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Arnold Schwarzenegger Double Dealing Against Indigenous People


Palm oil is in nearly half of our packaged foods and cosmetics, not because its good for us, but because its cheap to slash forests and kick indigenous communities off their land in order to grow palm plantations. Last month, the first mass-media program to highlight the rain forest destruction driven by palm oil, Years of Living Dangerously, premiered on Showtime -- and its a great show. 


But behind the scenes, one of the shows star producers -- former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger -- is profiting from forest destruction. Schwarzenegger is part-owner and a major client of Dimensional Fund Advisors, a money manager with nearly a billion dollars in logging and palm oil companies -- the very same ones that are burning and bulldozing the forests of Southeast Asia, threatening rural communities and some of the last wild populations of orangutans, rhinos and tigers.

Were asking Arnold Schwarzenegger to use his muscle to stop DFAs investments in deforestation

We really like Years of Living Dangerously. We think its the best shot environmentalists have had, ever, to bring the news on climate to life for a U.S. public that has been beset for too long by climate deniers and corporate polluters. But its just
not OK for the Terminator to profit from investments in rain forest-destroying companies while producing and fronting a series that publicly, and rightly, criticizes those same companies for destroying forests.

Arnold and his team have resisted our requests that he divest from forest destruction.

Mr. Schwarzenegger is in a unique position to put pressure on DFA -- which up to now has shown no indication that it cares about the environmental and social devastation caused by the palm oil industry. Given his ties to Years of Living Dangerously, he has an opportunity to push DFA to break ties with any company destroying the rain forests that you have passionately been trying to save.

Let's hold Mr. Schwarzenegger to a higher standard. Give to Friends of the Earth today and help us continue the fight against rain forest destruction. 


Standing with you Manataka,

Jeff Conant, International forests campaigner,
Friends of the Earth