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Thanksgiving Day

November 25, 2015




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Christopher Columbus

Dear Manataka,



I was reading the article about Christopher Columbus.


I always knew the celebration of Columbus day was a sham and we weren’t taught the accurate details of this non-hero in school.  Good news, my 7th grade son was filling me in on many of the details also in your article that I was unaware of.  He was taught about it in school.  I never knew about the genocide on Hispaniola.  Ironically, Oct 12 is my birthday.  I am sickened that we celebrate such a tyrant on my birthday.  Anyway, thanks for the article.  I’ll be sure to share it around. ~ Pat Harvey


Women DO NOT sit on the Big Drum

Hello Manataka,

I have set up a FB page explaining our assertion that women do not sit at the big drum in our traditional teachings. The roles as responsibilities passed down by oral tradition is explained. It is explained how in fact it is western culture permeating the traditions of our people that call unto this mentality that those who oppose women on the big drum are oppressive. Lateral violence and the big drum is the post. First you must respect our culture by addressing which elders you spoke to and if they can tell you will elders they learned this teaching from. Your page does not respect this protocol and like APA referencing in university is a fail for respect. We do not know why Shannon Thunderbird claims to be an elder given she refuses to sit down with us to discuss the damage her page is doing to us as a person ad community and yet you quote her teachings. Do you know where her teachings come from and who have them? We can tell you which elders and where they came from. Please feel free to message or call us if you are serious about learning the truth. ~Sibu & Strength of Two Buffalo Dale


Dear Manataka,

In regards to your article it was interesting. I can only speak for my own Northern Arapaho tribe and can not share our sacred stories but our Drum story is similar to what you wrote.  Women are not allowed to sit at the drum with the men and its out of honor and respect for the women they have a role and spot to back up sing behind the men. And theirs a teaching why they stand behind the men. The men are basically being punished by sitting at the drum because they couldn't get along with each other,  fought and killed one another within our tribe. So a Spirit Woman came and brought us the big drum and the teachings with it and to this day women watch over us, help us and guide us during song and dance! What it comes down to it every tribe needs to know their own tribal history and traditions about the drum and not judge others. What does your tribe say about sitting at the big drum? That's what matters. ~Jason Oldman



Healing the Darkness

Hello Manataka,

Greetings I just came across this article by sheer luck. first I would like to say that I know and are aware of this Great spirit of Life. back in the winter of 2010 I died of a drug overdose I was dead as a door nail but they brought me back. after that something happened to me I'm still trying to make sense of it all. Then in 2013 my wife died but they couldn't bring her back. So I was left to raise a 2 month baby girl by myself and I got to tell you it has not been easy. I feel if I would of had the proper knowledge and understanding of myself and of this spirit of Life I could of helped her with her demons. so now I've dedicated myself to learn this knowledge and understanding so I might heal myself and others. I am in the darkest depression that I have ever experienced it almost is like a dark black cloud of pain. over the weekend me and my daughter went to this karmic festival and they had Native American healers there charging money to heal people I don't have to tell you what this lust for money has done. it hurt my soul to see this. but I thought we'll maybe I am wrong I mean I'm a lone wolf when it comes to my spirituality I'm alone in the world so I just learn as I go. so when I read this article it spoke to me deeply thank you for that truth.  ~Ted Johnson

Seeks a Master to Show the Way

Hello Dear Manataka!

My name is Wai Yan Minn and I'm 20years old from Myanmar... About 6 months ago, I did some breathing meditation as I couldn't sleep at night.. I felt some kind of euphoric feeling during meditation ( I realized this body is not me. Real me is sitting inside this body. I'm using this body and this is not me ). Then I fell sleep. I woke up very early in the morning and I suddenly wanted to run and do some physical exercise. I run many miles wonderfully. And everything I saw was strangely beautiful. My behaviors become to change and become talkative. I asked everyone about "what" and "why". I told everyone I knew and wanted their ideas back. My parents stared to worry about me. I told them you all were in the bubbles and under control of something bad. I became insane for them ( I didn't sleep for a week and I thought I didn't need to sleep and nothing bad happened to me ). I think I didn't kill my egos and I looked down at everyone. Then, a month later my abilities were gone. And I became normal person. I want them back.. Can you explain me what was happened to me?? Please.. I know it basically.. I think I need a master who will show me the right way ~Wai Yan Minn


