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Fawn Wood - Kikawiynaw

Round Dance, Hand Game and Traditional Songs


Award-winning Cree/Salish singer Fawn Wood sings with a voice that is deep and true. Infused with a feminine perspective, her Round Dance, Hand Game and traditional songs convey the strength of indigenous women. Titled with the Plains Cree word Kikāwiynaw meaning "our mother," this collection of Fawn's soul-tingling songs honors the female spirit.

Featuring Performances By:
R. Carlos Nakai             Randy Wood             Kevin Yazzie
Anthony Wakeman        Cindy Jim Wood       Raven Wood
Alan DiPerna

For generations, the indigenous peoples of North America have honored their mothers and grandmothers as the bearers of life and providers of nurturing strength. As Fawn states, "Everything in creation, human beings, four legged creatures and those that fly and beyond are brought into this world by female beings." The songs on this recording honor all the mothers of the earth.     A winner of both a Native American Music Award and an Aboriginal People's Choice Music Award in 2012, Fawn Wood has become recognized as one the premier female Native/First Nation artists. Not afraid to bare her soul, Fawn sings with a level of lyrical depth and emotive feeling that recalls the torch songs of Patsy Cline.    "Grandmother's Song" calls out to the grandmother spirits for healing and blends Fawn's vocals with the Native American flute of R. Carlos Nakai and piano. On "Singer's Wife," Fawn sings of longing for a companion who is away on the Pow-Wow Trail. "A Song for Mosom" is a Cree Hand Game Song accompanied by acoustic guitar, mandolin and rattles and fuses Americana and the original folk music of America, traditional Native American music.  SS 6520 (CD) $19.95 + s/h.




Lonesome for You (3:19)

Singer's Wife (3:01)

Remember Me (4:33)

For Dallas (3:47)

Kwelosoet (1:59)

It's Our Arbor Tonight (4:41)

For Sage (3:23)

Grandmother's Song (5:14)

Cowboy Mosom (1:38)

Pow-Wow Song (4:11)

#Ferda (4:40)

Talking with Grandmothers (4:30)

A Song for Mosom (2