeline and Obama said he would veto it. Yes this is a victory for the people! Some may complain and say "it's progress, it's progress." They have no connection with the land as we do, once they do, maybe they will come to appreciate the land that Creator has given to them. Until then, I have no ears for their talk.  That is all I wish to say .  Mitakue Oyasin.  ~Cliff Russo

Spirit Guides and Totems


Dear Manataka,

I have read every word over and over on your Spirit Guides & Totems page and I believe I've found the spiritual path I'm meant to follow.


I'm not a religious person, in the common terms, I haven't read the bible, nor willingly attended a church, but I've always felt there is something greater out there, but I could never find what exactly my inner self needed to be spiritually content. At least not until I came across your page.  How can I learn more?    Thank You,  ~Angel


Scaticook Indians, 1735

Hello Manataka,


There is a burial plaque in the Town Commons in Shutesbury that reads "Scaticook Indians, 1735." It's 100 years older than the nearby church.  The Town has refused for over a year to even acknowledge inquiries into this burial.

The Town mentions nothing about any Native Americans in the town histories nor anywhere else in town literature. I am trying to get the town to include Native Nations history in our town history, and to acknowledge the presence of the burial and afford it the same protections that other cemeteries are afforded under the town's bylaws.  At present, there is no protection, no acknowledgment, nothing. Perhaps you would like to look into the status of your ancestors here?   If I may help, please let me know.  Rolf Cachat.



Big Dipper Questions...

Hello Manataka,


My wife was off visiting one of her daughter's last night so only my two dogs, Rufus and Plato, can attest to the truth of what I watched last night after the stars were out. Love to view the night sky where ever I am, have a background in celestial navigation, so I look north and see the cup of the dipper and the two pointer stars pointing directly at Polaris, but it wasn't. I grew up being taught to find the North Star, as long as you can see the Big Dipper you can find the North Star. The bottom two stars ALWAYS pointed directly to the North Star. I have been aware for sometime before moving here in California, about the cup pointer stars being "out of alignment" with the North Star, but just enough for me to notice. What I witnessed, I have never in my now 70 years here, seen what I saw last night. Stood real still and stayed in the same spot for about 25 minutes straight and watched the Big Dipper change positions in relation to the ns, it was about 2.5-3' west of the ns, further off the line than I have ever seen, then it drifted back toward that perfect alignment, stop for a moment then move back out to the 2.5-3' point, this happened at least twenty times while I stood there. Went in the house for about 15 minutes, came back to the same spot and the new point was about 5' west of the ns. This more evidence of the approach of Nibiru, the earth's wobble is really taking a hit right now and not a word any where in mainstream or the alt. stuff....that I know of and also why I am sharing this, anyone else see any of this? ~Kraig Carroll

Lady of the Rainbow

Good Morning Manataka!

In my last email I forgot to tell you the name of the Sacred Mountain where I took picture of the Lady Rainbow Crowned- The Mountain is called Serabit el Khadim- I lived for long period, many times, there and one time I stayed alone in retreat 5 days. in another time my Group and I made some movies about sun turning and endless spheres of colored Light coming to us. I published a book in USA: Holy Lights on Sinai (Blurb publisher) full of pictures about.  Divine Mother bless you. Let me know about you, please.  Hug of Light. ~Cristina Gigante MA

Family Problems in California

Dear Manataka,

My name is Dee Dee Dunson and I reside in Vallejo California. I reached out to my local Social Services in San Francisco Ca. My daughter was jumped on by a group of girls that call themselves The Rich Gang. She was also harassed, targeted and bullied at school. She was followed halfway home from school by a parent.
I reported every incident and even had my daughter file an incident report with the school VP Dewight Harvey. He held meetings with the girls that didn't work.

Two friends would wait till my child was by herself and would try to jump her. So I my daughter file an incident report on the students. A few days later the same girls tried again to attack her. My daughter had enough and felt if she didn't do something they would continue to bully her. She also felt that she couldn't depend on the school to protect her. She asked the student do she really want to fight her. A fight broke out and the next day my daughter was suspended, called a terrorist and a threat to have on campus. The bully didn't get suspended at all. Next I know the VP was talking about putting my daughter up for expulsion. I contact a friend whose an advocate for the city of Vallejo. The discussion for expulsion was dismissed. However the student she fought mother was on campus looking for my daughter along with some family members. They made threats to stomp and kick my daughter a**. Another time the mom came to the school and was taking pictures of my daughter. When I got to the school to report. My daughter and I were basically called liars. The Principal and V P came to the ladies defense. One Campus Site Safety went to the VP and admitted to the parent taking pictures of my child. See before they didn't know what she my daughter looked like and the family jumped out a car on my daughter friend. Yes, mistake in identity. This same parent followed my child halfway home jumped out the car on her. She tried to have her daughter fight mine. So my daughter called me and I headed to where she was on foot. I called the school and was told someone was going to call me back. No one called me nor did the school Administrators didn't call the police or anything.

Later the friend of this girl ran up and punched my child in the face. This student told her father that my daughter jumped her. Police came to my house and we showed him a video that was sent to us. The office told my daughter that she was defending herself and the other student was wrong. The next school day my daughter was suspended and it was the last few days of school. I had to file a complaint in order for her to take her finals.