REAL Story of Thanksgiving

Dear Manataka,

My name is Vanessa Lacks and I was wondering if you can answer a question for me. I just read The REAL Story of Thanksgiving by Susan Bates, Introduction for teachers, and The Plymouth Thanksgiving story both by Chuck Larsen. All three were great writing and gave me something to think about in teaching my class about thanksgiving. well I would like clarity on this statement “Let us always remember, the Indian is and was just as human as the white people”, and yet Native Americans had African slaves. So were they(the enslave Africans) less HUMAN than the Native American? It seems no one can ever answer that one for me. black Indians are questioned all the time if they are Really Indians, yet whites are celebrated and accepted openly as Indians. Funny world huh???? Thanks for reading


I am currently getting my Master’s degree in history/social studies and was curious of what I would teach my students. I know the truth about the first thanksgiving and being poisoned by the Pilgrims at the thanksgiving festivities. The things I am learning makes me so sick that they did that to your people. I will make sure my students will learn the truth. ~Vanessa Lacks



You certainly have a viewpoint.  But, it is much better to view the history of {y}our people from each point along a 360 degree circle.  Then you have a complete picture.


For example:   

American Indians were enslaved for nearly 250 years before the first black slave was imported to No. America.  American Indians continued to be slaves until well into the twentieth century, long after Emancipation.  The number of NDN slaves exceeded all imported black slaves by over 20 million.  American Indians were not allowed to vote until 1935, could not own property, enroll in public schools, sue in any court until 1949. American Indians were prohibited by threat of jail, flogging and death from practicing their own religion until 1979 when the American Indian Religious Act was passed by President Carter.


The ugliness of slavery is a fact in every society, every race, every generation for thousands of years.

In this generation, in this land we have destroyed slavery.  There are many more places in other times who will also destroy slavery.


We cannot point our finger at any one.    But, we can respect all.


Enjoyed Smoke Signal News

Dear Manataka Editor,


Really enjoyed this months Smoke Signal News being from Ireland ..  I think a trip up north will be happening ~ Lynsey Martin


Sharing the Medicine

Hello Manataka,

Wanted to Thank you for sharing this medicine I always knew this to be true so I thank you with great love and respect for sharing these teachings. ~Maggie Steele


Manataka is a Sacred Site...

Dear Manataka,
All this time I was under the impression that " Manataka" was an organization and not a physical location of pilgrimage and worship . I had no idea . where is the exact location of it ? Is it Minnesota ?  ~Craig Vann


Hello Craig,

Manataka consists of seven geographic circles with four sacred mountains located at the four directions on the outer circle over sixty miles from the center.  The center is Manataka, the “unbroken circle”, the Place of Peace.  Manataka is surrounded by three sister mountains making up the entire “National” park area plus private lands.    Today, it is called Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.    It has a history that began thousands of years before European invasions.  Read the Story of Manataka for a brief overview.


Original Book of Healing


Below is a link to an online version of the original book of healing by Yogananda published in 1924. It is good medicine, if you want to share with others.  I will celbrate my heritage on All Hallows Eve with this book in my tradition of Kriya Yoga and in honor of peaceful Celtic/Quaker stone circles worldwide.


Scientific Healing Affirmations, Yogananda, e-book online, 1st Edition, 1924;view=2up;seq=1


All Blessings of Healing to Manataka under the moon and stars.


Paula Kenion, MS

Kriya Yoga Teacher/Disciple


Registering a Loving Embrace

Dear Ones

Keepers of the sacred spirit that are our ancestors ...we wish only to register our Loving embrace so that you will know the greater strength and purpose of the Great One. 

It is in the rediscovery of our shared Truth that our small efforts here in the South Pacific have succeeded to date. On a personal basis, had I not exiled myself from the fascist empire our beloved lands have become these last five hundred years ...I would come there - to Manataka - to sing, dance and Pray ...even still...

But this coming month, I will travel to Japan [specially to Mt Fuji - another of the Sacred Sites our Great One made - to join the Konohana Family's 'Earth Summit' ...they wish to make a Sacred Declaration to honor the Earth from which we all came ...and to direct our People to once again commit themselves to the fullness of their connected Spirit ...thus to re-establish Divine Presence.  When the foul progeny of malevolence has nearly destroyed our sacred garden ...a new tribe if warriors shall come from all corners of the world to make the Earth Mother happy again.  They will be known as 'Rainbow Warriors'.

In order to see our humble effort and understand us, those with an ear to hear, will hear. Visit first our website -  and reflect upon our words. If you hear our song ...and recognize us yourself, let us hear from you .

We send this communiqué to you with great Loving Kindness, I am... ~StEvEn   Stephen Quinto, Vanatu, South Pacific