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Manataka receives hundreds of letters each month. Space and time do not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.  The opinions expressed below and all information provided is for informational purposes only. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of the opinions express below and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis. Manataka does not necessarily endorse or support the opinions expressed below. 


Smoke and Fog

Dear Manataka,


There is a very thick fog/smoke hanging over us here that it just sticks to a person and no where to go from it except maybe sit in the car, but that eventually runs out of oxygen. Everyone is coughing and squinting and hacking. Fire does not seem close anymore but surrounded for hundreds (?) of miles by active fires (Robert would know more about that than I). I pray for the babies with smaller lungs to filter and children who want to run play out side. And the old ones who have trouble breathing anyway and anyone who wants to take a walk. Maybe they ought to have oxygen tanks around all the food banks in order to also feed the blood and brains.

So we wait for the "ocean" breeze to come and gently carry this away without kicking up the ash/dust left behind. Not sure where it all goes when the breeze carries it from here. Hope that it disburses it VERY thinly.   May God bless you all with fresh air today and blow some to us.  Much love and prayers,  XOXOOXOXO  Mom  Virginia Lucid


Clarity in Mind

Dear Manataka,

The meaning regarding the prophecy of White Buffalo Calf Woman is starting to develop clarity in mind. The two braves represent the time period between 7/13/15 and 9/13/15 in which one of my spiritual gifts has been shut down by mother temporarily. The young brave that was destroyed represents greed and the world economy which has begun to manifest in the physical realm with China dropping their currency. This will escalate rapidly with Tsunami like waves affecting the entire developed world. The young respectful brave represents humanity who both love and respect mother but have forgotten temporarily. What the 4 days represent I still do not understand fully, however the ceremony of purification is that of sharing and giving of one to another. Regarding the rest of the legend that will come with time.  Peace.  Sarah Peck


Legal Right Open Claims for Aboriginal Owners

Greetings Manataka,
Just a thought, could possibly this "legal right" open claims for the aboriginal "owners" ie: Manataka's pre colombian residents and their decendents. We deserve unrestricted access to the Healing Waters of our ancestors. Not just the hot springs, but all the waters of the Mountain. The water that flows from the ground today was the rain that fell on our relatives.

Maybe it is at face value a weak argument, but there is similar precedent with some Registered Tribes. What we need is somthing that could put NPS in a defensive mode. Personally, I feel this is exactly what they are afraid of, losing control of the springs. Remember that they attack Manataka so aggressively because the fear the organization. They should be fearing the Mountain!

You can Google a couple of related links;

Also to see a pdf.file link that relates this water law to some Arkansas Counties Google, "Comparing the Water Rights Of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas..."

I know this doesn't need to be said with you, but I pray that you and your family are happy and at peace. I watch the work you've done over the years. Spirit has not blessed you with Manataka, she blessed the Mountain with you.  ~Lynn Laughing Crow Selvidge

History of Ice Hockey - Lacrosse

Hello Dear Manataka Friends!

Could the Powhatan's living in Virginia
have worn bone skates during Ice age?

I found *this passage from a diary of 1612!

'' A chronicler of the Virginia Indians, William Strachey, writes in his 1612 "Historie of Travel into Virginia Britanica" that Powhatan adults indulged in “a kind of exercise much like that which boys call Bandy in English.” Bandy is an old form of field hockey played on ice. The object of the game, Strachey says, was to drive a ball “between two trees appointed for their goal” by hitting it with a stick.''

Also.... ''Players would eventually wear metal ice skates to play bandy,but in the game's early days any shoes, boots, or  bone skates sufficed.  To play bandy, find a large frozen pond or marsh, mark goals with tree branches, and use field hockey sticks and a rubber ball.''

Sports and Games of the Renaissance - Page 65 - Google Books Result

Powhatan Bandy On Ice 1612? - HFBoards - Hockey's Future The History of Hockey  

~James Laverance


Bigfoot Outlives Humans

Dear Manataka,

I read the article where a physicist predicts the human population will be extinct in 1,000 years.  Interesting. But the person has a good point, we only have so many resources. And lots of people use more than what they need.   I was thinking that the Sasquatch, Elder Brother, Bigfoot will probably outlive us humans.  ~Roger Conway

Dear Manataka Editor,

What an excellent piece! Thank you, Mr. George-Kanentiio.  I will find your books and read them.  There is a chord in me I felt from childhood that nature is not my adversary. Nature is a gift of everything we need, and that the competitive mad dash for empty peace and satisfaction in materialism is not what life ought to be about.  I love the education you gave on Iroquois women. Ah, to think we are not slaves to men and our bodies, but are given intellect to be mothers and stewards of the earth!
As a whole, men and women, are asked no mean labors, but to take care of our Earth-home ensuring a clean and healthy home for generations to be happy. That is the purpose of life.   Thank you once again for a wonderful publication!   ~Regina Keels


Johannesburg South Africa

Dear Manataka,

A HEARTY HELLO from Johannesburg South Africa! !

There seems to be an awareness and an awakening with Spirit. In a distant time everyone stuck to there particular religions which are mostly learned and taken on by fathers and mothers and their fathers and mothers before them. Sometimes one will break away and ask the right questions and seek out something that resonates with them.   In my search some several months ago I happened along a site for Native American cooking. Mmmmmm....fry bread! !!!

I was reaching out to find someone who could possibly point me in the right direction as to education of the First Nations. Gosh has that ever been hard.  But I thought or if you will....I was prompted by Spirit to send a message via that site while getting rather hungry I might add!!!

To my suprise someone did!!! I was so excited as I had looked at soooooooo many sites and no reply. There....on the other end was Bonnie White Cloud.   It is this one act of kindness....this one act of reaching out....this one act of responding to another person who is also on a path not chosen by me but by Spirit.  To this day I am grateful that Bonnie showed concern and caring for someone so far away. It is the very people like herself that carve the way for those who truly love Spirit and who truly love Earth and all that are In Around Upon and Above her.

There will be more and more people like myself who will be called to this path. The path of the Ancient Ones. The Gathering has begun. And the more Brothers and Sisters open up and the more they teach....the more we learn...the more we UNITE. This is after all what Spirit desires.   My journey has been breathtaking. ...I do not speak lightly of this path. I am blessed to be chosen as a vessel for the work that I do. Like others I also seek certain items in which I can invest.

So THANK YOU .... Manataka for the wonderful and caring way that you quietly touch lives.  Blessings Love Peace and Gratitude.  Caroline Clacher, South Africa