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Eating Bugs is fun, tasty and safe!




The Manataka American Indian Council has teamed up with World Entomophagy, Inc. to bring you fine quality, eco-friendly, safe and wonderfully tasting edible insects that have been processed for ready-to-use recipes.  


Manataka believes that eating insects (entomophagy) is very healthy and one day will become a tremendously beneficial food source for the United States and help alleviate the global food crisis.  Unlike beef, chicken and other livestock that consumes over one-third of the food crops grown in the U.S., insects can be raised on a small fraction of feed and water.  Livestock also creates 20% of polluting greenhouse gases such as methane and ammonia that are 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. The total population of insects worldwide do not produce any significant harmful gases.  Beef and other grazing livestock also consume a great deal of agricultural land, labor and resources.  With insects there are no veterinary bills, no problem with manure disposal, and a lot less cost to process and package.


According to Aletheia Price in our article, Eating Bugs!!, "Raising insects is environmentally friendly. They require minimal space per pound of protein produced, have a better feed to meat ratio than any other animal you can raise, and are very low on the food chain. They are healthy, tasty, and have been utilized for the entire history of mankind (after all, it is easier to catch a grub than a mammoth)."


There are over 1,400 recorded species of edible insects that can be raised in eco-clean environments.  Compared to beef, lamb, pork, birds and fish, insects contain a lot more protein and less fat and calories.  Yet, insects are chalked full of many vitamins and minerals.  Eating insects may seem yucky, but you may not realize that every person inadvertently consumes over a pound of insects in their lifetime found in processed foods.

Insects are tasty. Really!  


World Entomophagy Philosophy




We’re often asked how World Ento insects are different from the insects you can purchase in pet stores or collect in nature.


The difference is in the quality and safety of our insects.


*    All of our insects are raised in the U.S. for human consumption. We don’t import our insects as other countries have       

      extremely lax food laws around edible bugs.

*    The insects are fed only natural, non-GMO feed and have monitored water supplies.

*    The insects are never exposed to chemicals, pesticides, or growth hormones.

*    Safe and sustainable processing – we do not use any chemicals in our processing methods and we avoid high energy       

      procedures such as freeze-drying because that’s how we roll.

*    We ethically harvest our insects with our Good-Karma-Culling method – lulling them into stasis and freezing for harvesting. *    They experience no fear, pain, or panic.

*    All insects are inspected for disease and parasites. We only use the highest quality bugs.

*    We dry the bugs with a low temperature roast to make sure we retain maximum nutritional content and avoid the         

      unpleasant taste that comes with over processing.

*    Backed by stringent HACCP plans and Quality Assurance programs – we are the leaders for standards in the US and        

     are cited in research by the FAO and UN.


What Safe Means To Us:

We want our clients and their customers to feel completely at ease when biting into a new and exciting insect dish. We work to instill the same peace of mind and trust that American consumers have in their beef, pork, and chicken consumption. To do so we engage with health regulators around the country to make sure we can meet and exceed the requirements set for safe and wholesome food. We regularly undertake or fund research into the safe processing of insects and make sure we stay on top of new innovations and safety measures.

Insects are eco-friendly and sustainable. World Ento bugs are grown as sustainably as possible and we actively fund and manage sustainability and hunger relief projects.

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Click on the links below

Recipe Ready Adult Crickets


Weight: 100 g

Make all sorts of delicious dishes!

Recipe Ready Mealworms


Weight: 100 g

Mildly nutty mealworms

Pure Cricket Powder


Weight: 8 oz

68% protein!

Chocolate Chirp Instant Brownie Mix


Weight: 21 oz

Makes 24 large brownies

Chocolate Chirp Instant Cookie Mix


Weight: 21 oz

Makes 24 cookies

Chocolate Chirp Instant Pancake Mix


Weight: 21 oz

Makes 24 4-inch pancakes

Oatmeal Chirp Instant Cookie Mix


Weight: 21 oz

Makes 24 cookies

All Purpose White Cricket Flour


Weight: 1 lb

Make your own insect treats!

All Purpose Whole Wheat Flour


Weight: 1 lb

Breads, cakes, pies and more!


Suggestion:  Never, but never purchase edible insects from a foreign source. Most do not have quality control standards.



World Ento’s main role is as a supplier of insect ingredients. We work with several Ento companies, from established eateries such as Don Bugito to startups like Hopper Bar, to ensure a steady supply of safe and sustainable insect ingredients for their products. From regulatory aid to product consultation, we provide the most convenient supply of high quality insects in the world.


World Ento acts as a central network point for the international Ento community. We not only provide entering entities access and introductions to potential partners and sponsors but also actively support the community through funding, free consulting, and project management. We make a point to help educational programs, charities, and research initiatives as much as possible.




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