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2018 Spring Clearance Sale of Winter Hides

Buffalo Robes

Medium 30' - 36' square feet

Premium Commercial Tanned

AA Grade

ONLY $925 + s/h

Large 36' -  42' square feet

Premium Commercial Tanned

AA Grade

ONLY $1125 + s/h

While supplies last




Robes do not come from animals depicted here.  All hides are taken by permit only using extreme conservation methods.



FREE Lifetime Cleaning and Reconditioning

All you do is pay the shipping.




Our expert tanners only work with properly tagged and legally harvested animals.

The furs are taken in a most humane and respectful way, therefore, we do not

have any young hides and many hides are from the old and infirm. 

The quality of our hides guarantees decades of beautiful use.



Wall Hangings Chair Covers Bed Spreads



Ceremonial Robes, Sofa Covers, Rugs, Bed Spreads, Wall Hangings





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Brain-Tanned Buffalo Robes

These robes are tanned the old way.  Soft and  comfortable as a bedspread or wrapped around you as a robe.  Only full winter hides are used.  Average size 6' by 6', weighs 13 lbs.  Color/size may vary.  See notes. $1125.00 and up plus s/h 

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Premium Commercial Tanned Buffalo Robes

These prime buffalo hides with plush winter wool make a stunning and comfortable addition to your home or lodge. Great for bedspreads, couch throws, or just to wrap up in --- as the Plains Indians have always done whenever the cold north winds blow.  See notes. Grade AAA  $895 and up plus s/h

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What are the differences between Brain-Tanned and Commercial Tanned?

From the overall appearance it is hard to tell.  A brain-tanned hide is more costly because it is labor intensive. A distinct odor is produced from the brain-tanned hide that is difficult to overcome.  Commercial hides sometimes stretch more than a brain tanned hide.   The commercially prepared hide usually has fewer scrape-holes than the brain-tanned hide where the hide is scraped too thin and must be mended using sinew.  The backside leather of the brain tanned hide is sometimes softer than commercial.  The negatives and positives of both methods balance themselves out.  Take your pick.  Either way, a buffalo hide is wonderful !


Our Professionally shaved and tanned buffalo hides are soft, supple and breathable leather. Each hide is hand shaved and may have some small holes. These hides are fashion-quality leather, with an exquisite luxurious fleece, just like a fur coat; very soft and clean. They are ready for you to use and are comfortable to wrap up in.

Livng Room or Den Rug

Soft, warm and durable, buffalo rugs add that perfect touch to your home or office decor. Carpet layers of strong backing material is used to ensure a durable long life.  Rugging is $7 per sq. ft. plus price of hide. Large size approx. 42 sq ft., 14 -16 lbs  $1575 plus s/h 

Sofa Cover

Plush, Exotic, Luxurious are only three ways to describe the magnificent  impression  these fine hides bring to your home.

32 - 36 sq ft, 12 - 14 lbs

$975 plus s/h

* Note:  Images on this page are representations of the type, size,

coloring and quality of hides and not the actual hide you will receive.

Ceremonial Robes and Personal Wraps


As American Indians have done for generations, when the cold winter winds start to blow our beautiful  buffalo robes with their  thick fur and soft breathable hide are perfect personal wraps to keep you warm and  comfortable. Ceremonial and Personal Wraps are an average medium 32 - 36 sq ft, 12 - 14 lbs  $975 plus s/h



* Note:  Images on this page are representations of the type, size,

coloring and quality of hides and not the actual hide you will receive.


Buffalo Wall Hanging

A brain-tanned buffalo hide is the perfect way to add a warm, cozy feeling to any room. Only winter hides with full hair are used for wall hangings and are slightly stiffer to allow them to hang straighter.  Average size 6' by 6' and weighs 20 lbs.  Color/size may vary. See notes below.  $995.00 up plus s/h

Brain-tanned Deer Hide

Our fine quality deer hides are softened the old way by hand.  Warm, soft and cuddly.  Perfect for the bed, wall, or over a chair.  Many uses for crafts, apparel or dance regalia. Satisfaction Guaranteed.  See notes below. Average 10 sq. ft. weighs 3 lbs.  Color/size/weight vary slightly.  $350.00 up + s/h

Canadian Arctic Wolf

This is magnificent wolf has a beautiful white overlay with nice dark markings that make this wolf a real gem. These wolves are an impressive 70-84 inches from long head to tail. Most come complete with feet and claws. $950 plus s/h Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Colors vary between white, gray and black. Wolf pelts are all legally permitted and imported by our tanners.