A few days after school ended for the summer vacation my daughter was jumped by these same girls from Rich Gang. Back in Feb one of the girls ran up behind my daughter and someone yelled to my daughter watch out. The girls fought and my daughter was suspended. Again my advocate came to my aide and request for a parent meeting with all the students. Well that meeting never took place. Summer this same girl started mess and at the 4th of July fireworks. In all incidents I called the police and filed reports. When school started this same student cut her class to go across campus and be in my childs class. I went to meetings with the District and even talked to, emailed and texted the Superintendent of School Ramon Bishop. No one was of any help concerning my child's safety. I filed a lawsuit against them with the Vallejo City Unified school district but they denied my case. I contact the OCR of San Francisco and was turned down. I reached out to others like Css and was turned down. However a student who was gay got assistance from them. A white student who had bark thrown at her received assistance from them. I haven't heard of a black person receiving any assistance unless they were gay.

To this day I am still looking for assistance in my daughter case. So I saw your case against DSS and I feel the sane is going on with CSS.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. I can also be reached at (707)712-1648.   Sincerely. Dee Dee Dunson

PTST - A Serious Problem


Friends, healing professionals,  military family and supporters


There are still 22 suicides each many veterans are not getting effective healing treatment for their combat stress. The military has to shift the focus to treating 'ptsd' like we do treat  cardiac arrest: manual compressions and electron from the AED battery pack to bring the heart back to normal. Manual compression of all the meridian points and electron frequencies from the FSM units' battery 'treat' the lesion of 'ptsd' ~the fear stored in the microtubules on the surface of the cells in the 'muscle memory areas, Lipton calls it "Epigenetic medicine" [use your Electron microscope to see them. But you can feel the 'ptsd' reaction in the muscles with your hands. That muscle edema goes away as your treat the meridians.] My aim is to teach as many MEDICS/RNs as possible to give them the tools they need to heal "their troops", the brothers and sisters whose health they are responsible for. The Medics and Nurses KNOW their troops better than anyone else.        

Please watch the video. Comment. I am looking for a connection to be able to establish a training program for medics and nurses. They then need to start clinical effectiveness trials using the medics/nurses as the providers using MASERs[military grade bimanual meridian tapping] with and without the effective FSM microcurrent protocols. This healing work NEEDS to come through the skills of the medics and nurse from within the military. Trauma creates fear based 'Issues in the TIssues' which beg to be energetically  removed. At least 6 sessions will be needed. Additional attention will have to be addressed to any early childhood/family traumas as well. I am writing my web site OPERATIONFIREHAWK.ORG  where generalized wellness issues, diet, and help with pain control products will be presented.  

Eight years ago, I wrote many letters to government and military officials. In 2006 I started contacting the VA, and local military hospitals. Two departments wanted to hire me to help, but the higher in command refused their requests.  IF you have any contacts or suggestions please help.  

Dropbox link to video:


I want to thank all my patients who carried their traumas in their bodies and were strong enough to share them with me​! YOU ALL keep me working for some healing relief for you and your families. You kept me focused and honest and true to your body's reality.

     I want to thank all my patients who where to scared to tell me with words for your bodies never lied about your pain. You most of all, moved me as I saw the multiple generation reach that trauma extends into the families.  All of you have lead me to find the cellular pathological lesion of 'ptsd' and the need for energetic [like using a LASER] therapies.              

*PEACE, LOVE & HEALING!* ~ Terry Zumwalt, M.D., FACOG, CDR/MC/USNR(fmr), vet of ODS


Chief Arvol Looking Horse Speaks About Manataka


Hello Manataka,

How I cried as I read the messages from Arvol Looking Horse.  I am always so grateful to him and to you for the hope and beauty you bring into this poor world.  Here in Bali I live near a very sacred site and have become the caretaker  of it.  The forest around my house is extended from it and many magical things occur here. One of my rock circles is here and I still dream of painting one at Manataka.

Bali itself seems to represent the world at large. So many people here are sincerely engaged in spiritual/environmental activities to love and better the world while there is the other group solely focused on financial gain at any cost.  I find hope in the conflict because in my life experience, now nearly 80 years, I have seen that the more powerful the "light" the harder the "dark" fights back. We must not be discouraged but continue with all our fine and loving work and prayers.  With so much love to you and family,  Claire Dunphy



Talk to the Standing Ones..

Dear Manataka,
I found your post on the standing ones; I am a healer (acupuncturist) on Vancouver Island, BC, and have always been drawn to the black spruce. I was wondering if I might quote you on the powers of the black spruce for my business page, Black Spruce Acupuncture, and also whether your tribe or elders may have any more medicinal knowledge of this plant. I recognize that plant knowledge of your tribe may be something you wish to teach to the youth of your tribe, which is why Id like to request your permission before quoting any of your knowledge.  With warmth,  Alix Jean, R.Ac


Native American Spirituality: FREEDOM DENIED


To:Members of the Central Coast California Native American Church


Dear Relatives,

On the next Memorial Day, it behooves us to honor the memory and the teachings of the Native Ancestors, those elders whom we have known personally, those whom we know by reputation, and those whose names are forgotten, but through whose efforts the Original Instructions have been passed on to us.  I came across this essay yesterday. I hope that you will find it informative, instructional, and inspirational.


It is a relatively long piece of writing. The author, JimPathfinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi), is clearly an intelligent and eloquent, and indeed erudite, man, and has much to say. If you are in a hurry, you might skip to the final section, but please do not fail to read the entire essay when you have the time.  Love and blessings,  Page Brownton


White Bison WellBriety

Spiritual Friends:


If you have any Native American people in your community with alcohol addiction, there is a study group for

Native Americans that is based on the medicine wheel and AA.  Wellbriety has groups nationally, as well

as books and workbooks. Please share with those in need.....



Love and Blessings, Paula Kenion, MS