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American Indian Spiritual Elders Speak About Manataka

Manataka is a Sacred Site







He speaks the truth.  For many years we have known of this man of vision, compassion and reason.  We are grateful for his call for Honoring Sacred Sites.  ~Manataka Elders


American Indian Spiritual Elders Speak About Manataka

August 2015            - Chief Arvol Looking Horse

September 2015    - Peter V. Catches Lakota Spiritual Elder

October 2015         - Xielolixii, Council Chief Salinan-Chumas Nation

November 2015    -  Rev. Dononlus A. Otto, Saginaw Chippewa

December 2015    - Boe Glasschild (Bushpo Awa - Many Knives)

January 2015         - Great Confederation of Councils of  Principal Mayan Aj Q'ijab

February 2016       - Holy Mother Marie Paul says Manataka is predestined

March 2016            - Confederation of the Elders Council Original People of Abya Ayala