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Manataka receives hundreds of letters each month. Space and time do not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.  The opinions expressed below and all information provided is for informational purposes only. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of the opinions express below and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis. Manataka does not necessarily endorse or support the opinions expressed below. 


Search for Natural Ways to Heal

Dear Manataka,


I feel so blessed to have found your site. My Paternal Grandfather was Cherokee and my maternal Grandmother was Cherokee. I have been looking and hopping for a way to connect. As a child I remember my mom using leaves and other natural products when we were ill. I have never forgotten that, and am now faced with a challenge. My 42 year old son had two massage heart failures....he coded two times, was not expected to make it, was on life support for almost two months. I found your site in search for natural ways to heal him. From the deepest part of my heart, I THANK YOU!  ~ Ruby deBraux


Hot Springs National Park Superintendent - "nothing is sacred..."

Hello Manataka,

While in Hot Springs during a family vacation, we heard Josie Fernandez speak at a small event inside one of the bathhouses.  After the event, my wife asked Fernandez about American Indian presence there.  She angrily snapped at my wife with a foolish and untrue rant that "...nothing is sacred here and the Indians never had a presence of any significance.."   I was appalled by her behavior and obviously uninformed and ridiculous response to a reasonable question.  When I asked for the name of her supervisor, she swung into overdrive anger and signaled for two uniformed park rangers to intercede on her behalf as she turned her back and stormed away. 


Our family loves Hot Springs and Manataka and the good work your organization is doing.  We feel sorry for you and the people of Hot Springs who must be embarrassed by this lunatic.    ~John L. Long, Memphis, TN



I am a man of peace...but I am not a pacifist. 


Hello My Friends,  Sisters and Brothers at Manataka,

I have just finished reading Linda VanBibber's post on your website regarding Hot Springs National Park Ranger.Mark Blaeuers comments. 


It is sad to hear of such ignorance time and time again.  I am a man who embraces all faiths... but my heart path is that of the native American and the original Christ teachings.  When I had no faith it was to the Native American spiritual ways I turned to first to find a way back to the Creator starting with your animal spirit guides article and it snowballed from there.   


The reason I am emailing is to respond to the call " is it right for a place dedicated to peace to be involved in a legal battle".   My answer is most definitely.... I am a man of peace dedicated to peace but I am not a pacifist.  Sometimes we have to fight to protect what is right and just  and fight to protect our way of life and beliefs from those who seek to disrupt and disregard all we hold dear.  A time to say NO  and draw a line in the sand .   You have my prayers, love and good wishes.     Manataka is fact not myth. Manataka will find you,  if you wish to find Manataka.

I have been taking a lot of photos of rainbows of late (the latest one being from my railway office window enclosed as an attachment)  and I felt compelled to check out the Manataka website  and found Linda's article. It is very hard to find peace in a busy city, but a little piece of Manataka is always with me and we are blessed with some beautiful parklands in south Livepool, England.  Thank you for being there for me as I am now here for you .  Good luck , love and best wishes.  ~Martin (Goodwolf) Manifold, True White Brother, Liverpool, England (GUM)

Ps: I am in work writing this post in a quiet moment and some young male has paid for a small fare with £50 note carrying a blue pair of boxing gloves over his shoulder.  You know the Creator works in mysterious ways was it a sign to say get your boxing gloves on and put your "DUKES" up as we say in Liverpool.

Absolutely Serious

Hello Dear Manataka Friends!


I would like to explore my heritage, I am not a pure blood, I am far from it, but I do know I have a strong connection to this... I want to take a journey and experience the life that my ancestors had. I want to live this way. I crave the not the escape, but the knowledge.... I am curious as to how someone would be able to do that.  I don't want the expenses of money, I want the experience and the life knowledge that you cannot gain while under civilization life. I am absolutely serious. ~Mark Symczak - Gusty Sinner.


DNA Testing

Dear Manataka,

Forty years ago I saw a picture of what was supposed to be my Bride’s great- Grandmother. A round faced, willowy woman with very long black hair who, to me, was obviously Native American. Has DNA advanced any further in its ability to conclude whether or not someone is of Native American ancestry? Yes, I read Ms. Tallbear’s web page but as it’s not dated, it left me with this question.  Thank you,  ~David Ray



Advances in science and lower costs have not increased reliability of tests – it depends on the lab and experience.   High end labs charge high end prices.  The science is still in its infancy and cannot determine tribal affiliations, language groups, or locations.   ~Bonnie Whitecloud, Assisttant Editor, Manataka


Trampling on Native American Rights

Dear Manataka Editor,

Today, I read several articles in the recent Manataka Smoke Signal News and found it disturbing that after years and years of our “government agencies” trampling upon Native American rights the practice continues and even seems to accelerate.   Issues related to Native American Sacred Places continue to crop up.   It always seems that the Native People’s lands will be left alone until minerals, new highways, community development and such become the focus and then various agencies find ways to negate the Native People’s land rights for the benefit of others.


Just think of the “outrage” that would be stimulated if an agency determined that a site of an active church or mosque were to be given to a mining company to do as they wish.   However, taking Sacred Places from Native People’s causes little concern other than among those directly affected.

There is no question that many  “officials” look at the $$$ aspect of many of their actions and give benefit to those who can support them or profit from their actions.


Having had experience in the field of Archaeology it immediately becomes obvious that Native People are just that NATIVE PEOPLE.   The rest of us are first, second, third, fourth generation “foreigners”.    With respect,  Matt Maley


Likes Smoke Signal Articles

Dear Manataka,
I am
Alexjandro Camarillo from Houston Texas. to see  your Smoke Signal articles.  I am a fourth generation Mexican American . I was born in San Jose California and when I was 4 or 6 years old my mother and dad used to take me to the Indians parades. They have the teepees that was awesome I been to Lake Charles Louisiana which I don't think is right anyways I've also have been to Oklahoma because of my job but anyways I am very interested in to reading all of your articles
Have a great day  Gracias! ~Alexjandro Camarillo

Needs Help Creating a New Youth Camp

Dear Manataka,

I have a private camp along the Nehalem River in the coast range on mountain's of Oregon . I watch over about a half mile of river. I have been planting native plants an farming using what I could find out about the old faithful ways. No harm . I have completed a course at Eugene college in Adolescent Transition. I myself now a grandmother of five children five month to 16 yrs. I was considered a troubled youth ,that helps when your dealing with young leaders, They tend to have a hard time following when they are not inspired to do so. I believe that living a more natural life calms the spirit. Sometimes we do need to
look where we have come from to know where we want to go. A real summer Camp is what I am suggesting . I would need help from others but I can host. I would like to plan well in advance. Building the sweat lodge, I don't know how to but we have plenty of raw material. There are many large logs for building rafts ,smaller totems.  Nehalem "Land where the people live".
This invitation is not limited to youth . I welcome my brother and sister to come and renew themselves with the inspiration of seeing what our camps might have looked like before. It takes a child to raise a village.  Spring planting begins with the rains. Call 503-429-7436 or email if interested  ~Victoria Davis