Silver Shadow Wolf

The platinum wolf, one of the most desired colorations out there absolutely gorgeous, Black with silver highlights throughout. Pictures do not do justice on this superb wolf. Measuring a splendid 72" to 80"  from head to tail, and most come complete with feet and claws, this is a rare find. price $950 + s/h  Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Colors vary between white, gray and black. Wolf pelts are all legally permitted and imported by our tanners.

Black Bear

This Black Bear bear robe is professionally tanned and has a very nice soft coat. Measures 60 to 72 inches from head to tail, complete with claws. Size and color vary. Very nice bear $950 + s/h 


Important Information:

** Because all items featured on this page are hand-crafted, please allow 4 - 6 weeks delivery. 

** Buffalo robes occasionally have holes from thinning the hide.  Each hole is sewn with sinew in a running stitch like robes found in  museums, making the hole nearly invisible with no effect on the quality of robe.

** Satisfaction is guaranteed on all products or services from MAIC. 

** A 10-20% return-to-stock fee may be deducted for returns shipped by the buyer.

** We are not responsible for incorrect orders from buyers.   Make certain your order is correct before ordering.

** Images on this page are representations of the type, size, coloring and quality of hides and will not be the actual hide you receive.

Most hides have a faint 'earthy' aroma for many months after processing.  To reduce and eliminate the odor, safely hang your hide outdoors on sunny and windy days.   A special 2-4 week process is available on request to eliminate most of the earthy aroma.



Expert Craftsman 


Manataka uses a number of skilled tanners from across the country who have worked hard to preserve the ancient art of hide tanning.  There are many tanners out there who tan with natural tannin, but very few that tan buffalo, and only a mere handful who brain-tan buffalo using the old tools.  


Each hide is worked carefully, gaining an intimate relationship with the animal.  The hide is scraped, brains and bone marrow grease is slowly worked into the hide.  The hide is diligently worked until completely dry and soft.  The process is long and tiring, but as our tanners understand the true beauty of the hide as a natural extension of life. The process is natural, the results are just as natural.   Each item is made from a hide worked by hand, and all stitching is done with sinew.  Everything in the makeup is as natural as possible.  


Less expensive but beautifully done hides are commercially tanned using modern equipment and processes. 


Our hides are not smoked except by special request.   Tribes rarely smoked hides used for everyday use and the color of the finished hide cannot be guaranteed.  Even the same wood will give different color. 


FREE Lifetime Cleaning and Reconditioning



Notice:  Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990:  This website does not imply or suggest that items for sale on this website are hand made by a person or persons who are members of a federally recognized tribe, unless otherwise indicated in writing and clearly identified next to the item displayed.  You are advised to first assume all items displayed for sale on this website are not made by a member of a federally recognized tribe.   The list of items specifically made by persons who are members of a federally recognized tribe has been deleted to avoid consumer confusion -- and pages displaying non-manufactured, handcrafted arts and crafts contain a notice regarding the origin of items displayed on that page.   Items such as books, cd's, dvd's, t shirts, ceremonial items, clothing and regalia, drums, flutes, flags, furs/hides, gifts, home decor, greeting cards, healing clay, herbal medicine, herbal tea, jewelry, soap nuts, teepees, videos, and women's gifts are not hand made by a members or members of a federally recognized tribe.  In some cases, a supplier company may be owned by an American Indian who is a member of a federally recognized tribe, but the item by its nature (books, t-shirts, etc.) are not classified as an art or craft and therefore are not identified as being made by a person who is a member of a federally recognized tribe.


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